Hi everyone!

Even though it’s already a day after Easter my fingers are still sticky with chocolate from my huge haul this year! Because it rained the night before Easter, the Easter Bunny hid all my goodies in the house. There were a tonne of balloons in the lounge that I had to wade through to get to my goodies. The balloons afterwards proved to be good swords for some swashbuckling with Dad, and then Mom put all the remaining balloons on the trampoline where I’ve been bouncing around with them.

Since my last blog things have been pretty routine; visits to Granny, Granny visiting me, shopping, seeing Lauren and Braam for therapy, and movies. The last movie is saw was Home, about Oh the Boov. It is a stunning movie and I was enthralled with it. Another really exciting thing was to go on the Acrobranch Park in Melrose for Jadon’s birthday party. It was such fun climbing and zipping along the cables, though I must admit some parts were scary.

Photo 1 Rhino flying on Baymax – Big Hero 6 style

Photo 2 Furniture shopping with Mom

Photo 3 Comfy

Photo 4 Paddle pop in bed before bedtime

Photo 5 Mickey visiting Jay-Bee Academy

Photo 6 Mickey later in the day…..

Photo 7 My modern art

Photo 8 Spongebob Squarepant Legos

Photo 9 Exploring before Acrobranch

Photo 10 Off to get our kit

Photo 11 Put your right foot forward

Photo 12 Stepping into the harness

Photo 13 Expert climber in the house

Photo 14 Heading out

Photo 15 Instruction time

Photo 16 Birthday boy Jadon shows us how

Photo 17 My turn

Photo 18 Cool as a cucumber

Photo 19 Safety first

Photo 20 Bootcamp? I thought we’re having a party!

Photo 21 Zip line!

Photo 22 Concentrating

Photo 23 Made it

Photo 24 And some sword fighting

Photo 25 Exploring

Photo 26 Ninja time!

Photo 27 Hugs with Dad

Photo 28 Dad and I

Photo 29 In the dog house!

Photo 30 Playing with the bunnies

Photo 31 Feeding the bunnies

Photo 32 Holding a guinea pig

Photo 33 Making friends with an albino constrictor

Photo 34 Stopping to smell the flowers

Photo 35 Surprise

Photo 36 Some climbing

Photo 37 Down the fire pole

Photo 38 Skinny dipping at Granny’s old place

Photo 39 Having a playdate with Michael and to meet his new little sister Grace!

Photo 40 Mommy helping Grace with a wind – we heard it upstairs!

Photo 41 Launching a love-attack on Mickey!

Photo 42 Creative with Legos

Photo 43 Loved the movie Home

Photo 44 An excellent start to the Easter Egg Hunt

Photo 45 Missy gets involved

Photo 46 Eggs in the balloons

Photo 47 Icing cup-cakes at Yeesh

Photo 48 Balloon bouncing

Photo 49 Threatening to swim!

Photo 50 Hoses and pools go hand-in-hand

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