It’s been a slightly quieter, more reserved week for me this past week. Most of the time I simply got up to my usual antics. Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday we did a lot of errands, most of them for Granny. The weather had turned really cold again, so much of my playtime was spent indoors. Once or twice we did venture into the garden however, and I ended up helping Mommy do some gardening work and preparations for the summer. A big thing for me though, was that on Wednesday I made much of my own lunch – smoked salmon. Because I’d made it, I also ate mouthfuls of the delicious meat. The kitties also scored as every now and again I’d through them a morsel of fish too.

Thursday was a far more busy day for me. Mom and I headed off to Smudge to meet up with Joleen and little Robert – I’d never met him before, so I was really excited. While there I got down to some of my usual art work, as well as making a mask for Mommy and decorating my own cupcakes. Meeting Robert was awesome, and I immediately got to tickling his cheeks and chatting to him.

Friday morning was Family Breakfast (Dad had postponed it by a day as he was having a farewell lunch with his team on the Thursday) – we didn’t mind. To boot, we also invited Bev and Claire. We met them at Europa at First Place where I immediately got down to the business of play. We took advantage of the stunning winter’s sun and sat outside, where it was actually quite warm. After we’d all eaten, Claire, Mom and I headed off to the gift store, where Mom spoiled me with some new toys – the wind-up kind, which are her favourite. I suspect that they are more for Mommy than me, but that I’ll get the occasional play out of them too.

Back home Daddy got down to work, as Mom and I lounged about outside. In the afternoon Mom and I went to visit Joseph, which was really nice, as I hadn’t seen him for a while. For my birthday, he gave me a fireman’s outfit which also doubles as a rain coat, which is perfect for me! Dad must have got bored working during the late afternoon, as he popped out to the post office to collect the mail. To my absolute joy, there were three parcels there for me that Daddy collected. So when I got home from my play date with Joseph I immediately stormed into my room where the parcels were lined up for me to open. I knew they were there as Daddy had IM’ed a pic to me of them, letting me know they were there waiting for me.

The first one I opened was from Shazza, Marc and Mathew in Australia. In it was lots of ‘Buzz-Woody’ goodies as I like to called Toy Story. There was a car with Rex the dinosaur, a gift box, Pez sweeties in a Buzz Lightyear dispenser, and some Toy Story soldiers and jelly sweets. Additionally, there were lots of Buzz-Woody clothes for me. I was thrilled and immediately got to the business of putting all of it on. From Aunty Gillian and Uncle Oliver in America I got a huge ‘Buzz-Woody’ blanket, which I immediately slept with that evening. Also, in it was a card from them that when I opened it, it sang “You Got a Friend In Me” by Randy Newman from Toy Story. I was beside myself with happiness. I did spend much of the rest of the weekend open the card and singing along. Last, but not least, I got a parcel from Helen and Issy in Craddock. From them I got the most awesome fluffy and warm slippers. These were now my favourite and I seldom took them off. Thank you to all of you for my wonderful gifts!

Saturday was an awesome day for me. I had a playdate with Amy and Chloe at Norscot Manor, while Daddy and Paul had a playdate too, with Paul’s PlayStation. Mom and Michelle stayed with us at Norscot Manor where Gen and the girls, as well as Nadene and Megan visited with us. Amy, Chloe and I had a whale of a time. We ran around and played and played and played. At the Manor we discovered a room for functions, where the three of us ran around and played to our heart’s content. When Paul and Dad arrived back in the late afternoon, and we all headed home, I barely made it to the gate of the Manor and I was asleep!

Sunday was spent doing some errands and shopping. So nothing too exciting there. Mom and Dad were thrilled at my sitting down at my piano and singing “You Got A Friend In Me” – to my embarassement I discovered that Dad was filming me with his cell phone, and seconds later he’d uploaded it to YouTube – see here!

Well, that’s it for this week.

Til next Sunday,

Love Jarrod

Video 1 Singing “You Got a Friend in Me”

Photo 1 Picking up stones to prepare the ground for grass

Photo 2 Alot to do still . . .

Photo 3 About to make my own lunch

Photo 4 Some Angel’s Hair pasta

Photo 5 Testing the smoked salmon before cooking it

Photo 6 Its good to use

Photo 7 Making tea for Mommy at Smudge

Photo 8 Getting down to decorating cupcakes

Photo 9 My food art

Photo 10 Giddy-up Roxy

Photo 11 Giggles with Claire at Family Breakfast

Photo 12 Just Jay-Bee

Photo 13 My parcels that arrived in the mail

Photo 14 Open open open

Photo 15 Wow!

Photo 16 Oooo, Buzz-Woody

Photo 17 Happiness

Photo 18 My new fluffy slippers

Photo 19 So cool, and warm!

Photo 20 It sings!

Photo 21 Fireman in PJs

Photo 22 Racing with Chloe and Amy

Photo 23 Smile for the camera

Photo 24 Running!

Photo 25 Quick giggles

Photo 26 More running

Photo 27 Quick chat

Photo 28 Chasing after The Chloester

Photo 29 Amy stops for a quick ‘photo opp’

Photo 30 Amy joins in the fun

Photo 31 Chloe takes a breather

Photo 32 Giggles

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  1. Lyn Temlett says:

    Me again! I have to quickly comment on your hair in the last pic – COOL! I read a funny little thing the other day about hair. Let me tell you. In the Bible it says that God knows every hair on our heads, so when we have bad hair days, we must not stress because the angels are just doing stock take!! Ha Ha!! I think the angels had been doing stock take on your head my friend 🙂 I cannot begin to comment on all your toys. I have never heard of most of the stuff you got for your birthday. When I was a wee girl, I had a doll, a motorbike, a pellet gun and a blow up man called Jimmy. That was it – then we just played in the mud and sand an water and hid in the bamboo and climbed trees. How times have changed, but then I am quite old Jarrod! You enjoy all your new toys and also those wonderful warm slippers. My husband, Joseph has some very similar! I just have cheapies from Pick ‘n Pay 🙂 Ok, time for me to do my weekly planner and then have an early night. Chat again soon my friend. Oh yes, I will listent to “You got a friend in me” tomorrow as my data bundles are nearly finished here at home.

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