Because Daddy was out of town on business, Granny stayed over, so it was totally awesome that she was here on Monday morning and went with Mom and I to school. In the evening we FaceTimed with Daddy and he ‘showed’ us his room and the view of the sea from his hotel in Maputo. Tuesday evening we surprised Daddy at the Gautrain station to collect him. He’d gotten me a fluffy rhino in Mozambique that I was thrilled with and slept with in the evening.

On Wednesday after school and Be Sharp Beetles we met Ryan at the bike park. I’m getting much better at cycling except that I can’t do a full cadence on the paddles yet which is a function of the different strengths in my legs.

Thursday after school we went to the farmyard with Joseph, Ryan, Claire and Katie. It was also heaps of fun. Sadly I didn’t see Daddy in the afternoon as he went from work straight to a function and was home late.

Before school on Friday morning Mom took me to Lauren for a test. Afterward I popped into school for the rest of the morning. Sadly, upon arriving the class bully rammed his bike into my leg, leaving a bruise, and right in front of Mommy. Mommy very quickly had words with him and then with the teacher. It has to be noted that this individual has bitten once before and continually pushes me. It has really become unpleasant for me and in the evening Mom, Dad and I had a very long chat about all the things that I am being subjected to. Despite Mom and Dad addressing these issues previously they are sadly just continuing. Mommy was completely distraught the rest of the day.

I did however have a really awesome ‘Show and Tell’ in class. I’d decided to make green eggs and ham as per Dr Seuss. I donned my apron and chef’s hat and proceeded to show the class how to break open the eggs, add milk, stir them and add green food colouring. Mommy gave Teacher Diana strict instructions, via a note that only ONE DROP was allowed! She’d packed a basket of ingredients for me to use and I had an awesome ‘Show and Tell’. I heard teacher Diana telling mom that the children were really attentive to my presentation. The pressure to up the game is on kids!!

Mom had a couple of issues to deal with at work so I ended up staying at Sandton City with her for the afternoon. I didn’t mind this so much, as this involved Granny and Mom getting me a few essentials, like some new Cars characters, a Wendy Bob the Builder set and a Superman! In the evening Mommy had an essential pampering session according to her, she was starting to fall apart, with Lisa so Dad and I chilled around the house playing and chatting. As it started getting closer to bedtime I did start missing Mommy, so Daddy showed me on a clock how many more minutes I had to wait before she got home.

On Saturday morning we headed off to Builder’s Warehouse to get some additional things for the house, as well as new flooring for my room. Mommy is creating a split between grass and roadways on the floor of my room – I’m super excited to see it finished. In the afternoon we popped by Uncle Garth’s place where he was having a farewell for Ryan who was heading off to Russia representing South Africa in weightlifting championships. I asked Uncle Garth if I could assist with the Braai, and he let me put charcoal on the Braai, then we had an indepth conversation about boerewors being my favourite. I sat at the table and Aunty Kim and I threw serviettes at each other. I then charmed everyone around by asking if I could leave the table to accost the cats. We had a leisurely lunch and then it was time to bid him farewell.

In the evening Aunty Birgitt and Uncle Wayne came for a visit as they were up in Johannesburg for a few days. I got a whole bunch of presents from them and loved ripping each one open. Uncle Wayne and I spent the rest of the evening playing! It was huge fun.

Daddy and I got down to some serious train building in the sun room on Sunday morning. Just as well that it was sunny as outdoors was freezing cold – it seemed winter had begun overnight. Even the dogs managed to get indoors much to the cats dismay. We spent the rest of the morning at Benmore Shopping Centre to run some errands and for a very late breakfast.

I spent the afternoon playing with my trains while my Mommy wrote out my birthday invites and Daddy did DIY. Our new house has 55 halogen bulbs which are very energy hungry so Daddy has started replacing them with LEDs. Daddy also changed a few locks and fixed a few odds and ends. In the evening, as I feel I have the biggest room in the house, we played hide-and-go-seek in my bedroom for ages. What fun!

Well that’s it for this week. I think it’s going to be a cold week in Jozi; Daddy will be in Lusaka for a few days so he’s not going to experience the cold.

Lots of love,


Photo 1 FaceTime with Daddy

Photo 2 A Toys-R-Us is opening at Morningside Shopping Centre – walking distance! Woot!

Photo 3 Posing at the bike park

Photo 4 A chase-about

Photo 5 Improving all the time

Photo 6 A little push help up the hill

Photo 7 Spinning with friends

Photo 8 And more….

Photo 9 Relaxing bunny

Photo 10 Chilling out with Lucy

Photo 11 Joseph for career day (wants to be an astronaut)

Photo 12 Building

Photo 13 Green eggs that Dad and I made on Thursday morning

Photo 14 Waiting for Mommy to get home

Photo 15 “Working”

Photo 16 Checking out my new toys

Photo 17 “Shopping” at Builder’s Warehouse

Photo 18 Hanging on

Photo 19 Checking out a Squidworth gyroscope

Photo 20 Ryan and Uncle Garth off to Russia

Photo 21 Playing downstairs

Photo 22 Aunty Birgitt and I playing Cars

Photo 23 Little Missy the Cat loves Cars too!

Photo 24 Busy busy busy

Photo 25 And now watching Cars!

Photo 26 Dad and I building a Trackmaster track

Photo 27 A BIG Sodor Island

Photo 28 Hard at play

Photo 29 Busy day at Sodor Island

Photo 30 Scrubbing carrots

Photo 31 Masterchef Jay-Bee at work

Photo 32 Slicing carrots

Photo 33 Missy gets in the picture for afternoon play

Photo 34 Playing ‘upstairs’ on my big boy bed

Photo 35 High up bunny

Photo 36 Asleep in my own bed

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