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Tonight I must begin with wishing my Daddy a Happy Birthday, for during the week (Tuesday to be precise); but lots more about that later. At OT on Monday I got to play with play dough. If the truth be known, not only did I play with the dough, but I also ate some of it. After OT, Mom and I rushed around for some last minute errands for Dad’s birthday. At The Wedge, where we collected an awesome birthday cake for Dad, we bumped into Granny. As I had a bit of conjunctivitis again unfortunately Mom and I couldn’t go to Kyle to do Baby Gym, as I didn’t want to infect him. However when we arrived at home we found Dad there. Both Mom and I were really confused by this, as he was supposed to be on a training programme far-far away (Pretoria). Because it was so far-far away, Dad had to leave at the crack of dawn to get there before the rush traffic; as a result, as he arrived at the venue, he received a phone call saying the training was cancelled because the facilitator had taken ill. Needless to say this did frustrate him to some degree, but after hunting down a coffee shop that was open (it seems in far-far away places coffee shops don’t open at seven in the morning), he meet up with a colleague, John, and they had a leisurely breakfast together. Because it would take the better part of another two hours for the traffic to normalise, they only left the far-far away land mid-morning, and even then it took Dad 3 hours to get home because of a severe collision on the freeway. By then he had had enough of the day and went home! The three of us chilled around the house for the rest of the afternoon.

Tuesday morning, on Dad’s birthday, Mom and I got up before Dad’s alarm went off. Dad was on training again for the day, at the far-far away place, so he had to leave really early. The evening before, Mom and I agreed that we couldn’t let Dad leave before we had wished him a happy birthday, sung to him, and had some cake together. So just after 5 o’clock in the morning, Mom and I stood at Dad’s bedside to wake him. As he opened his eyes, I gave him the biggest smile I could muster up, and Daddy loved it so much he became quite emotional – it was his first birthday with me that I was home, as a year ago I was still in hospital. The three of us hugged and sang, and a candle was lit for Dad that also sang along. We opened a couple of presents and then Dad had to get ready for the bleak training he had to go on for a second day.

During the day we occasionally IM’ed Dad to see how things were going with him. It seemed he was having the most awful birthday, having to have gotten up at the crack of dawn and then sit through a day’s training. It even got worse!!! We were desperately awaiting Dad’s return home, but it started getting later and later. We’d planned to go for dinner and celebrate, but as the afternoon turned to evening, that wish seemed to fade away. Finally, at 17:40, Dad IM’ed us to say he’d been released from his intellectual transmission captors, and promised he’d race home in time to at least see me before my bedtime. Just under an hour later Dad rushed in, very annoyed and frustrated at the day, but thrilled to still see me awake and hugs were administered all round. Mom asking if we’d be getting any speeding fines from Dad’s rush to get home, to which Dad answered, probably but worth it, and under his breath he mumbled that he’ll get his horrid intellectual transmission captors to pay for them!!! During the day a parcel had been delivered for Dad, so I helped him unwrap it. It was from Sharon and Marc in Australia, and turned out to be the most exquisite little chest of drawers filled with the most delectable chocolates imaginable. We all savoured them until my bedtime rapidly snuck up on me.

Wednesday morning Dad left a little later as he had a site meeting with the builder. A short while after the meeting Dad rushed into the house with the good news – they would be finishing off next Wednesday. All three of us jumped and shouted with joy! We could hardly wait to get our privacy and silence back. Most of you who have had builders on site will know of the absolute frustration and annoyance that we are referring to. After Dad left for work Mom and I headed to Be Sharp Beetles. There I played and played and met with all my friends. Late in the afternoon, Dad IM’ed us to say that he would be visiting Doctor Anthony between meetings, as he still wasn’t feeling better after seeing the locum at the clinic up the road on Sunday. Since Mom and I were also spluttering and coughing and generally under the weather, we opted to join Dad for his doctor’s consult, and the three of us did a family examination. Once the consult was over each of us left with a script for meds, and to boot, Dad was booked off sick for the remainder of the week. Between Mom and Doctor Anthony, the two of them gave Dad a serious talking to that he would not recover if he didn’t take some time out. Secretly I was really hoping that he would be booked off, as it would mean more Daddy time for me.

