Hi all,

Even though our little family was suffering the effects of sinus due to the season, wind and building we’re nevertheless got onto schedule again this week.

I was supposed to see Janine, my cardiologist on Monday, but the echo machine was out of order so we put it off till next week. I was off to OT in the morning to visit Lauren in order to get my vestibular and reflexes together, also to get some Cranial. Thank goodness for this, because it really helps drains the sinuses. Lauren mentioned that my jaw was really tight, hence by the end of the week my folks were really grateful to finally see some additional teeth poke through the gums.

Due to these teeth issues, no matter how much Mom entertained me, I would not eat. Mom relented and made me a sandwich. Mom was desperate as she doesn’t think bread is a good habit to get into. Especially all the gluten it brings along. She explained this to me, not that I have any clue what it means, but clearly she was desperate. I ate some of it.

Mom baked on Monday and while she was baking, I experimented with my new found mobility in the kitchen. I have my own cupboard which I happily pack and unpack and unpack some more. I then found the cat’s water bowl. I splashed and splashed till Mom asked me if I had put extra water in it, as it seemed there was more water coming out of it than was in the bowl originally. I was very happy for about 20 minutes. When Mom found me drinking out of it, she called it quits and put the bowl on the windowsill out of my reach. After washing my hands and face in the basin, which is a new skill of mine, mom gave me my water bottle. I have finally learned to tip it up and drink from it myself.

On Tuesday we hosted Mom’s club. It was great fun having everyone at our place, it was the first time since I’ve been mobile. It was really exciting. Sarah and Annene stayed for a while and visited, it was really cool. The rest of Tuesday was quiet.

Be-Sharp Beetles on Wednesday was a little different than usual as Liesel, our usual teacher, was away. Afterwards we all had tea together and we all caught up. In the afternoon Mom and I headed off to Ryan’s place. He is also crawling now so the four of us had an awesome time crawling up a storm.

In the evening, when Dad finished bathing me, I decided to help him pack away my bath toys. I continued that pastime for the rest of the week which seems to really impressed my parents. Apparently it will be good for my learning capabilities later on in life. My view, whatever!

On Thursday Mom and I headed off to Kyle’s place, where Mom did some BabyGym with Kyle and his Mommy. I had heard that Kyle was rolling over unaided. Not to be put out, I decided to do this as well! It was a first for me. I was lying on my back and I rolled over and crawled off! Mom was gob smacked! I must say that little Kyle is also really doing so well. Since both of us spent so many months side-by-side in the NNICU we really like to see each other advance and develop and we love encouraging each other. In fact Kyle is doing so well that he’s coming off his meds soon. As many of you know I gently ‘head-bump’ to show I love someone or something, so Kyle and I did lots of little head bumps and rubbing before it was time to go home. Mom had to bath me in the evening as Dad had a hectic bunch of things on his schedule.

Friday Mom and I stayed at home and hid away from the noisy pestilent builders. They are really starting to rub Mom up the wrong way (even laughing at her when she struggles to push my stroller through the building site). Although the intention was to rest and get sleep during the day, the builders were so noisy arguing over who did what wrong that there was little chance of peace and quiet.

I woke up really excited on Saturday morning as Chloe was coming to spend the day with us. Her Mom and Dad were moving, and although she apparently put up a great deal of protest at wanting to help them, they did not relent and told her she could sit out this move. Her turn to help with moving would come later apparently. Once she arrived, we played and played. Then we had lunch together and played some more. A few snoozes were had in between and then we went for a walk. Fortunately Mom and Dad have a stroller and a jogger so we cruised the streets side by side. All too quickly the day started drawing to the end and after dinner we both had a bath. Then into the car and we took Chloe home to her new place. En route we apparently looked really cute in the back of the car side-by-side. We spent most of the time staring at each other! Once at Michelle and Paul’s place we explored the new surroundings, and after a brief chat Mom, Dad and I headed back home.

We chilled around the house on Sunday, and spent a great deal of time in the garden. Although Spring officially only starts in over a week’s time it already feels like Spring – the weather is beautiful. Dad unfortunately came down with a hectic migraine in the late afternoon and by early evening he was in bed after having wolfed down a migraine-cocktail. Hence there not being a blog on Sunday evening; although I’m the master of my blog, I still rely on Dad for some of the technical inputs. So, on behalf of my Dad, apologies to everyone for not making your Monday mornings – I know who you are!!!

Well, that’s it for this past week.

Lots of love,


Figure 1 Discovering the cat’s water bowl in the kitchen

Figure 2 Let me taste it and make sure its safe for the cats

Figure 3 Chloe and I getting busy

Figure 4 Playtime for Chloester

Figure 5 Jay-Bee’s Playtime!!!

Figure 6 Chloe loving my toys!

Figure 7 Playing Hide-and-Go Seek with Chloe

Figure 8 She Found Me!

Figure 9 Time to hide again

Figure 10 Loving my bunny

Figure 11 Reading together

Figure 12 Here’s me playing the clown

Figure 13 Chloe and I bathing together

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  1. Lisle says:

    Thank God!!!! I get really tense when you dont write..phew! For some reason my day/week can’t start without your update. I hope your Dad is feeling better. Congrats on your teeth!! (I know its painful, but they payoff later…ask your folks about the tooth fairy!)
    On a serious note J-Bee….is Chloe your girlfriend?

  2. Tom & Di Fincham says:

    You really had us worried – such a relief to receive a belated update. Have a wonderul week exploring each new day.

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