The exciting news today is that it’s my 400th blog posting! Thanks to everyone for following for the last 6 ½ years!!!!

On Monday after Jay-Bee academy Mom took me to see my orthocast Gavin and after doing lots of tests on my legs and feet it turns out my one leg is shorter than the other, and that the way I distribute the weight on my feet equally. This all stems back to all my surgeries. It seems the issue may be muscle related than actual the actual bones.

Tuesday midday I was supposed to see Dr Aduc but she was running late so we’ve had to postpone the appointment – it would’ve meant that I got to Braam too late. I had a good session with Braam, despite the fact that he’ll be away for two weeks. I cried and cried!

It was Heritage Day on Wednesday. Because we didn’t have water, as there was a pipe burst up the road, we went out for brunch. At ToyZone Daddy treated me to a Thomas and Friends set from the new movie called Tale of the Brave. The TrackMaster tracks are now different, and the sets do come with adapters to allow the old (beige) and new (dark grey) tracks to join. Dad says the jury is still out on which is better, but I’ve noticed Dad believes the quality of the old TrackMaster was better.

In the afternoon we decided to go to Granny’s place to shower, and as we got there, her water also went off! Back home Mom “bathed” me with wet wipes! Later in the evening the water did come back, but I was already asleep.

Thursday was a bit of a struggle with Jay-Bee Academy – I couldn’t concentrate as I was tired.

Jayden came for a playdate on Friday afternoon and we played up a storm!

There was major excitement around the house on Saturday morning – we were off to see Planes 2 Fire and Rescue. I’ve been so excited about seeing it. And it was well worth it. Even Mom, Dad and Granny said it was an awesome and gripping movie. While we were out at Sandton City Granny treated me to Elastagirl (Mrs Incredible) for my Nintendo Infinity. I was thrilled.

It was Ryan’s birthday party on Sunday at the River Café. It was a stunning party and we laughed and giggled at the magician. It was a very windy morning, so by midday we were all tired and headed home.

‘Til next week!


Photo 1 Sharing a moment with Missy

Photo 2 Figurine adventure

Photo 3 My way of climbing stairs

Photo 4 Wrinkly after a loooooong bath

Photo 5 Testing out the Prive cinema seats

Photo 6 Shoes off to play

Photo 7 Giggles

Photo 8 Magic show

Photo 9 Climbing time!

Photo 10 Summer giggles

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