Hi everyone!

Monday morning was very exciting – it was Daddy’s birthday so Mom and I went downstairs before he woke up to light his birthday candles! He was thrilled. Sadly Daddy had to go to work, so after our celebrations we bid him farewell. He only got home late, so we agreed to have a birthday dinner on Friday.

My Jay-Academy is going really well and Mom is an awesome teacher. She keeps me on a strict schedule, and we normally finish our work quicker than what it ordinarily took at school. The afternoons are filled with treats. Tuesday Mischka went to the parlour, and I cried and cried out of fear that he wouldn’t come back again. He did in the afternoon and looked really funny – all shaven. I had a good session with Braam during the day too.

Wednesday morning we visited Mom’s friend; I immediately fell in love with Einstein their huge dog! In afternoon we went to Granny’s place for some lunch and a nice long swim at the clubhouse. My lunch order went like this:

“So Jay-Bee do you want calamari?”

“Yes, but actually with chips, actually with chips but no calamari just chips!”

“Ok but you want calamari right?” asked Mom.


In the evening Granny came to stay with us.

Daddy was away on a business trip for a couple of days so we collected him from the station on Thursday evening. Mom and I really missed him and it was nice to see him again. The big excitement was also that iOS8 became available – Daddy upgraded while he was in Gaborone he was so thrilled.

Friday I went to see Lauren for some OT. She is incredibly thrilled with my progress. In the afternoon I had a play date with Ryan, Joseph, Matthew and Michael – we had a rave of a time. In the evening Mom, Dad and I went to dinner at Piza E Vino. It was a lovely evening.

We all had a lazy Saturday, and then in the evening we finally had our first rains. It rained gently most the night and in the morning everything looked nice and clean! Sunday morning Dad and I had frozen yoghurt and then we went book shopping. For lunch we met up to Granny and played Party Monopoly at the clubhouse. It was such fun, and best of all I won! We then started a winking competition – I won, again, doing a blink with both eyes. Mom, Dad and Granny find me hilarious!!!

We had a snooze in the afternoon and I then spent much of the evening watching TV.

Until next week!


Photo 1 Me and Einstein

Photo 2 Giggles

Photo 3 Swimming

Photo 4 Loving it!

Photo 5 The towels in Dad’s hotel room!

Photo 6 Mom and I doing FaceTime with Dad in Gaborone

Photo 7 Working at Jay-Bee Academy

Photo 8 Drawing at dinner

Photo 9 Mom and Dad #Selfie

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