Hello all,

For those who are truly curious, the title refers to the fact that my blog has been written by me here in Johannesburg and has been published in St. Hellier on Channel Island of Bailiwick of Jersey.

Dad is presently involved in a project there and is stationed there for three, yes count them, three weeks.

Since my last blog, I have officially now entered the world of readers. As I am sure you know it’s been a slow process since my stroke and despite my total and utter dislike of numbers, I have a flair for them. I am doing multiplication and 3 to 4 phrase addition and subtraction. My geography involves stuff Mom knows, like map reading (yup stop laughing Dad, we can hear you all the way from Jersey), and the general world. We are presently using a great Grade 4 book, I seem to take quite well to this work. Science is anything that blows up, puffs up, spills over, foams, or is magnetised. We have no idea where we are with science.

Mom follows the Department of Education syllabus but only in themes and to ensure that the right things are being covered but we are way over the average Grade 1, except for reading. This week we got the CLICK! Happiness. Mom has also started reading more, shall we say conventional books, like Charlie and the Chocolate Factory to me. I have been totally involved in short stories but now, the world is open to reading. I told Gran about the book I am learning to read. Mom is soooooooooooo excited for me.

Another exciting development is that one of the other kids in our complex has started home-schooling. Not because of any special needs, but her Mom wants her to be nurtured and left the schooling system.

Another click so to speak has been my night splint or boot. It is not wonderfully comfortable but it’s supposed stretch the ligaments in the left calf in order to assist with the cerebral palsy in the left leg. We’re also trying to get into a NDT physio in order to get some work done on the left hand and left leg.

In other news my speech is starting to get somewhere and we are starting to see results. We are all very happy about that.

The rest of my weeks have been taken up with visits to the park and shopping for my upcoming birthday. Impromptu visits from friends, boys afternoons at Ristretto, picnics at the mushroom park.

We have an appointment booked with Dr Aduc for this month and we will get some feedback on my latest MRI, and a neurological exam as well. Soon it will be time for my EEG and more Botox.

My parents have finally relented and have taken a huge step of starting the process of adopting a sibling for me. Just to clarify, they want the sibling very much too. It’s clear they are not having much success so we are all going the adoption way. Please give us a prayer or a thought for this. We would really appreciate it.

In closing, I’ve decided to let Dad add some of the photos he’s been taking in Jersey. I’m sure you won’t mind.



Photo 1 Playing with Sabrina at Ristretto

Photo 2 And crash!

Photo 3 Being Jay-Bee

Photo 4 Mom, Dad and I at Angry Birds

Photo 5 Playing Lego

Photo 6 My orthotic boot

Photo 7 This is what it looks like on to sleep with at night

Photo 8 Doing math with Dad – and yes we did eat a bunch of the chocolate coins

Photo 9 Doing some good adding

Photo 10 Cat attack!

Photo 11 Getting ready to do some puzzle building

Photo 12 Puzzling

Photo 13 Breakdown

Photo 14 Playing in Dad’s study

Photo 15 Running after guests…

Photo 16 Baking

Photo 17 Playing at Mushroom Farm Park

Photo 18 With Dad getting a visa

Photo 19 Doing some threading work

Photo 20 At Ristretto with Mikey

Photo 21 Mom and I at lunch

Photo 22 Dad and I playing Angry Birds

Photo 23 Writing

Photo 24 Found a Order Up button a E Vida Café

Photo 25 Being save!

Photo 26 Kitty attack

Photo 27 Bed picnic

Photo 28 Loving McDonalds at the moment – they have Angry Birds!

Photo 29 Mischka at the park

Photo 30 Climbing

Photo 31 Mom and I in the 4D

Dad’s Photos from Jersey

Photo 32 Flying into Jersey

Photo 33 View from Dad’s room over St Helier

Photo 34 Hotel de France where Dad is staying

Photo 35 FaceTime with Dad

Photo 36 St Helier high-street

Photo 37 Breakfast parlour

Photo 38 The very quaint Jersey SPCA

Photo 39 Pano of St Helier beach

Photo 40 Tide is FAR out

Photo 41 Dad taking a far walk into the sea – maybe he’ll reach Normandy on that wall?


Photo 42 The marina


Photo 43 The market


Photo 44 Gorey Castle




Photo 45 Gorey Pier


Photo 46 Looking over Gorey



Photo 47 The roads are EXTREMELY narrow – this was the most challenging – bus meets tractor




Photo 48 The road was so narrow that cyclists had to push their bikes past the bus


Photo 49 Le Moulin de Lecq




Photo 50 Potato fields!


Photo 51 The Lighthouse


Photo 52 A repurposed WWII fortification

Photo 53 Church at St Brélade Bay

Photo 54 St Brélade Bay

Photo 55 Cutest little house ever with matching little car

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