Monday morning I was woken up just as the sun was coming up, which is very early for me! Mom, Dad and Granny were already dressed, and then it dawned on me that we were still at Sun City. After I was dressed (and more awake) we left our chalet. I was very sad, but also understood that it was time to go home.

We reached Jo’burg in peak traffic and the last few kilometres took really long. Back home Mom and Dad changed into work clothes and headed to their respective meetings and activities. I stayed home with Granny, as I was feeling a little ill.

It was a very exciting day on Tuesday. Mom and Dad were trialling a new school for me. I spent the rest of the week there and it was really nice. It was great meeting new people and making new friends and doing some new activities. At the same time though I really missed my friends back at Fastrack Kids; so I’m really in a dilemma. Also, Mom and Dad have some other options up their sleeves (I’ve heard them planning and talking) so it’s still not confirmed where I’ll be next year. So many challenges, and options!

Being at a new school was pretty taxing on me – we worked really hard there and we had to leave earlier in the morning, so most afternoons during the week I was too exhausted to do anything hectic, so the rest of my week was pretty subdued.

Saturday morning Dad and I did a tenant exit inspection in Randburg. On the way back Dad and I popped in at Morningside Shopping Centre where we had frozen yoghurts and got a takeaway for Mom.

At midday we went to Papachinos for Tweetup with Dad’s social media friends. It was really cool to see the gang again and play with some friends I don’t get to see too often. All too soon it was time to go home again. Back home we endured a horrific thunderstorm, complete with hail. Needless to say the hail had hardly stopped and I was playing with the hail stones in the garden.

A neighbour popped by afterward for a play date and we can an awesome time playing with my Legos and climbing on my Guippeto climbing blocks. In the evening we all vegged and watched TV.

During the night it started raining again – nice soft soaking rain – and it has basically not stopped since. The forecast is rain for the rest of the week. Sunday morning Dad and I headed back to Randburg to meet with a tenant and hand over keys and do an entry inspection. On the way home I decided we all needed hot cakes from McDonalds (and of course a Smurf toy for me).

Back home we munched through our takeaways. Afterward Dad and I let Mom have some quiet time while we played Wii tennis, bowling and surfing. My backhand in tennis is coming along beautifully and Dad and I are quite a fearsome twosome now. In bowling I got my first strike, so I was thrilled. Surfing, which needs my whole body on the balance board as a controller is still a bit of an issue for me, but I guess I can be forgiven for that.

Grocery shopping followed in the afternoon, and as always I had a whale of a time filling the trolley with all sorts of very necessary items. Interestingly enough, Mom and Dad don’t share my view of those items being ‘necessary’. The Barney Cupcake mix did survive until checkout, so back home Mom and I baked. Daddy has a course tomorrow, so we lost him for a few hours while he did the pre-reading and online assessments. It’s so funny seeing Daddy ‘going to school’!

Well that’s all for this week.



Photo 1 Saying goodbye to our Sun City chalet

Photo 2 School trial reception

Photo 3 Mom packs the best lunches

Photo 4 One of my new little friends

Photo 5 My artwork story of Me, Mom and Dad

Photo 6 Yum! Frozen yoghurt

Photo 7 Getting ready to paint a Hungry Caterpillar

Photo 8 Some help from Mom

Photo 9 Helping to shop

Photo 10 Driving the trolley

Photo 11 Barney cupcake time

Photo 12 Tastes goooooood

Photo 13 Washing up after baking

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