Hi all,

Another really hectic day spent at the hospital, but all in all a successful day. I made it through my 6th brain surgery and my 12th general procedure. As I’m writing to you I’m still in the paediatric ICU (PICU) to recover and for observation. Not too sure when I’ll be discharged and back home, but it will hopefully be soon, as although the care here is great, I prefer my own bed and my own things around me.

So, let me tell you about my day. By the time Mom woke me up this morning, both Mom and Dad were already dressed and the car was packed, ready to roll. Just before locking up the house, Dad chased the cats and Roxy out the house, as while we are at Unitas, Dad would discharge foggers in the house to fumigate. I was really worried about Shatzi and Sonic being locked out the house until late in the evening and began to protest on their behalf when Mommy confirmed that Granny would be there later in the morning to let them into the house again.

Although it was just after six in the morning there was already lots of traffic on the road. Dad opted to use the ‘back road’ to Pretoria, i.e. the N14, which proved to be a breeze. Unfortunately inside the car things weren’t a breeze. Although I started off the journey really cheerfully my hunger pangs got the best of me and for the last twenty minutes of the trip I let Mom and Dad know all about how hungry and thirsty I was. Yes, I know, it’s for my benefit, as I’m null-per-mouth 7 to 8 hours before I get anaesthetic, but it doesn’t make it any easier.

We arrived at Unitas a few minutes late, which wasn’t too much of an issue. Upon admission, Mom and Dad also booked a room in the hospital for them to stay overnight. Well the plan was for Mom to stay, and Dad was still deciding. After sorting out the paperwork we headed up to the ward. My observations were taken there, and then we headed to the theatre. As I was older, I even got to wear a hospital gown (see pics below).

At theatre there was a reunion as Mom and Dad and I hugged and greeted all the members of the medical team that were scheduled to guide me through the morning’s proceedings. Mom carried me into the theatre and held me while I was put under anaesthetic. I then was in theatre for close to 5 hours. Although I was completely oblivious to what went on during this time I could image my Mommy and Daddy and my huge fan base stressed and frenetic about what my condition and what was going on in theatre.

I know during this time Mom and Dad received regular updates from Charlotte and Lizl at Professor Fourie’s offices, and that they were then posting these updates on Facebook, Twitter and sending them out by SMS to others not on social networks. I guessed Mom and Dad would also follow their ritual of playing Scrabble to pass the time, while sipping nervously on endless cups of coffee and tea. In a change of events, Mom mopped the floor with Dad, and beat him by almost 80 points! Later on I also discovered that Mom and Dad had taken their suitcase and belonging to their suite on the 4th floor of the hospital, and that Dad lost his wallet but recovered it from the hospital reception sometime later, where some honest citizen had handed it in. (Mom and Dad seem to have much luck on their side, as this was the second time in a couple of months that one of them had been separated from their wallets and had it returned!).

Ok, enough about my Mom and Dad, and back to me. At about 13:00 I eventually was revived and discharged from the theatre. Mom carried me back to the ward. I howled quite a bit, as I was sore, uncomfortable and hungry. Back at the ward Mom and Dad and the nurses had their hands full with me, as I wasn’t an unhappy bunny, and I threw up three times after having some milk. The trouble is I am so hungry after surgery that I gulp my food down too quickly, and then I throw up! Also pain meds can do this. My head ached and my leg was strapped where the sheath had been to access my arterial system. I also had a catheter in my bladder, as well as a drip on my arm – all of which made me entirely uncomfortable.

I slept for sometime during the afternoon, and during that time Mom and Dad even managed to take a break and go for a small meal and refreshments. Late afternoon I woke up and Mom and Dad were already there, and so was a meal for me. I munched on some chips and fish fingers, but not a great deal. I frantically looked for the toy inside the kiddies meal pack, to no avail. Dad made up for this by getting some small toys for me at the pharmacy and making them up in a packet. I was thrilled. One toy was a lion which roars, so I roared with it!

Mom left Dad in charge of me for the early evening and she went to try take a nap, to no avail. I think Mommy and Daddy have so much adrenaline running through them that they now cannot slow down and nap. Mom did shower though and looked more refreshed when she returned.

Many of you are probably also wondering what was done this morning, and the degree of success. Well, I’m happy to confirm that the Professor is extremely satisfied with the result. He managed to embolise, with sterile super glue, a major pedicle, which had been concerning my medical team. He also tried to chase a few smaller fistulas, but wasn’t as successful as they were so small that the catheter couldn’t properly accommodate the super glue. These will be done at some future date – the Prof thinks in about 18 months. Needless to say Mom and Dad will take me for regular scans to ensure that nothing deteriorates prior.

To everyone that kept sending me, Mom and Dad all those wonderful messages throughout the day, be it by SMS, Facebook or email, thank you so much. Its people like you that give the three of us the strength to work through the day. Thank you for all the prayers, angels and guardians that were sent my way and to my medical team – again, your prayers and positive thought ensured a successful outcome today.

Don’t forget to visit my Mom and Dad’s Facebook pages for regular updates and the occasional picture. There you will also see lots and lots of comments and updates people have posted and shared in my support. Also, have a look of a video of me on YouTube after surgery, still spaced from the anaesthetic.

Lots of love,


Figure 1 In my theatre gown

Figure 2 Mommy hugs

Figure 3 Waiting to go into theatre – drawing on Mom

Figure 4 Five hours later, being carried out of theatre

Figure 5 Resting in the ward

Figure 6 Having a chip, holding a bag of crisps, and clutching my lion. Still spaced out, my mouth doesn’t cooperate properly yet

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