Monday, on the way to school, I asked Mom why I had to go to school. Obviously I am trying to wear her out on the school run as I have been doing for the past year. She tried a new tactic. She simply replied, “Because you have to”. To which I replied but “Dad says you don’t learn anything at school!” “Indeed he does say that” was the retort by Mom and that was a bad idea because now suddenly Mom is studying again. Obviously 5 years of being a Mom needs revising every now and again. We visited our new apartment in the evening and I gave Rolo the old little dog lots and lots of love. He’s a very special little dog. I can’t wait to move into our new place, but that will only be in a couple of weeks.

Tuesday we moved out of Nunuville in Robindale officially. Suttafords Van Lines arrived with a huge green truck and pallets for our household goods. Although Mom had packed most of the boxes before their arrival, the experts did all the really fragile things. I did some phonics after school with a lady by the name of Nikki so by the time I had reached the house most of the things had been packed. After school when I discovered the huge truck in front of the house my reaction was “Woooooooow!” I helped a little by pushing some things around. Playing soccer with Aaron for the last time.

If it seems a little sudden that we are moving, it is. It was sudden for us too. We were booked into a bed and breakfast but the Colliers were kind enough to allow us to stay in their cottage, so presently we are at Colliers cottage and loving it. Tuesday I fell asleep with them while my folks finished up packing and cleaning at the house. Mom and Dad made their way to Collier Cottage after handing over the keys of our old house to the new people. We all bid the house farewell during the course of the afternoon.

Dad did however battle a little with his bike – it just wouldn’t start, and after starting it had no power. Eventually he stopped off at Robin where he left the bike – someone will collect it during the course of this week to service it. What are we going to do without such good neighbours in future? Tuesday night we slept like we had never slept before.

Wednesday, I had my first B-Sharp Beetles class of the term. Mom arrived a little before the end and when I saw her I ran out. Mom believes in finishing what you start so she joined in and sang the goodbye song with us; my teacher was very impressed that she knew the words. So was I! My friends and I showered Mom with hugs for her efforts.

Thursday I did neurotherapy and was quite tired after. But got home to play with Ryan next door. Daddy had had a tooth removed and was recovering in the Cottage while we played with each other. Eventually we separated and went separate ways. Ryan has not been well for the last few days and it was awesome to see him on Friday and even more special was that I got to do a Thomas show and tell at school.

Unfortunately I had a tummy explosion afterward and Mom collected me early to relieve teacher Diana. I then had OT with cranio and was completely wiped out from this and slept. Soon I was up and with Ryan playing up a storm.

My old man (aka Dad) woke up stiff as a plank on Saturday to the point that we shipped him off to Doctor Anthony for pain relief. He must have pinched a nerve from the move. After Dad had the injections we shipped him off to Lisa for some deep muscle massage. Pretty soon Dad was right as rain. In the afternoon we went with Paul, Claudi and Ryan to the Coachman’s Crossing Spur. It was a stunning evening.

Sunday morning I went to find Ryan next door and asked if he could join us at Hyde Park. Paul and Claudi said yes and off we went. Mom was finally giving her Blackberry the boot and had gotten an iPhone 5, so we needed a Nano SIM for her. So while Ryan, Mom and I browsed toys and books in Hyde Park, Dad swapped Mom’s SIM card. Mom and Dad bought Ryan and me some toys and afterward we had ‘lunch’ at Häagen-Dazs (i.e. ice-creams). While we were there we opened Ryan’s toys which contained a bunch of marbles. Before we could blink, they scattered all across the Hyde Park walkways. It was hilarious. Mom, Dad, Ryan and I scurried about picking them all up, hoping one of the old ducks at the centre with a Zimmerframe didn’t take a fall.

Back at the Cottage Paul and Claudi visited us on our side of the garden. It was so cool that I am literally a gate away from my best friend. We all played and chatted, snacked and drank tea and coffee. Although it is supposed to be winter we sat outside until just before dusk. With all the excitement I fell asleep really early in the evening – I’d barely finished this blog before I fell asleep.

Until next week!



Photo 1 Helping with the move

Photo 2 Making sure my toys aren’t left behind

Photo 3 Our green (my faovurite colour) moving truck

Photo 4 Our goodies being put into crates for temporary storage

Photo 5 It looked like Arthur Christmas’ elves wrapped our TV

Photo 6 Playing Nintendo at Dr Anthony’s offices

Photo 7 Being a pillow

Photo 8 With Ryan at the Spur

Photo 9 Giggles with Ryan in our Cottage

Photo 10 In-store Lego time

Photo 11 The city I built

Photo 12 Ice-cream lunch

Photo 13 Chilling out


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