The week started off pretty ordinary with my usual therapies and school. Towards the end of the week things started escalating to a party type frenzy, with lots of prep being done between here and Granny’s place. It was super exciting!

Friday was mid-term break so we ended school early. Mom and I decided to visit Daddy at Sunninghill Hospital – he was sent there by his work. Apparently the chairs at his office are all rickety, and as Dad arrived at work, sat down and lent across for his phone the chair broke and he fell down. He then told the PA who mobilised facilities management, first aid and everyone else that mattered! And all Dad wanted was another chair to sit on.

What actually followed were heaps of forms and a compulsory visit to casualty. Apparently they didn’t even want him to drive himself! The upside was that I got to spend the afternoon with Daddy, and since there was no soccer on Friday we all just chilled out around the house.

Saturday morning Daddy took me to see Bram, but I couldn’t sit through a full session with the excitement of Sunday’s party. On the way back Dad and I had McDonalds as a treat (I missed it on the Friday), and then Daddy did something he very very rarely does – had his car washed! I giggled in hysterics as the sprayers and foam hit my window. And the more I giggled the more the guys sprayed foam at my window. It was a blast, literally.

Daddy had poker in the afternoon so Mommy and I finished my party prep. There were balloons to fill, a piñata to put sweets into, green chocolate to be made and lots and lots of decorating.

Sunday morning we got up really early and headed to the Rainbow River Party Venue, which is only a few blocks from our house. There were so many decorations we had to go in two cars. We started decorating and putting out goodies just before my guests arrived.

It was then time to party. Daddy put music on in the big hall, and outside was a jumping castle, tables and chairs and lots of climbing equipment. Mommy had made all of us ninja turtle shells and masks to wear. It was a rave.

In the hall we ran around screaming like maniacs, and then we middle of the day, after the cake and piñata we stormed the jumping castle.

Sadly my party was coming to an end, and I had to start bidding my guests farewell. Mom and Dad packed up their things and we headed home. I opened my presents (I wasn’t allowed to do that at the party as I then tend to forget my friends…..) and spent the rest of the day playing up a storm, while Daddy did what dads do best under these circumstances – read instructions and assemble toys!

Thank you everyone for a wonderful party and once again for all the beautiful wishes that kept pouring in during the week!

Lotsa love,


Photo 1 TMNT pyjamas!

Photo 2 Some days the love way to sleep is on top of Mommy!

Photo 3 Some Thomas the Tank engine – it never gets old

Photo 4 Hard at work as Sodor Steam Works

Photo 5 Dad and I having cake at The Bread Basket

Photo 6 Rice filled balloons. Check

Photo 7 Balloons with motion activated LEDs inside. Check

Photo 8 TMNT cake. Check

Photo 9 Big hall for play. Check

Photo 10 Music. Check (In fact Dad often played the TMNT theme song)

Photo 11 Jumping castle. Check

Photo 12 Friends’ table. Check

Photo 13 Ducks and ducklings (just in case). Check

Photo 14 Food and drink. Check

Photo 15 Friends. Check. Now it’s a party!!!!!

Photo 16 Oooo, and don’t forget the face painter

Photo 17 Ninja Turtle lanterns

Photo 18 Mayhem

Photo 19 Dad, here’s a yoyo for you. Have you ever seen one before?

Photo 20 Cake anyone???

Photo 21 Joseph, do you want some cake?

Photo 22 Cake cutting time

Photo 23 Mommy helping out

Photo 24 Yum! Head of a TMNT!

Photo 25 TMNT piñata time

Photo 26 Joseph has a try

Photo 27 It took Girl Power to break open the piñata

Photo 28 Piñata feeding frenzy!!!!!

Photo 29 Happy giggles!


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