Norwin on Tuesday, 19 August, 2008

Hiya, Well, what an exciting day, and with so much news to share. Firstly, I’m two months old today, which is a really grand feeling. Secondly, my Dad has informed me that there in excess of 100 subscribers to the Bébé Lederer Times newsletter, over and above the daily visitors to the WebPages. I shouted […]

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Norwin on Thursday, 14 August, 2008

Hello everyone! Exciting news! I am now at the aforementioned longitude and latitude coordinates which are at Morningside Medi-Clinic. Yes, that’s right, I’m back in Jo’burg. My Dad decided to take a GPS reading out the window above my crib – heavens only knows why! Last night was still spent at Unitas (S25°49’56.00″ & E28°11’41.87″ […]

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Norwin on Wednesday, 13 August, 2008

Good afternoon everyone! I’m really excited to report that I have come through my second embolisation with flying colours! So the thirteenth is definitely luck for some. Although it has been a very long day, I could hardly contain my excitement about posting this blog, so the minute I was back in my ward I […]

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Norwin on Tuesday, 12 August, 2008

Good afternoon everyone! Well, this morning felt just like déjà vu of 7 weeks ago. I was hanging around my little crib when my Mom and Dad arrived at the crack of dawn; although they do visit me mornings, they’ve not been here this early before. I knew something was afoot when my goodies started […]

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Norwin on Sunday, 10 August, 2008

Good evening everyone, It’s been a pretty quiet weekend, nevertheless I have much to report. On Friday my paediatrician decided to intubate me again, so I’ve been on a ventilator since then. The reason for this is to give my little body a bit of a rest. Without being on the ventilator I really struggle […]

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