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Well, this blog is long overdue, and is dedicated to my godparents, hence Dad borrowing the title of the movie ‘Meet The Parents’, staring Robert de Niro, Ben Stiller, Teri Polo, et al. Before I get onto the important task of introducing my super-duper godparents, a quick update on my status will be in order. On the whole my condition is improving, with the major concerns being my weight at the moment. Only yesterday (after 9 weeks), am I back at my birth weight – which is a serious concern. As of Friday, five out of my eight daily feeds solely compromise a product called Infatrini. This product has double the calories of breast milk, and is intended to bulk me up.

During the past week my Opa came to visit me during the day, and my Mom and Dad in the evenings. My Dad came down with the flu on Thursday, so I’ve not seen him until today. He couldn’t visit out of fear of contaminating me and my fellow inmates. There’s no further news on my gallstones, but on the upside, I drank much of my 11:00 feed yesterday from a bottle. The reason why this is significant, is that this is one of the factors that will determine my coming home. So I’m slowly ticking off the criteria for my homecoming. I will keep you all posted on this front.

Ok, now onto the main topic of this blog: the godparents. It was quite an arduous task for my parents to choose godparents for me, as I think they knew all along that I was going to be special, and that not just anyone could fill the shoes of godparents. My Mom and Dad had to deeply understand and consider the reason and purpose of godparents, and long before I made my grand entrance in June my Mom and Dad identified a suitable couple. It was with this in mind that my Mom and Dad approached Sharon and Marc Terblanche as my godparents. Sharon was in South Africa at the time, and upon hearing the request practically burst into tears of joy. She immediately phoned Marc who was holding down the fort in Australia and my parents and my godparents all had a good ole natter on Skype!

I, needless to say, wholeheartedly approve of their decision, as even though I’ve not met my wonderful godparents, I can feel that they’re right for me, especially during the times of difficulty that I’ve been through. On many occasions, late at night, alone in my crib, with only the sound of life support machines huffing and puffing around me, and the occasional groan from one of the other babies, I felt that they actually came to visit me and took over the unending caring my Mom and Dad give me night and day, from near or far.

You may be wondering what role Marc and Sharon will play in my life. Well, there are many, possibly too many to mention in this blog, and I guess my parents and godparents have all that figured out, and I don’t have to worry about that. One role, I believe they will play, is for me to have someone to offer me adult advice, in confidence, without my folk’s involvement. I anticipate my Mom and Dad will not always have all the answers, and even where they do provide answers, I except those answers won’t always be the most appropriate ones. My godparents therefore play a vital role as a sounding board for all the universal questions that I have, to answer these honestly, as they only have my interests at heart.

My Mom and Dad have often spoken to me about Marc and Sharon, and from these discussions I think I can highlight some of the reasons why they were given this honour. The first is that both Sharon and my Mom share an absolute passion for Cosmopolitans! Their measure of a good restaurant is the quality, taste and speed at which the restaurant can serve up this lovely pink nectar. Dad’s absolute admiration for Marc’s knowledge of IT and, most importantly, to fly! Many of you will know that since Dad’s sixteenth birthday he’s wanted to learn to fly, but never did. With Marc as a godparent, there will be no risk of my not pursuing my dreams and wishes. Marc’s IT knowledge and in-depth understand of technology will ensure that I’m never a laggard in this wonderful techno age we live in.

Like Marc, with his multitude of interests, Sharon too has many interests. She’s into interior design, Feng Shui, crystals and many spiritual aspects, all important for my upbringing and development. As a team, Marc and Sharon are enormously adventurous, and not scared of the occasional risk. Having lived in the UK, they spent time back in sunny SA where they were married, and now have been in Australia for almost a year. Like my Mom and Dad, they too love cats, and their latest little (Oz) addition is Juno.

They are both hard workers, but also party hard and live life to the full. They’re well travelled but stable, with solid motives and ethics, and are always able to remain level-headed under taxing situations. The advice they offer in times of difficulty is always objective – they will never tell you what you want to hear, but rather what is appropriate under the circumstances. Their intentions are always good, and they’ve achieved the most admiral balance of having their feet solidly planted on the ground, but at the same time to have their heads in the clouds.

Its for these reasons that I doubt my Mom and Dad could have chosen better godparents for me, and I really can’t wait to meet them. So either I need to travel to Oz soon, or they need to come back to SA for a reunion.



Figure 1 Marc and Sharon Terblanche – aka The Godparents!

Figure 2 The Godparents with Juno

Figure 3 Marc takes to the skies

Figure 4 My Dad and God-dad up to no good!

Figure 5 Super Cool wellies from my godparents

Figure 6 My godparents have great aspirations for me to become a Bindi Wildlife Warrior

Figure 7 Sharon trying to nab forty winks on the Led’s chaise lounge

Figure 8 Mommy and Godmommy!

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  1. Bronwyn says:

    Good morning precious little one. Nice to get an update and so glad to hear that things are still going so well, lets just hope you can get your weight up nice and quickly now.

    Thank you so much for your introduction to your special Godparents, they really do look like very very special people. Sure you will get to meet them soon.

    Well keep getting stronger, and soon you will be home.

    Love, hugs, best wishes and kisses.

    Love to all
    Bronwyn, Gary, Brannon, Rhianne

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