Hi all,

Yesterday saw the need to have massive amounts of celebrations – it marked the day that I had been home for exactly one year! I cannot believe how fast time flies – in some respects it feels like yesterday that Mom and Dad arrived at Morningside Medi Clinic enormously excited as they rushed around my little private room at NNICU gathering up my belongings and completing paperwork to ensure my speedy discharge. That day marked many firsts for me: riding in Dad’s car, seeing my new home, being in my own room and own cot, meeting the cats and dogs, and, on the scary side, experiencing the dark for the first time in my life (in NNICU the lights are permanently on, so I didn’t know what the dark felt like).

In other respects, Mom and Dad have made me feel so wonderful and loved, and let me feel completely at home, that I cannot remember a different life; a life where I only saw Mom and Dad when they visited me in NNICU, a life we never knew when, or if, for that matter, I would be allowed home.

To celebrate this amazing occasion, Mom, Dad, Granny and I met Opa and Barbara for breakfast at Doppio Zero in Greenside. It was quite significant that we breakfasted at Doppio Zero, as Mom and Dad had had breakfast there the day I was born, 16 months earlier. We had a wonderful time, and Granny even made a little ‘speech’ announcing that Mom and Dad were the best parents ever, for persevering so hard to ensure that I would recover, for never giving up on me, and for continuously supporting me and being at my side, through really difficult times and the fun times as well (yes, we did have fun in the hospital from time to time). Granny also complimented Mommy and Daddy for working so hard on my development and ensuring that I caught up my months of development that I lost out on while lying in hospital for so many months.

After breakfast, and bidding everyone farewell, we headed home again. Mommy and Granny went out shopping, and Dad and I headed off to my swimming lesson, where Dad announced to everyone what an auspicious day it was. All my little friends and their parents congratulated us. After my swimming lesson Dad and I meet one of my ardent supporters, Gillian, and her husband George, who were there to take little Kyle for his swimming lesson. Dad and George were chatting about AVM’s while they changed Kyle and I. George had been diagnosed with an AVM as well, but in his late thirties. Fortunately for the wonderful and high-tech healthcare we have in this country George was treated and recovered well. Gill and I bonded for a while as we all chatted. Soon afterward we were heading home again, and once home, Dad and I curled up on the bed for an afternoon snooze.

I was still feeling a little under the weather, so once Mom arrived home I opted for another snooze, this time in my own cot. During my snooze I sensed Dad coming into my room and lovingly just watching me sleep. He even started crying, not out of sadness, but out of happiness for me wonderful progress, recovery and being home for a whole year.

It also rained during the afternoon, which is very significant, as the day I came home a year ago it also rained – in fact this time last year that rain was the first of the season.

Celebrations continued into the evening when Barrett and Jackie arrived for dinner. I was already in bed by them, but I could hear toasts being made in my honour. As the weather is so wonderful at the moment, they ate their dinner (prawns) outside, and the celebrations carried on well into the morning.

Ok, enough of my ‘at home one year’ celebrations, and back to my week. Monday I was still feeling under the weather, so we took it easy, only going out for OT.

On Tuesday morning we decided to take Maple to the groomers, as he was already 17 years old he was struggling to preen his Persian fur. I found it most interesting sitting in the back of the car with Maple next to me in the cat box. Every now and then I felt I needed to give him a tickle. I was quite distressed at the fact that we left Maple behind, and Mommy reassured me that we’d be fetching him later. Mommy and I had chiro therapy on our backs afterward; as I watched Mommy go first there was lots of clicking and yanking of limbs as Sonja manipulated Mom’s body. I was next, and although my treatment was less than 10 minutes, it was hectic. I could feel that the treatment had aligned my spine, but good grief, it was a painful experience. Afterward we went to Lifestyle Garden Centre to ride the ponies. I was still feeling painful and discomfort from my chiro treatment, and I was a little irritated with Mommy for taking me there (although I knew I needed it), so I just slept.

Later in the day Briony and Joshua came to visit. As Mommy and Briony chatted, Joshua and I stormed around on the study patio playing non-stop. Unfortunately, late in the afternoon, after they had left, I underwent Chernobyl – i.e. a complete nuclear meltdown. I felt sore and irritated, and nothing could make me feel better, so I just let it all out! We also collected Maple from the groomers during the afternoon, and Mom and I had to try really hard not to laugh at him, since without his 3 inch thick fur he looked hilarious!

