Hi all,

Well, I’m starting to normalise my routine again after Tuesday’s surgery. During the past few days of recovery my little body was quite sore and moving and being picked up and held seemed to send shots of pain through me. I find it most curious how little people like me are expected to be fine after surgery, yet big people are often not released from hospital after surgery, and once they are, they are booked off for days if not weeks afterward to recover.

Needless to say I prefer recovering from surgery at home than at hospital, as I have all my creature comforts around me, and most off all, I’m in familiar surroundings with familiar people and my animals. Granny popped by to say hello on Wednesday and Thursday, and to make sure I was being looked after properly. In true Granny style, she brought me a little toy duck in a shell to comfort me, which we have name Sheldon, as he dons a shell! To aid my recovery, she also got me some Lindor chocolates which I’ve had to hide from my Dad as he’s a confirmed chocoholic.

Since my surgery I’ve taken very shallow baths which are not quite my style, but they are necessary to keep the dressing and wound dry. Even so, shallow baths are still preferable to being topped and tailed, as even shallow baths are accompanied by the obligatory ‘bunzy run’.

Toward the latter part of the week my appetite slowly started returning, as surgery leaves me not wanting to eat all that much, for two reasons, one is that I’ve generally been intubated (had a ventilation tube down my throat) and secondly, as my tummy is often pumped full of gas. It takes a few days for the rawness of my throat to sooth and the gas in my tummy to dissipate. It goes without saying that people generally prefer not to be in my company when I undergo this gaseous dissipation!

Other news is that I’m now fully out of my six month clothing, a full six months late! I’m also cutting two more teeth – once these make an entrance I’ll be packing 13 teeth. Speaking of teeth, and regardless of my lack of appetite, I savoured one of Mom’s famed dishes this week, namely curried cauliflower. It was absolutely divine, and I can’t wait for the next time she makes it.

The weekends are always a hit for me, as I get to spend uninterrupted time with my Dad, as there is no interference from ‘work’. A family lunch was the order of the day on Saturday, so we headed off to Primi Piati at the Design Quarter. Even though its still winter, we sat outside, as the days are actually really pleasant. I was treated to a chocolate and Horlics milkshake, as well as sorbet, which I’d never had before. The milkshake was great, but the sorbet was a little to bitter for me – I think I’ll need to get a little older to fully enjoy that. Mom and Dad didn’t seem to mind my not wanting the sorbet, as they piled through it without needing a second invitation. I settled down to much on a wedge of garlic, herb and cheese focaccia.

By afternoon I was feeling tender again – I’ve noticed that afternoons and evenings, after surgery, are the times I feel most sore and sensitive. We did have plans to go out in the evening to a farewell, but I convinced my Mom and Dad that I needed to stay home and rest.

Breakfast on Sunday morning was with Opa and Barbara at 44 Stanley. As it was early in the morning and the chill of the night hadn’t lifted yet we opted to sit inside. Our table was directly next to the fire place, at which we were quite relieved.

Well, that’s it for this week. Before I forget, please help me in wishing both Gambit (dolphin at uShaka) and Madiba a happy birthday, both of whom celebrated their special days yesterday. While Nelson Mandela turned 91, Gambit celebrated his 38th birthday. On the topic of birthdays, my very last helium balloon from my birthday party has now drifted back to earth, as it were. Every morning since my birthday celebration, Mom, Dad and I have been curious to note that one solitary dark blue helium balloon has stayed bouncing around the ceiling of my bedroom. Finally, this morning gravity beat the battle of lighter than air and the balloon started floating downward. Although still inflated, the ribbon and the material of the balloon have now out weighed the volume of helium still contained within the balloon.

Now that my tummy has been stitched up I cannot see the need in the near future for any more procedures – yay, no hospital visits for some time. Please help me keep my fingers crossed that this will indeed be the case.



Figure 1 Smiles with Granny

Figure 2 Enjoying some midday rays in the garden

Figure 3 Doing some swinging

Figure 4 Snoozing in the winter rays

Figure 5 Shatzi and I playing skittles

Figure 6 Is anyone there?

Figure 7 This is me in mid-sneeze!!!!

Figure 8 Getting busy

Figure 9 Looking cool

Figure 10 Being introduced to milkshake at Primi Piati Design Quarter

Figure 11 Assembling my toys

Figure 12 Brushing my own teeth

Figure 13 And now with my left hand

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