Monday morning I woke up to congratulate Mommy and Daddy on being married for 18 years. I gave them cards and we had a little celebration. The rest of the week was pretty uneventful. I did my usual activities at school and had Be Sharp Beetles on Wednesday. Our theme this week as Lights, Camera, Action. It was very apt as Daddy had gotten me the new Thomas and Friends video – King of the Rails. I loved it and have watched it every day.

On Friday both Mom and Dad arrived at school to collect me. It had been an exciting day as it was photo day. Dad had gelled my hair in the morning and Mommy put make-up on the bruise on my forehead where I’d been squashed by some of the kids at school. As fate would have it, I also had a cut on my cheek – it seems I always look like I’ve been through the wars when its photo day.

Mom and Dad both came with to Lauren for my OT, which was really nice. In the afternoon Granny, Mommy and I gardened and planted seeds and flowers.

Saturday Daddy and I headed to Randburg to meet with some potential tenants – I always enjoy these meetings to see how my investments are doing! Afterward we drove past our old house for a quick look. It looked a little sadder than when we’d left it. We then met up with Mommy at Sandton City for lunch. Back home we played in the afternoon.

Sunday Daddy and I went to Builder’s Warehouse for DIY stuff. It was really fun. I grabbed a measuring tape and measured everything I could. At home we lunched, DIYed and then I got muddy in the garden before going for a long siesta.

Until next week!


Photo 1 Cooking

Photo 2 Checking the recipe

Photo 3 I ran through the sprinkler before OT at Lauren’s place!

Photo 4 Looking at myself

Photo 5 Two chairs works better than one

Photo 6 Off to my OT session

Photo 7 Mickey and Missy chilling out in guest room

Photo 8 Measuring stuff at Builder’s Warehouse

Photo 9 Muddy play

Photo 10 Making faces

Photo 11 Being silly

Photo 12 Grrrrrr

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