The week has stayed really cold, so our outside activities have been limited. At school we couldn’t even go to the Haahoo Park as it was frosted over.

Monday after school Mom took me to Lauren where I had an awesome session. Tuesday morning we got up a little earlier than usual as we had to drop Daddy off at the Gautrain station. He was going to Gaborone for three days. Mom dressed me for school and off we went. I was running a fever, so after we dropped Dad off Mom decided it would be better I stayed at home.

At first I was thrilled, but Mom made me work really hard, and then on Wednesday I got extra work to do that I missed out on. Tuesday afternoon our neighbour Janni and little Tyne came for a visit. Although he is only 18 months we had a brilliant play date. We climbed on my soft blocks and then played ball with Mischka.

Despite Mom being at home, she was called by Thokozane’s mom to collect him, as both their cars had broken down so Mom went and collected him at school and took him home. I stayed home with Granny.

Granny stayed over on Tuesday and Wednesday night. Granny got me some flexi-tracks for my wooden Thomas track. I was thrilled.

On Thursday evening we collected Daddy from the Gautrain station. I was so thrilled to see him again – I really missed him. We got home just in time to see some of the FIFA World Cup 2014 opening ceremony. We started watching the Brazil Croatia game; neither Dad nor I managed to stay awake, but we’ve been following all the results and highlights ever since. Dad and I have even started playing EA Sports’ FIFA14.

Friday I had an appointment with Braam for play therapy at 12:00. Because he is in Beaulieu, and my school is at the Zoo Mom decided to keep me at home; the two places are at opposite ends of the city and we would’ve spent more time travelling than at school or at my session. At about 10 o’clock Braam phoned to postpone. We were not happy (well actually I was – I missed a day of school).

For dinner we met Jenny, Matthew and little Micheal at the Spur. It was so awesome to catch up, and we played up a storm.

Saturday morning we sent Dad off to doctor Anthony; he’s glands were swollen and he had a sore throat. Dad was diagnosed with pharyngitis and was given antibiotics and pain killers. After taking the pain killers Daddy’s mood perked up and he and I went out for pizzas at Piza E Vino. We had a really good time.

We were back home for a bit of a play, and then Dad took me to see Braam – he’d postponed the Friday session to Saturday afternoon. Dad and I had a nice chat in the car and then I had a really good session with Braam. It was really late by the time we were home again.

Sunday morning Mom and I brought Daddy breakfast in bed for Father’s Day. We then spent the rest of the day chilling around the house, playing, reading and having fun.

Well, that’s it for this week!

Lots of love


Photo 1 I made a crabby patty!

Photo 2 Kitties snuggling to keep warm

Photo 3 Frost at the Haahoo Park

Photo 4 Swinging in the hammock at Lauren for OT

Photo 5 Look at the tower I built!

Photo 6 Playing kiddies type jenga with Mom

Photo 7 It worked! Your turn Mom

Photo 8 Ooooops

Photo 9 Tyne and I playing on my soft blocks

Photo 10 FaceTime with Dad in Gaborone

Photo 11 Drawing of Darth Vader

Photo 12 Building with my new flexi-tracks

Photo 13 Dad sent us this picture just before taking off

Photo 14 Dad and I took a selfie in the back of the car on the way home from the Gautrain

Photo 15 Some late night dribbling in prep for the World Cup

Photo 16 Mom and I playing

Photo 17 Michael loving his Spur ribs

Photo 18 Michael and I loving our desserts

Photo 19 La Dolce Vita

Photo 20 Pizzas with Dad

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