Wednesday morning things went a little differently than usual – Mom was up early with Dad, even though Dad took charge of my cares. Apparently Mom and Dad had arranged to take Mom’s Volvo for a service, and Mom and I would pick Dad up and bring him back home to hop on his bike and ride to work. It was a nice change in my usual routine, and the roundtrip was less than 30 minutes. We bid Dad farewell as he headed to work, and Mom and I got ready for my music lesson. Today there seemed lots of (little) people in the class, so it was very festive.

Our next stop after Be Sharp Beetles was BabyCity to get me some different formula. I seem to throw up at the sight of my formula at the moment, so Mom and Dad are going to try different brands and flavours. At BabyCity we spotted a spinning seat, similar to the one I use at OT. Mom immediately gave in and bought it for me – ever since it’s be an absolute hit for me; and the bonus is that while I’m playing I’m strengthening my core muscles.

In the afternoon we headed to Jimmy Jungle in Fourways where the Mom’s group met us. We had a wonderful time; I dove into the ball pit and every now and then I would come up for air and throw one or two balls about. I also had a fantastic time on the slides – Mommy would launch me onto the slide and gravity did the rest; what fun! I also spent a good deal of time pushing around a trolley, and occasionally I mounted the trolley as someone pushed me about.

Montecasino was on the cards on Thursday, where Helen and Kyle met up with us. We settled down at the Mugg & Bean, just beyond a cordoned off area for a Peroni promotion. Suddenly, as part of the promotion, a grand piano sprung to life. I couldn’t restrain myself and stormed off into the blue to find the source of the beautiful music. Mom caught up with me and took me right up to the grand piano; I am absolutely hooked, and on my to do list I noted ‘learn to play piano’.

Exhausted, on the way home, Mom called Dr Nicoletta about my throwing up. I was agreed that a culture would be taken to see which bacteria had setup home somewhere inside me.

Before going out Mom showed me my t-shirt she had picked out, it was one that Di and Robin had give me. I immediately roared when I saw the lion. Granny, Mom and I headed to Cresta for a walkabout on Friday. We had been there sometime when I could no longer suppress my awful tummy and had an enormous, unannounced throw-up. Back home Granny visited for some time, and then she decided to stay over. She even bathed me, but not before I did a walking bunzy run to the bathroom with my trolley. We watched TV in the evening and pretty soon we were all in bed.

Sunday was an incredibly quiet day, and we only went to the hardware store and Woolies to collect a few things. Back home I was snoozing, and Mommy also snoozed in the afternoon. I woke up before her so Dad and I went into the garden and walked around looking at the trees and plants, and I played on the lawn.

Well, that’s it for this awesome week.

Keep well everyone, and thank you for your wonderful support over the past year since I was home.



Figure 1 Getting busy with my books

Figure 2 Smiley cuddle bunny

Figure 3 Enjoying some summer fruit – watermelon

Figure 4 After fruit smiles

Figure 5 This week I’ve learnt to steer and navigate around obstacles – note Maple in the background still with a full coat!

Figure 6 Parking my wheels

Figure 7 DUIG – Driving under the influence of giggles

Figure 8 In my Madiba shirt

Figure 9 More summer fruit

Figure 10 Joshua and I getting busy on the study patio

Figure 11 Joshua and I

Figure 12 Over the shoulder giggles

Figure 13 Passed out from a day’s heavy playing

Figure 14 Maple after some severe summer grooming!

Figure 15 Riding my horsey

Figure 16 Dismount

Figure 17 In heaven – surrounded by ga’s at Jimmy Jungle

Figure 18 Floating on a bed of ga’s!

Figure 19 Stairway to heaven

Figure 20 Loving the slides

Figure 21 Pure ecstasy

Figure 22 My friends and I at Jimmy Jungle

Figure 23 Matthew takes me for a spin

Figure 24 In search of the grand piano at Montecasino

Figure 25 Navigating the step

Figure 26 Doing a self bunzy run for bath time

Figure 27 Having some watermelon at Doppio Zero

Figure 28 Mommy and I celebrating being home one year

Figure 29 Having a health breakfast of yoghurt, honey and fruit at Doppio Zero

Figure 30 Celebrating a year at home with Opa

Figure 31 Celebrating a year at home with Granny

Figure 32 Peek-a-bo in my room

Figure 33 Woza summer!

Figure 34 Helping Dad water the garden

Figure 35 This was me a year ago when I was discharged from hospital

Figure 36 And a year later at home!

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  1. Jenni says:

    Happy 1 year of being home little Angel boy!!! It’s awesome to see how you have grown and progressed..

    Lost and Lots of Love

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