Well, what an exciting day, and with so much news to share. Firstly, I’m two months old today, which is a really grand feeling. Secondly, my Dad has informed me that there in excess of 100 subscribers to the Bébé Lederer Times newsletter, over and above the daily visitors to the WebPages. I shouted in joy at scoring a century, at which my Dad just went ‘huh’? Being a polite kid, and not exercising my youthful right of making fun of the old dodger, I sat him down and explained that a century is 100 runs in cricket, and quite an achievement. Those of you familiar with my Dad’s complete ignorance of sport will know that his next response was the usual “Is that the game with the funny shaped ball that never bounces in a straight line?”. Help my Dad out here please – altogether now, give me an R, give me a U, give me a G, give me a B, give me a Y, what do you get? RUGBY!!!

Most importantly, why today was such an exciting day is that I got out of my crib, and spent most of the day sitting around in a ‘baby seat’ in the neonatal ICU. What an incredible experience, as this is the first time in my 2 month lifetime that I’ve had something other than the ceiling to look at! Moreover, I’m no longer on the ventilator, and only on the neonatal capillaries that deliver oxygen directly into my nostrils.

Sitting up was so amazing; I could finally look around and see the gadgets that generated the sirens and alarms that rudely awake me from dreams about being at home, and chasing bunnies and butterflies in the park. I could see my neighbours, all of whom were littler than me, and I quickly came to the conclusion that I’ve outgrown this place! I could see the ‘milk kitchen’, aka ‘the bar’, from where my fellow lodgers and I would get our daily drinks . There was a nurses’ station and a containment room; apparently for the inmates that misbehaved and weren’t allowed to share germs – whatever those are. Secretly, I believe the nerds are stationed in there, with their covert societies, attempting to take over the world with a mouse and keyboard – they’re so yesterday! Has no one told them the key is through war-chalking and war-driving, looking for unsecured WiFi connections (this will have my Dad baffled).

Toward the back of the ICU I spotted a lounge, where my care givers hang out, and lo and behold, a TV – that wondrous obsolete invention of the 21st century, for which my peers and I have already devised a replacement being the next generation of in-mind multi-sensory entertainment called iMind. I shouldn’t complain really as it is happily transmitting the bi-sensory Olympic Games for me to watch.

Before I could shout ‘Phelps, grab another gold’ my Opa appeared, in awe of the fact that I wasn’t in my crib. He was ecstatic with joy and I watched him bouncing off the walls in excitement. Our eyes briefly meet in this flurry of activity, and he could read in my eyes what I already had known for a few hours; next stop home!!! Well, not immediately of course, but soon. I have a few small hurdles to overcome, such as getting my breathing stable, putting on some weight, reclaiming the nursery from the cats and learning to drink efficiently from a bottle or a boob. To date, just about all my meals where delivered via a nasogastric tube.

I do have another little challenge to overcome, which I’m however not too anxious about, and that’s two little gallstones that have been diagnosed in my gallbladder. It seems, as a result of being on Lasix (or furosemide, which is the generic name), these stones have developed. The irony is that I was on the Lasix to flush my system to ensure my kidneys and liver did not sustain damage from my prior heart failures. I must admit that I am very positive about my progress, and feel I’m a stone’s throw away from my homeward journey! I’m not too sure yet how this will be resolved, but I am hoping that they’ll kills two stones with one bird! My Dad’s internet searches, which left no stone unturned, suggest a number of remedies, but in light of all the procedures and feats I’ve already undergone this will be a pushover. Moving along swiftly, as crafting another stone idiom into this paragraph will be like getting blood out of a stone.

This evening, like clockwork, my Mom and Dad arrived. I decided to pose for a few pictures in my baby seat, as they too were enormously excited by this achievement. Thereafter I had an excellent nosh, off the breast, which has been a first for the past two weeks. I did tire from suckling, but not as quickly as on previous occasions, further proof that my last embolisation was indeed a success.

Well, that’s about all I have time to write tonight. I sense my Dad is getting a little fidgety, and is wishing to reclaim the laptop. I guess its also way past his bedtime!

Wish I was with you!



Figure 1 Posing in the baby seat

Figure 2 Yawn! This posing is becoming a bore

Figure 3 Snoozing with Mom after wolfing

Figure 4 Dreaming of bunnies

Figure 5 Blowing you goodnight kisses

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4 Comments on I’ve Scored a Century

  1. Gillian says:

    What absolutely amazing pictures. A happy contented baby and Mom looking serene and content as well. It looks like you have turned the corner and are on the home stretch now. Congrats Jarrod.

    Not too long now and you will be home – and then the fun really begins.

    Sending you lots of love
    Gillian, Oliver, Ryan and Kirsten

  2. Bronwyn says:

    Fantastic, fantastic, fantastic!!!!!! Really awesome news, we are so happy to see you looking so well, and getting so much stronger.

    Just love the pics, especially the dreaming of bunnies one!

    Not long to go and you will be home for sure, keep it up little champ, you are doing so well.

    Love, hugs, kisses and best wishes.

    Love to all
    Bronwyn, Gary, Brannon and Rhianne

  3. Robin says:

    Hi Jarrod
    Great news and lovely to see you sitting up. Now that you are sitting – you have a lap, so you need to talk to your old man about the laptop which he keeps taking away from you.
    PS – I think he might have two – so there is no excuse.

    Best wishes

  4. Belinda says:

    Our thoughts and prayers are with Dad Led, Mom Led and especially you little Jarrod. May the Lord God, who reveals himself as our Healer, bring healing to your little body and your soul. All our love, Johannes, Belinda and the swart family children

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