I easily fell into a simplified routine of school work before lunch and lots of play after lunch. Mom has found ways to keep me entertained. We have got to the point where I have come up with some ideas to trace shapes.

During the week Granny arrived every day to look after Mom as she is still on crutches. I have realised stairs are not friendly. I turned Moms crutches into laser guns causing much confusion because if Mom wanted both no one knew where the one crutch was. Besides which these crutches have been hung over the balcony, turned into tents and Mom plays a mean game of soccer with them.

Fortunately my communication has improved 10 fold since leaving school. I practice sounds and theory.

Gran took me to fetch Tammy and while Tammy shopped I managed to get Ferrero Rocher® chocolates, which I taunted my parents with. I’d eat them in front of them and not give them any and then hide the rest. They still haven’t found them (and quite honestly I’m beginning to forget where I put them too. Hopefully they’re like squirrel’s lost acorns and sprout Ferroro trees!).

Monday was a free day and the only therapy I had during the week was Braam on Friday. Dad had to take me as Mommy is allowed to drive for a few more weeks.

Mom had a doctor’s appointment and I think all the medical talk put me into a huge PTSD slide; I threw a temper tantrum of note. It was about Mom’s leg I think. She was telling Shelli about her leg and it just got too much for me. I went into my room and trashed it, a little bit. I think that Mom was grateful Shelli was there as she calmed me down a little.

When Gran came back to cook for us, I heard Mom ask her to avoid my room. She told Dad too and it was decided that I was to tidy it.

I was taken to MacDonald’s for a play; I made Gran play up and down the slides. Mom found a bag and a number of other toys in her bag ensuring a great game of fetch.

On Friday Dad took me in his lunch hour to Braam, I came back with a great attitude and beautifully cantered drawing. “Huh?” was Mom’s response. Mom stayed home and we went to dinner.

Saturday we forced Mom to stay in bed all day; I had Kewyn’s birthday party in the afternoon. It was at Lonehill fire station, or Ladder 16 as they are officially called. I got to ride on the Simon Snorkel and had a really play.

Sunday Mom went to a convention all day so Dad and I played up a storm at Yeesh for 3 whole hours. We then headed to Woodmead to get toys (I know how to twist Dad’s arm). Once home I did a great display of unwrapping the toys I got like the shows I watch on YouTube. I was hilarious!

Until next week (when I will be on the beach!). Wish Mommy lots of luck please as she is really battling with her knee. It seems she’s in more and permanent pain than before her op. I feel so sad for her.

Love Jarrod

Photo 1 This is how I roll…..

Photo 2 Working hard in Jay-Bee Academy

Photo 3 Magnet octopus

Photo 4 Funny shapes

Photo 5 Waiting for Braam

Photo 6 My well centred drawing

Photo 7 Chilling at Ladder 16

Photo 8 Balloon chasing

Photo 9 Hard at work

Photo 10 Proud Jay-Bee

Photo 11 Tower time

Photo 12 Need.bigger.blocks!

Photo 13 Playing isn’t all fun and games, its hard work!

Photo 14 And a BIGGER block!

Photo 15 And suddenly I’m into soup!

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