Hi all,

Monday was an indoor day for Mom and I, we cleaned and spruced up the house, packing away old toys and taking out my new ones with great gusto. I must tell you all, it was quite sad to see some of my older toys go into storage. Although let me also say that I enjoyed seeing them again and giving them all one last squeeze or rattle and Mom said we could go collect them any time I wanted to.

Tuesday Mommy headed to the dentist again for treatment and was swollen and drooling when she arrived home. She announced to Daddy that due to bad communication at the dentist’s rooms she has to go back and get the other side of her mouth done next week. Poor Mommy, she was hoping to have it all done in one day. Mommy and I had a sound afternoon snooze to make up for the morning. After our snooze, we headed off to the jumping castles at the Brightwater Commons. We only had 15 minutes before they closed but we made the most of it. We then ran into Colleen and Joseph on their way to do some shopping. All of us did the carousel and then we went in search of some slippers for me. I was so excited when I found ones with great big soccer balls on them; I really love this world cup, I am so into soccer. Mommy is even getting better at it, and I hear her shouting the odd, Foul, or Off-sides every now and then. While clothes shopping I also picked out some clothes for myself. Mom and Dad were truly impressed by this!

After the jumping castles, Mommy let me paint, but because it looked like it might rain, I was allowed to sit in the shower and paint. I put on my painting coat and away I went. I also got some new paint brushes which I was dying to try out. After a pretty hectic clean up, we had dinner.

Wednesday was a really busy day. We had an emergency with the housekeeper, and so left our playdate in the morning with my fellow Musos and then we were off to Lauren for OT. Mom had me home for a sleep and then off to the ENT for a check-up of my hearing and to confirm my grommets were still intact. The really exciting news to come out of the ENT session was not only that my hearing was fine, despite the onslaught to my brain, but rather that I had a full conversation with my imaginary friend. I put my arm around her and gave her a great big kiss, and went on to explain to her the ins and outs of having one’s hearing tested. Mommy is wondering if she takes the form of a little girl with blue eyes.

Thursday was an absolute riot. Nina, Gene and Kate came to visit and we had such fun in and out the house, while Mom and Nina had tea. We decorated some boxes and played with the dog. Soon after the girls left I fell asleep and on waking was very happy to find Shatzi snuggled up to me. I took great relish in that. Soon, Mommy had changed my clothes and told me we were off for a special treat. We arrived at Montecasino and whilst I was taking in my surroundings I heard Mommy greet Michelle, Amy-Leigh and Chloe. How exciting?? Michelle was treating us to Chloe and my first live show, and Amy Leigh’s second or third. The show was called Beautiful Creatures. It was my first time inside a proper theatre. We were all so excited we headed to our seats close to the front, and I started bopping as soon as the music started.

Eventually after much singing on my part and dancing and bowing on my seat, I sat on Mommy. Chloe also came to join me on Mommy’s lap. Soon after it started, Mom reminded me that Matty was starring in the lead role. I waved and blew him a kiss. Some of the characters came down to greet us. I was amazed. Then we got to purr and GROWL like a lion. So much fun. I got a little tired sitting still, so Mom let me dance in the aisle. Next minute I was in the front of the theatre and suddenly Mom picked me up and I was in the front seats.

Matty came down off the stage and said a special ‘Hello’ to me. I was excited beyond belief. I then waved and danced with the cast while they said goodbyes. I also bowed when they bowed (a skill I learned from The Wiggles). The girls and I were thrilled – what a great show. Amy got to shake hands with the Lion and I got to high five him. It was awesome.

After the show we went and had baby-chinos and then another surprise, we went for rides at the Fun Factory. It was very sad when we eventually said goodbye, but our Mom’s decided that it was enough excitement for one day, and it was time for dinner, bath and bed for all three of us.

Mom said that I would see the girls soon enough as we had other play dates set up. Yah! Another good piece of news on Thursday was that Aunty Sharon is heading out here from Australia in September. We are so excited and spent some time jumping up and down on the bed to celebrate. She is bringing her bump with her and we’ll be able to finally meet the baba.