So Thursday Dad not only took charge of my morning cares, but even played with me, and then put me to sleep for my morning snooze. After my snooze, Dad was still there. Although he was spluttering, sniffing, coughing and carrying on like a sick beast, it was wonderful having him around. Granny came to visit in the morning, so I also got some Granny time in. She was there to look after me and to help Mom do some preparations for Dad’s birthday party on Saturday. In the afternoon Mom went out to do some errands for the big party!

Friday deliveries started arriving that Mom had been arranging during the week. The theme for the party was Oktoberfest, to coincide with the official start of the 2009 Oktoberfest in Munich, Germany. As the deliveries arrived, Mom cooked up a storm. There were German sausages, schnitzels, desserts and canapés. Dad, still on sick leave, and I basically kept yourselves scarce, as activities were conducted all around the house. Dad’s view was not to interfere with Mom’s carefully crafted party project plan, which was running like a well oiled sewing machine.

On Saturday the best delivery was made; it was a 900w 15 000 song digital jukebox from Derek Jay Productions. After it was setup Dad and I busied ourselves selecting songs and playing these for the entire neighbourhood. Mom and Dad busied themselves with final preparations for the evening. Then, just before the sunset, guests started arriving. I was put in Granny’s care who bathed me, fed me and then we watched TV in the study. Outside, we could hear people arriving and laughing, songs being blasted across the yard. Things got a little quieter over dinner, as everyone moved up to the ‘meadow’, where the tables and chairs were set up. As I drifted off to sleep, I could hear everyone partying hard and loud outside. I can’t wait until I’m old enough to join in with these festivities. My Mom and Dad and their friends partied so hard that some old hag from a block away stormed into the house, trespassing, demanding that the music be turned down. Mom casually responded that old hag was welcome to call the police after 1am! Go Mom!!!!! At about 2 am I heard the last goodbyes outside and the house finally fell quiet.

Sunday morning Granny took charge of my cares, as surprisingly enough, Dad was no-where to be found. Mom got industrious sorting out the party aftermath, and pretty soon Evonne arrived to help. Dad surfaced well before mid-morning, which was surprising, but he was pretty quiet and pensive for the rest of the day. We all had a really long snooze in the afternoon, and by evening Dad and I were hard at playing and having fun. Paul and Amelie got Dad a remote controlled car, which kept the two of us busy for most of the time.

Well, that’s about it for this week. But before I go, from tonight’s title, you’ll have figured out that I’ve developed a new skill – standing on my tiptoes. Mom and Dad are extremely excited by this, and I don’t mind doing it, so all round we’re happy. I also now shrug my shoulders when I’m confused or not involved in what’s going on. Again, Mom and Dad ROFL when I do this, so I oblige them.

Lots of love, hugs and kisses,


Figure 1 Feeding myself on the study patio

Figure 2 Getting the hang of it

Figure 3 Yum!

Figure 4 Reading in bed

Figure 5 Bedtime smiles

Figure 6 Wishing Dad a Happy Fortieth at 5am in the morning!

Figure 7 Birthday Hugs

Figure 8 Playzone

Figure 9 Peek-a-boo

Figure 10 Helping Dad open his gift from Sharon and Marc

Figure 11 Birthday Smiles

Figure 12 Play-dough on the patio

Figure 13 Loving being outdoors

Figure 14 Snoozing Bunny

Figure 15 Chatting on the door-phone

Figure 16 Who’s there?

Figure 17 Turning up the volume on MTV

Figure 18 Sitting at the table to read

Figure 19 I stole a Pretzel just before Dad’s Oktoberfest started

Figure 20 Yippee, our oak tree is in full bloom – summer’s here!!!

Figure 21 Hiya!

Figure 22 Til next week

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