Hello Everyone!

Yes it’s been a while since I last ‘put pen to paper’! Well, here’s what I’ve been up to.

Three weeks ago I went to a Dr Seuss Cat in the Hat party. Ryan and I were Thing 1 and Thing 2. Mommy decorated her face as the cat and looked really cool. I also went with Dad to his office to ‘work’. I did some documents, printed and scanned important ‘stuff’ and someone, not to mention names, dropped their cup of tea in the kitchen! Daddy also had to clean out the pool to acid scrub the wall from all the debris that had stained our pool over the past few months. Mischka and I ended up playing soccer in the empty pool – it was huge fun (see video).

I’ve had a number of sessions with Lauren and Braam during this past weeks and I think I’m progressing well. Because of my surgery at the being of November, I’ve been doing self-directed learning through Jay-Bee Academy. The anaesthetic had really taken its toll on my. I’ve spent the time healing from stress, both the recent surgery as well as my PTSD in general. To catch up some work I’ll be doing Jay-Bee Academy through the holidays.

The weeks have been both extremely hot interspersed with lots and lots of rain. Last weekend it practically rained the whole the weekend. Daddy had to leave for Botswana on Sunday afternoon, where there was no rain but 35C temperatures.

Some of our outings have included frozen yoghurt, some dinning out and McDonalds which is still a favourite of mine – for the toy and the jungle gym. I’ve also gone to movies with my Dad to see The Boxtrolls – not my favourite movie so far. I am very excited about the upcoming movies like The Penguins, Annie, Sponge Out of Water, and Big Hero Six.

At the moment I’ve got a bit of flu – running a temperature. Mom really feels I need another MRI, but I’ve told her it’s not needed. I’ve ‘locked up my AVM and thrown away the key’ so it’s not a problem anymore. We are in the position of many decisions again, and hope we make the right ones.



Video 1 – Mischka and I in the pool (click here)

Photo 1 A sandwich of sparkles

Photo 2 Going in!

Photo 3 Mom ready for the Cat in the Hat party!

Photo 4 My new favourite – French toast for breakfast

Photo 5 Moth we found downstairs one morning

Photo 6 Our sunset

Photo 7 Building Lego after dressing myself (yes, I chose the outfit)

Photo 8 Dad and I built a suspended castle using only his 40 year old Legos!

Photo 9 Proof that genetics run deep!

Photo 10 Safety goggles in the bath

Photo 11 Flour time

Photo 12 Some biking then

Photo 13 Someone, and I’m not mentioning names, rolled toilet-paper everywhere

Photo 14 Servicing my tricycle

Photo 15 On to servicing my quad

Photo 16 Ice-cream with Granny

Photo 17 I gotta do this!

Photo 18 The one Dad wants

Photo 19 The one I want because it goes on rocks

Photo 20 So thrilled! Holding hands with Baymax

Photo 21 Milkylane

Photo 22 Rescuing Granny – the lock on her door broke and she was stuck inside

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