Friday was a fairly quiet day, but I did get to see Granny and Tammy who I haven’t see for ages. We went to the Brightwater Commons to jump of the jumping castles but they were packed up and gone. So we walked around and played on a jungle-gym and eventually went to the Wimpy as Tammy needed meat. I was asleep before we hit the car.

After waking up, Tammy, Mommy and I played outside with my swing-ball and Y-bike races. I need really say no more as the pictures will tell the story. Friday night was an exciting night for me, as Mom and Dad took the ‘training wheels’ off my cot (i.e. the side railings). I was thrilled, my cot now looks like a big-boy bed.

Saturday morning, Dad and I were left to have fun together while Mom went to a baby-shower. After Mommy arrived home we tried to all have a nap, but it didn’t really work as I wasn’t tired. That’s the trouble with choosing old parents kids. Dad slept while mom and I did some sticker and glitter art. Although Mommy tried to quietly vacuum before Daddy woke up, Daddy’s antique Afghan rug will never be the same again. It’s very shinny and sparkly now.

Mommy and I played till the soccer came onto TV. We woke Daddy a little early to give him a chance to wake up. And then it was off to watch GERMANY!! We had all our German fan equipment out, vuvuzelas and T-shirts. Much to our absolute delight Germany won with ease, and are through to the semi-finals. Later that night Spain beat Paraguay to also go through to the semi-finals.

On Sunday morning while Mom slept in, Dad and I surfed the FIFA WebPages to familiarise ourselves with the semi-final games and to try and make some predictions about the outcome. Needless to say, this time next week my blog will record the winners. Until then, Dad and I are predicting a Germany / Netherlands final, with a very tight game that could go either way. Obviously we’re rooting for Germany and we think that they will take it, 2-1. An interesting fact that I discussed with Dad is that Germany is the only team through to the 2010 semi-finals that have been previous World Cup winners. None of the other teams contending for a win in2010 have ever been prior winners.

Once Mom was up we headed to the Zoo for a walk about. It was much colder than we anticipated, but we made the most of the visit regardless. Many of the animals were huddled together, trying to take shelter from the cold. Even the lions were clumped together in a heap trying to share bodily warmth. Just before leaving the Zoo I convinced Mom to take me on the spinning cups ride. Dad was designated photographer. I was thrilled at the speed the cups spun at, and the manner in which they dipped up and down, almost uncontrollably. Mom was quite relieved when the ride was over and she walked dizzily off the ride. All I did was kept saying “More, more?” Apparently this is what it means to be a vestibular junky.

Back home a snooze ensued, and once we were up Claire came for a visit, and brought me a birthday present. I was thrilled – a Barney writing desk complete with paper, crayons, chalk and whiteboard markers, all the surfaces for which are accommodated on the various sides of the desk. Additionally some Barney play dough was also included. I’m not sure who had more fun, me or Dad! A little later Bev also arrived and pizzas were ordered. We munched on our pizzas and giggled and chatted. It was a superb afternoon, that led into the evening. Everyone came to sit with me while I bathed. After my bath and way after my bedtime, I entertained the girls in my room playing music for them, in my pyjamas. I’m destined to be a rock star!

That’s it for this week.

Lots of love,


Photo 1 Sitting inside my play theatre telling stories

Photo 2 Being giggle-tacked by Mommy

Photo 3 Painting in the shower

Photo 4 Art Jay-Bee Style

Photo 5 Loving the blocks from Dad’s work – I thought he had a real job, not one where he also plays with building blocks

Photo 6 Learning to climb the wall of my camp-cot

Photo 7 Tammy racing my Y-Bike

Photo 8 Mom also has a go!

Photo 9 Speed racer

Photo 10 Giggling at Tammy’s fall

Photo 11 And more giggles

Photo 12 Sleeping in my big-boy cot, now sans railings

Photo 13 Creating glitter art

Photo 14 Yum, glittery marshmallows

Photo 15 After Germany’s win, there was no way I was going to take my shirt off

Photo 16 Watching the elephants at the Zoo

Photo 17 The lions trying to keep warm

Photo 18 Loving my walkies at the Zoo

Photo 19 Found a jumping-castle at the Zoo – yippee!

Photo 20 Loving the spinning cups!

Photo 21 What fun!

Photo 22 The girls keep me company while I bath

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