My first whole week at the sea was awesome. Our mornings were filled with beach till midday and swimming and games and playing and walking.

Fortunately with insight when my family purchased our timeshare we did it over the same time as my cousins were there. Ryan (my cousin) and his friend left for a party to attend in Johannesburg. Also he’s in training for a weightlifting event in Moscow so he needed to get back into practice. I missed him. However I did have Tammy and her friend Tyler there. Even better was GRANNY!

Granny is a world class sand castle builder. And on Monday we headed to the beach first before Mom could bring the camera. We made a sand castle for me and one for my little friend Ryan, and unfortunately before Mom could bring the camera, I jumped on them. However on the upside we found a beautiful little shell, perfect in every way. We debated heavily whether we should take it from the environment. However when we saw the lifeguards trundling up and down the beach on their quad bikes we thought we might save it, and take it with us

The tracks made by the quad bikes, served as a great quarry style environment and my sand truck and the like went up and down frequently collecting things. I went off to fetch water from the ground water and came shrieking back to Mom, telling her I was terrified and that there was a creature, a creature. Turned out it was a seriously big crab. “OK mom I am really terrified now”. Let’s go. That was the end of that day.

At the pool we were encouraged to do the Gangam Style dance. I tapped my toe while everyone else threw their bodies around. Eventually Viv came and danced with me. Swimming was blissful and soon I needed a hot bath and I had a very fitful snooze, obviously dreaming about 8 legged creatures.

That night was the reptile show. We see this every year but I was not happy about this this year. We left early after Mom asked me if I wanted to go. After that every day was filled with questions like, what can bite and where do the things that bite live, and when do they bite and how do they bite.

Oh dear.

I noticed everything alone the promenade, shark signs, why are they there. Mom did her best to explain the nets and even showed me the people fixing the nets even before the sun was fully up. Why were there no fishing signs and what did the boards outside the lifeguard stations say, and what did they lock away behind the gates. Why were dogs allowed one side of the beach and not the other. Why could you not drink on the beach (wine bottle and wine glass). Why could you not fish this side of the bridge but you could fish the other side of the bridge. Were we bad for finding our little fish the other day, even though we chose to set him free. These questions did not abate for the entire week.

Mom and Gran were exhausted.

Tuesday we skyped Dad at work which was fun and told him about everything that had been going on. I asked him where he was and he told me the name of his office and I pronounced it perfectly. Mom wanted to watch the abdication of Queen Beatrix and coronation of King Willem-Alexander. Fortunately being in Dutch, Mom was able to understand a fair amount due to the language being strongly related to Afrikaans. It was a beautiful ceremony Mom said and then she spent the night trolling the internet for more info. We had a terrible signal for 3G. Mom was at the point of going to get a pay as you go card from another provider, cause Gran’s iPad was working great.

During some rough play I mistakenly hit Mom in the face right were her surgery was. She didn’t speak for a while. We took a walk to the village to get some supplies and goodies, and arrived back in time for the family Braai. Uncle Garth expertly braaied our steaks and we did salad etc. We went back to our unit and slept up a storm.

Wednesday I wasn’t really keen to do anything. We went to the beach and played but all I wanted to do was go home. Mom suspected it was the ‘crab’ incident. While on the beach I drew a perfect ‘J’ for my name. It’s a start and mom has taken this as a sign that I am starting to move forward. We have made contact with a company that will match a tutor to me. I did regale Granny and Mommy with pictures and tons of them.

Also I realised that not everyone has money for rides and a little boy so wanted a ride I gave him some money. That was philanthropic, but along with this good deed which thrilled my Mom, so my capitalistic start has begun. I cordoned off the dressing room and made a toy shop that Granny and Mommy had to buy things from and get me right on this. I made them pay. Eventually Mom and Granny were laughing at how they were scratching in their bags for paper money.

The toyshop went on for a few days, I will have you know and that thank goodness for Uncle Garth my toys made it home via car as there wasn’t any space in our luggage on the plane.

I discovered the pleasures of a boogie board but not in the sea down the high tide shelf left on the beach in the morning. I also discovered the pleasure of Bongani arriving at the same time every morning with our ice-creams and the ones we wanted. We learned a lot from Dad when he was France. We made friends with everyone and as a result we got awesome service.

Thursday we headed to the Gateway, we expertly called a taxi, put my seat and pram in and arrived there. We met up with Tammy and Tyler and shared a taxi home. However in-between I managed to secure a Ninja Turtle (Leonardo) and had hours of fun at Mr Funtumbles. Unfortunately Mom only got really sorry pictures as she forgot the good camera as home and as did Granny so all you see is lights but in there somewhere is a smiling face, called Jarrod. It was dark by the time we got home to the unit after our taxi ride home.

During our Friday beach excursion, the sea ‘took’ my Ninja Turtle away from me, right out of my hand! My world came to a brief end. How dare the sea do that? Why was there not a sign saying no Ninja Turtles to be stolen? Where was it going to go. To the other side of the world Mom? Where? where? where?

We headed back to the Gateway to get a new turtle and a baddy cause otherwise how does a little boy play? There is always a baddy. We bought a new turtle, headed back to the hotel and went to walk along the promenade to say goodbye. We went to the lighthouse and walked around already missing the sea.

We hit the airport early on Saturday and Mom had to pay extra on the only bag we had even though we are frequent travellers with special memberships. They changed the boarding gate three times. It was like a comedy of errors, but eventually once on the plane we were all good, even Granny had a good flight. We flew high up above the clouds, it was truly beautiful. Then I fell asleep. Mom says she read but she really had to wake me to get up to see Dad. Mom kindly let me run out to meet Dad before the bags came. I was so excited I ran around in this strange circle like a strange sort of lizard, but Mom eventually led me to the door and I charged out into Daddy’s arms. I would not let him go I was so happy to see him. He had bought me Mario Kart 7 for my Ninetendo 3DS as a treat. Apparently he called every game store in Gauteng until he found one with stock We both played it.

Saturday we reacquainted ourselves. Mom slept and slept. Her jaw is still very sore but she said it will get better. Tuesday is school. Wish me luck, I am already saying I would rather change schools and go to big school than go back to my school. Mom and Dad are mildly concerned. I have great reasoning on this matter, but we’ll see what the future brings.

Just to keep you all in the loop we will be heading back to Paris for an angiogram and possible surgery. We have to raise the funds for the surgery and are still awaiting a quote for it and we’ll let you know what we decided going forward. And May the Forth Be With You for Star Wars day yesterday.



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