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This past week saw some very interesting stuff happening throughout the world. Firstly, did you all notice that the Earth’s axis shifted by 8cm? Well, it’s true and now proven; NASA noticed, after the Chilean earthquake, that a shift definitely took place, resulting in our days shortening by 1.26 millionth of a second. NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory in California confirmed that this is the first shift in the Earth’s axis since December 2004 when a 9MW earthquake struck Sumatra, and similarly to the Chile earthquake, caused an unprecedented tsunami.

Another really cool occurrence this past week was that Twitter (the social media network), recorded its 10 billionth Tweet (a short message transmitted via Twitter on the internet, i.e. the equivalent of an internet SMS). Since its inception in 2006 its growth in popularity has been evolutionary; currently there are 600 Tweets being sent globally per second. At this rate Twitter will hit its 20 billionth Tweet in July 2010. Its value has definitely been asserted as most major news broadcasters rely on Twitter for breaking news, such as the recent Chilean earthquake and feedback on the Iranian elections in June 2009.

Sticking in the billions, Apple’s iTunes recently also had their 10 billionth song downloaded. A 71 year old Grandpa from Woodstock (how ironic), Georgia was credited with the auspicious honour, and, for his troubles, Steve Jobs, CEO of Apple, presented the man with a $10 000 iTunes gift card! Dad and I reckon this will keep the man’s family in music for a very very long time.

Last, but not least, this past week saw some interesting developments around one of my favourite interests – dinosaurs. A newly discovered species, called Asilisaurus Kongwe (ancient lizard ancestor) is thought to be 10 million years older than any previously known species. This therefore pegs dinosaurs at roaming the earth as far back as 250 million years ago, and not 240 million years ago, as was previously thought. Sticking with the topic of dinosaurs, a panel of 41 scientists studying 20 years of research this week confirmed that an asteroid, approximately the size of the Isle of Wight, caused their extinction 65 million years ago. This massive asteroid is thought to have hit earth near present day Mexico. The offending asteroid is thought to have hit the earth at approximately 90° and was travelling at 72 000kph (or 20 times faster than a speeding bullet).

Ok, back to my week!

This week saw definite milder weather and Mommy says it’s the start of Autumn. Mommy took the time to show me the blog from last March to show me what I was like and what I was up to last March. This week also saw the BBC announcing plans to drop a number of channels. I hope that CBeeBies will be staying.

Heading off to Hyde Park on Monday, I realised that my Mommy was going shopping. I was quite excited when I got two Keedo t-shirts out of it. Most importantly I walked and walked and walked around the shopping centre. Mom says she was a bit frazzled at the end of it because I wouldn’t stop heading up and down the escalators. I LOVE escalators, but walkers don’t work very well on escalators. Lunch was had at Stephanie’s and I had spaghetti bolognaise which I devoured much to Mom’s delight. We then headed to Exclusive books. Mommy told Granny my response to bookshops but she didn’t believe Mommy only when she saw me, working furiously through the books trying to find the one I wanted. I got three, one of which was from Granny. It has buttons and words and pictures. I love my new books.

In the afternoon I had a very short snooze. Afterward I put DVD’s back into their covers, and not necessarily the right DVD in the right cover. I played in my sandpit with a bowl of water. Mommy and I were quite surprised at the time when Daddy arrived home, as it was late and we hadn’t noticed, we had dinner and bed called me quickly.

Tuesday was a quiet day on the home front, although I really entertained my Mom all day, unfortunately we received bad news about Opa, it would appear that his heart is giving problems and as a result he will probably have to go for an operation. Daddy as a result of being his only family in Johannesburg, is very distressed.

Wednesday was very busy and spent mostly in the car as were meals and naps. We headed off to Sunninghill and then to music. At music I was really getting into the groove. I bopped and swayed along to the tunes and played all my instruments with gusto. I loved music, but it was exhausting. I then headed off to spend some time with Granny walking up and down in Morningside. We then headed off to Mom’s group at Matthew’s house in Fourways. It was great fun, and Mommy says it’s really the first time I participated with the other kiddies. After a nap on the way home, I helped Mommy make dinner. When Daddy arrived and we sat down to dinner I told him lots of stories about my day, he’s always quite willing to hear what I have to say. Mommy decided that I needed to learn to blow out candles in preparation for my second birthday. I can officially say ‘T’ and hold up two fingers when I am asked how old I am. Well my parents clapped with delight as I blew out candle after candle (below is a YouTube where you can watch me doing this). I did get a bit brave toward the end and tried to grab the candles. Mommy eventually let me have the cupcake the candles were on, the pictures are the evidence.

