My name is Jarrod Lederer, son of Lynn and Norwin Lederer. I was born on 19.06.2008, and at birth I was diagnosed as having an arteriovenous malformation (or AVM for short). It is a very rare congenital condition that results in the veins and arteries in my brain (specifically in the Vein of Galen), to merge, or short circuit. The effect is that blood rushes from my heart and lungs, through the brain, straight back to the heart, without reducing in pressure or dispensing of much needed oxygen.

My prognosis at birth was 0%, i.e. literally no chance of survival. But thanks to my wonderful Mommy and Daddy’s determination, and my experienced and dedicated medical team, I survived. It has not been an easy journey, as I spent the first 5 months of my life in NNICU (neo-natal ICU), and to date I’ve had 13 procedures, 7 of which have equated to brain surgery. I was fed through a tube in my tummy for almost a year, and my muscles all atrophied as a result of my lack of inactivity. My little heart failed four times, and my lungs collapsed more than once. I spent much of my time in hospital on a ventilator, making it nearly impossible to get warm comforting hugs from my Mommy and Daddy. I basically spent six months staring at the ceiling!

On more than one occasion I almost died, either from surgical complications or my heart or lungs not being able to keep up. Each time the love and support of my fans carried me through, as well as expert and immediate attention of my medical team.

Now, I am home, and every week I still continue to publish my blog, which documents my life and depicts my antics in pictures. I’m not yet out of danger, and Mommy and Daddy heave a sigh of relief each time I make it through the night successfully, or another procedure. But with your help, support, prayers, and positive energy it will certainly make it easier on all of us. Please come back to visit regularly, or subscribe (click here) and have my latest blog postings delivered directly to you.