Hi everyone,

My Mom and Dad have truly found all your support and wishes absolutely tremendous, and the support that you have offered is incredible. Below, in chronological order, are the emails & SMS that my folks have received from you our dear friends and family up until noon today 24.06.2008.



Tue 24/06/2008 11:35

Hello Norwin, Lynn and Jarrod


Firstly let me say that your little one is absolutely beautiful and you three make an awesome little family.  From a distance, my initial reaction to the news about little Jarrod’s condition was shock and extreme sadness so I can only imagine your initial reactions.  But, when I looked at his pictures on you web pages, I was in absolute awe of him and of your strength in being able to educate the rest of us.  I could see imediately he is in very good hands and he looks extremely strong and will probably only become stronger through this ordeal so, yeah – you guys are in for trouble!


I wanted you to know that you are constantly in my thoughts and prayers and I have also instituted a prayer group to call in more troops of angels to watch over all of you.  Please look after yourselves and know that you have loads of support and well wishes here on the sidelines.  If there is  anything that you need or that I can do for you, please let me know.  I’m sure you have hoards of friends and family queuing up to help where possible but if I can do anything for you guys, I will at the drop of a hat.


Take care and I love you lots!





Mon 23/06/2008 15:05

Dear Jarrod

First of all, a huge welcome to you on your arrival into this world. Your appearance has been awaited with excitement and enthusiasm. There is a vast circle of adoration and love waiting for you, to support you from your very first breath and all the way to your manhood. Indeed, may I congratulate you on a wise choice of parents? Your choice in that area demonstrates a high level of discernment for one so young, if I make so bold as to say.


Thank you for informing me of the medical challenge that you are presently confronting. I wish you the courage and strength necessary to overcome this difficulty, and I wish the same to your parents. I pray that you will have a quick and full recovery from this condition, and I take heart from knowing that there are excellent medical parishioners who have knowledge and tools at their disposal to help you. You are assured that most of life is wonderful and this is an unfortunate exception. My prayer for you is that you will be able to put this behind you very soon and can move forward with your life in complete health. 


With love,

Eddie Steinberg



Mon 23/06/2008 14:06

Good day,

You have been in our thoughts the whole weekend and I am worried about you.  How are things any news?  As long as you know we are sending lots of positive energy love and strength your way.

Please let me know if there is anything I can do to support you or your wife during this time.  I know it is difficult but keep strong and let us know the progress.

Lots of love

Jo & James


Mon 23/06/2008 13:16

Thinking of you all.

Please send lots of love to Lynn & Jarrod.

(Also, if there is anything I can do to help you guys out, please, please, please give me a call – whatever it is – pick up dry cleaning/ shopping/making some calls/sorting out stuff. I would really like to help out wherever I can.)

Lots of love



Mon 23/06/2008 12:26

Hi Norwin and Lynn

My heart is going out to both of you – you have waited so long and deserve to this little bundle of joy! I trust you will find a solution soon and that all will be sorted, hopefully with tears of joy and celebration!

I’m thinking of you and believe me, I also shed a number of tears here at my desk when I read your message.

Difficult as it is, please be strong and call for help and assistance – you cannot handle this on your own. Relay on family and friends to support you in this hour! Remember there is always a light at the end of the tunnel!

Special hugs and a kiss



Mon 23/06/2008 12:11

Hi Norwin and Lynn,


Firstly, I would like to congratulate you both on your new little boy, Jarrod. I was really excited about the birth and all the news last week. You are on your way to being the next Wilbur Smith, Norwin? Your blogs are great to read.


I have just received your e-mail via Brian and as a mommy I can feel some of your fear and anguish that the two of you must be going through right now with Jarrod’s AVM. I know how stressed  and helpless you must be feeling and I would like you both to know that you will be in my prayers and that God is there for you as this is His little creation. I pray that the Specialist will be able to rectify this small set back and that in years to come you can look back in amazement and smile at your strong healthy son.


Please continue to keep us updated and once you are both feeling stronger and you know what’s happening we’ll give you a call.


Lots of love and blessings to you all.


Gail Rowbotham



Mon 23/06/2008 11:50

Dear Jarrod


Don’t tell your mommy and daddy, but in my chats with a higher power, he mentioned that right now there are enough angels in heaven. He said that you must hang in there cause your mommy and daddy need you a whole lot more than he does right now. And besides, someone needs to take care of your parents! So, shower them with unconditional love and make them smile every time they look at you (I know, it doesn’t take much cause they smile at you all the time in any case!).

My thoughts and prayers are with you and your mommy and daddy.


Love “aunty” Jay


Mon 23/06/2008 11:09

Hi Lynn and Norwin and Bebe Lederer,

I am so devastated at your news – and waiting in anticipation to hear when all is going to happen to rectify the problem. Thank you for letting me know and know that I am sending much love and prayers your way. Keep me in the loop!!


Loves and hugs,


Tina ? x x x x x


Mon 23/06/2008 09:47

You guys are in our thoughts and prayers…lots of love




Mon 23/06/2008 09:34

Hi sweetie,


I am so sorry and my heart goes out to you, Norwin and Jarrod.    I am so upset to hear this news and cant even imagine the stress and heart ache you are guys are going through.  

I am thinking of you and praying for little Jarrod to have a speedy recovery and good health. I truly have faith that little Jarrod is going to be 100% fine and believe he has the Protector and all the angels at his side (plus he is a Lederer- and will fight through this and stay strong).


May God look after all of you during this stressful and difficult time.


