On Monday morning Dad left early to drop off the Merc for its last ‘free’ service, as its six year maintenance plan expires next month. Mom and I decided to collect Dad from the dealership so that he didn’t have to wait too long for the driver. When we arrived to collect Dad, he was chatting to Gill, who regularly sends me emails and well wishes. We gave Gill a lift to 270 Republic Road where she worked, so she too didn’t have to wait for the driver. It was so cool seeing her again and chatting to her in the car.

Back home, Dad hoped onto his motorbike and whizzed off to work. Mom and I chillaxed around the house to the point that Mom forgot she had a massage appointment during the morning which she subsequently missed. Later in the day we popped into Estoril books where I got a few new books, including a Noddy book, Dora The Explorer, a book from the Puffin collection, and my prize selection, a Saggy Baggy Elephant book, identical to one my Dad had as a child. I was thrilled and couldn’t wait to show him in the evening.

Dad got home later than usual on Monday evening, so we forfeited collecting the car from the dealership. I was sitting in the study waiting for Dad to get home when we heard a bike whizz past on the road. Milo got so excited, thinking it was Dad, that he jumped out the window and bolted down to the garage door. It wasn’t Dad, so dejected Milo came back inside the house.

During the day we also received the wonderful news that my cardiologist, Dr Janine Mears had had a baby, Riley. We are all so thrilled for her, and can’t wait to meet her.

Mom had an appointment on Tuesday morning where after we headed to Victory Park Shopping Centre for cat food for the kittens. At the pet food store, I got to the business of choosing the cats’ food, which made me feel very important, and I approached my task with diligence. After choosing the food, I then had to choose a little bed for Sonic, as she was getting really old and needed a new spot to call her own, since the kittens, Milo and Mickey, had invaded the house. I got into each bed and had a lie down in it until I found one that I felt would be perfect for Sonic.

I also decided to try out the parrots’ ladders, even though we don’t have a parrot. I was really great fun.

News soon spread around the shopping centre that I was at the pet food store, so the other shop owners started to arrive and pop-in to say hi. I felt like a celebrity. At the Pick ‘n Pay I greeted everyone in the store, and extended my hand with a ‘Pleased to meet you’. I also helped some of the packers pack the shelves. After our shopping outing we stopped off at the Haahoo (Delta) Park for a play. It was school holidays so the park was abuzz with many kids. I managed a feat I’d be trying to get right for ages, much to my Mom’s dismay – hang upside-down from the ladders’ rungs.

A snooze followed and then more play on the jungle gym – this time at home. I painted later in the afternoon, and in the evening we took Dad to collect the car from the dealership. Mom got us all pizzas on the way home.

On Wednesday morning we visited with Gaye at Neela’s house, and I spent some time playing with Maya, who is two years old. After a snooze Mom took me to Smudge Art for a puppet show called The Easter Bunny Lost His Slippers. After the puppet show I did some painting, and Dad popped in to say hello and have a coffee with us. As usual I couldn’t let Mom leave Smudge Art empty handed so I got an awesome stamp set.

Later in the evening Dad and I did some rough and tumble on the bed. As was the usual practice, Dad tickled me to within an inch of my life, and I giggled and giggled and giggled. At one point I was lying on top of him and I was giggling so much I accidentally bit his arm. Dad let out a yelp and I realised what I did, so I let go. I thought I’d grabbed his shirt in my teeth, and not his skin. Mom immediately swung into action to treat the teeny-tiny little bite (I wasn’t sure what all the fuss was about). To Mom’s great disappointment, her medical kit didn’t have any more disinfectant in it, so she got the Grappa out the liquor cabinet. Dad looked really excited when she arrived with the bottle, and was deeply disappointed when it was to clean the wound. In a timid little voice he said “I thought that was for me – to drink?”

Mom and I went to visit Michelle on Thursday. While they chatted I played with Lela. The rest of the day was pretty uneventful, but in the evening we had sushi, which I tucked into with relish. After dinner Mom boiled a whole bunch of white eggs which I then started to colour in preparation of Easter. It was such fun.

While I was standing at my bedroom window on Friday morning, I decided to throw my Humpty Dumpty out the window. I suddenly remembered the story about Humpty Dumpty and then felt very bad for him. I then dispatched Buzz Lightyear out the same window, shouted ‘To infinity and beyond’ and announced to Mom that Buzz would put Humpty Dumpty together again. A while later I could still hear Dad giggling while he collected my Buzz and Humpty Dumpty from outside.

Dad worked from home on Friday morning, and although he was working it was really awesome to have him around the house. Mom and I decided to go to gym, Mom to work out and me to play in the crèche area. Dad decided to come with too, but he sat at the health-bar with his iPad, had breakfast, and carried on working. I love that he is so mobile now as I get to spend more time with him.

In the afternoon Mom and I stayed home. The clouds opened up in a cloud-burst, and we were really happy Dad was in the car and not on the bike for his afternoon workshop. Robin later reported that it rained 38mm during the afternoon.

Saturday morning I woke up groggy as I had caught a cold. The day’s plans were postponed, and I stayed home for the whole day. Mom went to Smudge Art in the afternoon to meet with Michelle and Nina, but I stayed home with Dad. DVD’s were on the cards in the evening, and Mom got the Cars and Spongebob Squarepants movies for me to watch.

Sunday I wasn’t feeling better so I stayed in for the whole day. Granny arrived in the afternoon and Mom and her went out. Dad and I stayed home, enjoying each other’s company.

Later in the evening, once Mom and Granny were home again, we all played hide and seek. I’d count in my own random fashion and then shout, ‘Ready or not, here I come!’

Til next week.



Photo 1 Painting

Photo 2 Enjoying some Nutella, straight up!

Photo 3 Playing at the Haahoo (Delta) Park

Photo 4 Trying on outfits at Smudge Art

Photo 5 Adding colour to water for colouring eggs for Easter

Photo 6 Stirring in the dye

Photo 7 In goes an egg

Photo 8 TV time

Photo 9 Til next week

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  1. stacey says:

    I love my early Monday mornings reading your blog little man….To infinity and beyond – have a super week

  2. Lisle says:

    @ Stacey. I couldnt agree more, JB’s Blog starts my week, would be lost on a Monday without it 🙂

  3. Sharon says:

    ROFL at “infinity and beyond” and Buzz putting humpty dumpty back together again!

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