Thursday saw me heading back to Lauren and Occupational Therapy. I must say I was a little nervous about it all, but as soon as I saw the large balls and equipment I was quite happy. We did a new exercise where I got into a large bag filled with balls and got bombarded by the balls as Lauren whooshed them around me. I did nothing but giggle at this game. I was supposed to find some toys that were hidden in the balls but as balls are my favourite thing in the world there was no hope in me even trying to find them. Back at home, Mommy allowed me to do all sorts of arts and crafts. I played with dough and drew and painted and enjoyed it so much. Opa came to visit in the evening and we had dinner and played lots and lots and lots.

On Friday the morning, I walked Daddy to his bike to see him off for work. I pushed my little ride on car all the way out the garage and onto the shoulder of the road. Mommy asked me if I was going to look both ways, indeed I did just that. Later in the day saw me heading off to Di, my physiotherapist. She was quite happy to see my ‘movement patterns’ but she did find that my left leg is struggling with some strength issues and a lot of pain if I am standing only on the left. Mom and Dad spent the rest of the week trying to figure out if any of my procedures and operations or my long stay in ICU were the cause. Needless to say, Mommy and Daddy are quite confident that Di can fix it. It the evening I again entertained my folks by blowing on a party whistle.

Saturday morning Dad took charge of my cares, but only until mid-morning, when he went for a back massage. Mom and Dad are suffering from masses amount of stress at the moment, and as a result they need occasional pampering – today was Dad’s turn. Once Dad was home we all headed to Brightwater Commons where Mom did some shopping. I had other plans and dragged Dad off to walk on the long grass expanses. I also had a ride on the carousel. Mom caught up with us a little later, and I then dragged both Mom and Dad back to the carousel for another ride. Back home, a midday snooze was in order.

In the afternoon Paul and Michelle arrived for a visit. I was thrilled, as it meant the Chloester (Chloe) and Amy-Leigh would be visiting too. The three of us had a great afternoon. The girls and I trashed my room, and played with just about everything we could find. Once we were satisfied with chaos there we headed off to the lounge where Mom and Michelle were chatting. Dad and Paul were stuck in the study playing PlayStation. Chloe and I decided it would really be fun to storm down to the study and get in their ways while they played. They both actually coped quite well!

Sadly, all to soon, the girls had to go home again, but we promised to set up another play date soon. Fortunately Dad and Paul were also keen on another play date soon so we’d unite forces! Later in the evening Barrett and Jackie SMS’ed to visit, and pretty soon they arrived and we were braai’ing on the gas outside. I was just finishing my bath as they arrived so I managed to hang around for a while before my bedtime.

Sunday morning, before my snooze, the three of us headed to the Lifestyle Centre to ride on the horses, train and carousel. It was an awesome morning, and I loved Spotty, the horse that I rode. I also got to see chickens, rabbits, ducks and hens in the farmyard. Afterward we had a quick snack at Petit Fours Delicatessen, where after we headed home and we all snoozed.

The afternoon was spent with our all going for a swim. Dad dove to the bottom of the pool to collect acorns which he brought to me. I immediately threw them back in the pool and squealed in delight as Dad dove to the bottom of the pool to get the acorns again. After our swim we spent some time in the front garden where I got to play with Roxy (before Shatzi chased her away). With Roxy gone I decided to reacquaint myself with my sandpit.

Well, that’s it for another really busy and fun filled week. Have a good week everyone!

Lots of love,


PS – Click on these links to check out my latest YouTube videos:

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Photo 1 Playing in the garden

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Photo 6 Cheesy grin

Photo 7 Cheesy grin – during dinner

Photo 8 Yum! Chocolate cupcake

Photo 9 Getting creative with play-dough

Photo 10 Colouring in my washable turtle

Photo 11 Giggles with Opa

Photo 12 Sonic keeps my lion company while I’m in bed

Photo 13 Going out

Photo 14 Walkies at Brightwater Commons

Photo 15 A visit from the gurlz

Photo 16 On the carousel at Lifestyle Centre

Photo 17 Chugga chugga – Big Red Car

Photo 18 Bye! Going to my sandpit

Photo 19 Almost there

Photo 20 Bath art!

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