Lots of love and pray




Mon 23/06/2008 09:11

Hi Led and Lynn


I’m so sorry to hear about this setback with your little bundle of joy, Jarrod.  We are thinking loads of positive thoughts and sending up many, many prayers and I’m sure that he will be as right as rain very soon.


Love and hugs




Mon 23/06/2008 08:59

Hello Norwin


You’re in our thoughts and prayers.


Lots of love



Mon 23/06/2008 08:36

Hi Led / Lynn,

We are sending out our best wishes for little Jarrod. We are sure that he will overcome ….. all our blessings.

Hitesh and Kashmira.


Mon 23/06/2008 08:37

Jarrod, you’re in my prayers dude – be strong until the doctors get you uncoiled! Hilario


Sun 22/06/2008 10:18

Hi to all the Lederer family


I am sorry to hear your news and wish you all the best of everything through what will be a challenging time for you all. Baby Jarrod, you must be strong and help the doctor to make you better. Mom & dad, my thoughts are with you, medical science is amazing these days, there will be someone who can help Jarrod. Be strong and be positive.


All the best



Sat 21/06/2008 20:22

Hey Norwin and Lyn


My heart literally stopped when I read your news tonight.  I’m so sorry to hear that news!  🙁  Please know that I really will be praying for you and thinking you constantly for the next few days and I look forward to your next update which will tell me that he is all better.


I live so close to you – please remember that and ask me if you need ANYTHING!!!  Don’t feel shy / awkward, I would be honored to help in some way or another.


I really look forward to hearing from you and seeing you guys and meeting Jarrod.





Sat 21/06/2008 18:07

Hi Guys,


Shot for the update – I’m sure all will be fine. Our thoughts are with you. If you need anything, just shout.


Loads of love



Sat 21/06/2008 14:47

Hi Norwin

You are so good to have sent out this update. I have requested every Angel, Arch Angel every saint, every master, Jesus, Father and Mother God to heal Jarrod. He’s such a brave little boy and I have a strong feeling that he is going to be just fine. I think his heart needed to be stronger, so he had the blood come back in again. He will do great things with the love from his strong heart.

I’ve been crying reading the update. I know Lynn doesn’t want us to call right now but please send on our love to her & Jarrod and yourself. You guys are constantly in my thoughts.

I’m sure you are at the hospital now- so when you get back home, just sms me and I’ll call you, or I’ll leave the skype on- so just call it anytime. I would like to be there for you!!

Lots of lots of love




Sat 21/06/2008 14:32

Dear nephew


To let you kmow we’re all with you through this difficult time you are going through at such an early stage of your precious life.


Lots of love coming your way and to your dear mommy and daddy


from auntie Birgitt and Wayne (whos’s busy with one of his talks he’ll tell you all about some day 🙂 )


Sat 21/06/2008 13:39

Hey Led’s


Our prayers are with the three of you. Through the grace of God I know all is going to be well. Stay strong and know that you are constantly in our thoughts.



Riaz, Nireshnee and Aaliya


Sat 21/06/2008 13:35

Hi the Led threesome

Thanks for the news update and we are all thinking about you all the time as the AVM works it self out as we all know it will.

Good luck or sterkte – we are always here for you.


The Brooks quartet


Sat 21/06/2008 13:14

Dear Lynn, Norwin and Jarred.


What horrid news to hear when we have all been so very excited!  You will all be in our prayers and we offer you the strongest mojo of all… faith and trust.  We have faith that everything will work out and untangle as it should and we will trust that there is nothing out there that you and your precious little family cannot handle.


Keep strong and have faith, God Bless.


All our love,


The Skollies.




24 Jun 2008 09:33

Norwin and Lynn, plse know that we are thinking of you and praying for the three of you non stop. Love Cornel & Bertie


23 Jun 2008 15:12

Hope you, Norwin and Jarrod are doing ok. Our thoughts and prayers are with you. Love us. Bryan Botha


23 Jun 2008 14:16

How are you doing Norwin? Don’t worry if you cannot reply right away as I know you have important meeting in Pretoria. Thinking of you, Lynn and especially our precious Jarrod. . . everone I speak to is also sending good thoughts your way. Love to you all. . . Birgitt and Wayne


23 Jun 2008 09:31

Praying for you all. Anything you need please let us know. Penny


23 Jun 2008 09:19

Hi Lynn & Led! Wishing you lots of positive thoughts & prayers. I hope Jarrod gets well soon. Luv n hugs C & D xxx


23 Jun 2008 08:29

Dear Norwin. Best wishes to you, Lynn and Jarrod. Hope the doctors can get the arteries and veins sorted out quickly. We are thinking about you. Hannes


22 Jun 2008 10:52

Dear Lynn and Norwin. . . still thinking of you both and precious baby Jarrod. So many people at our talk yesterday are sending love his way. Let me know if there’s anything i can do for you. Love to the three of you. . . Birgitt and Wayne


21 Jun 2008 22:48

Dear Lynn & Norwin: just want you to know that my thoughts are with you and baby Jarrod on this the longest night of the year. I hope for good news soon. Garth


21 Jun 2008 17:24

Good luck Led!! Will keep him and you guys in our prayers!!! Ruan


21 Jun 2008 10:39

Dearest Norwin. Our thoughts are with you at this trying time. I’m standing by if there’s anything I can do. I’m in touch with Mami and Daddy and they’re at home standing by. I promised to be in touch with them when i hear from you. Love and strength to you and Lynn and praying for baby. . . Birgitt and Wayne

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