On Monday things were a little hectic around the house as Daddy had to leave early and Mommy was officially back at work. I spent the morning with Granny where I played with my Take ‘n Play trains to my heart’s content. In between playing I managed to get some swimming in too.

Mommy collected me from Granny at midday and we met Daddy at Papachinos in Morningside where I played up a storm. It was over 30?C but it didn’t deter me from trying out both their play areas.

Tuesday Mom took the day off as it was Daddy’s last day of ‘freedom’. We spent the morning at iPlay where I played with the wooden toy track and climbed about on all the jungle gyms and rock faces. What fun. Some shopping ensued and in the afternoon we met Ryan at Smudge where we played some more and did art work.

It was a big day for the family on Wednesday. I was starting Grade 00 and because of the occasion both Mom and Dad came to see me off at school. It was really exciting. During the holidays a new classroom was built for us, and there we met Teacher Diana my new teacher for the year. I greeted all my old friends, and there were some new kids in the class too, so I immediately took them under my wing and showed them around. Everyone was so proud of me. I glowed.

Pretty soon it was time to say goodbye to Mom and Dad; I was so excited about my new class and seeing my friends that I almost forgot to wish Daddy well, as he was starting a new job that day too. I gave him a big hug and told him he’d be ok.

In the afternoon when Mommy fetched me I told her all about the exciting things we’d done and I presented her with an artwork – a Kissing Hand (see below) with a little story about a raccoon that also went to school for the first time.

That evening I made dinner for the family – salmon fillets and corn on the cob. It tasted delicious. Because of my constant mantra of ‘I want to be a real chef’ I’m pretty much given free reign in the kitchen.

Thursday afternoon there was a huge surprise in stall for me – Dad had promised to get me a Diesel 10 when he got a new job, so now he had to make good on that promise. While I was in the bathroom the doorbell rang and before I could get there Dad had already collected the Amazon parcel from the front door. I was ecstatic. The parcel was huge – bigger than just one Diesel 10.

And I was right – Dad and I sat down on the lounge floor and ripped it open. Inside was not only a Diesel 10 but also a Bash and Dash for Trackmaster as well as Ferdinand. Now I had all the logging locos as they were affectionately called by Thomas. Also, just for extra measure, Dad got me two long flexi-tracks for Take ‘n Play. I was on cloud 9!

It rained most of Friday so after school I spent most of the time indoors playing with my new trains. It was a great deal of fun. It was a super exciting day for Dad too as he got a new cellphone – the iPhone 5. I was super thrilled for him. Needless to say I immediately knew how to use it and I had to ‘show him the ropes’ as it were.

We left for Tasha’s in Morningside really early on Saturday morning – it was Tammy and Ryan’s birthday and Mommy and I were tasked with decorating the table. Pretty soon afterward Shannon and Blacky arrived and then the rest of ‘My People’. It was an awesome breakfast. Very loud and festive. My best part was biting into the icecream cake – that’s right, not a slice of cake for me, but biting into the whole cake!

We had a team snooze in the afternoon and then Dad and I played up storm on Misty Island Rescue with the logging locos and chobe wood.

Sunday morning I baked a cake – with Mommy’s help of course. Afterward we popped into Sandton City. Mommy walked around to check on her exhibitors while Dad and I made a nuisance of ourselves. At Toys R Us we both spent the better part of half an hour testing out the Nintendo DS 3D’s. In between we managed to look at some furniture and get Daddy his fix of coffee pods at the Nespresso store. Back home we all snoozed and then I spent the rest of the afternoon playing Mario Kart Wii, as it was still too wet to go outdoors.

Well that’s it for this week.



Photo 1 Welcome to my new classroom

Photo 2 Testing out the rings

Photo 3 Meeting Teacher D

Photo 4 Planning my antics for the day (Dr Evil laugh)

Photo 5 Ooooo nice carpet

Photo 6 My name peg

Photo 7 Chatting to Ryan

Photo 8 My class

Photo 9 Hard at work already

Photo 10 My ‘Kissing Hand”

Photo 11 Moving up!

Photo 12 Preparing salmon fillet

Photo 13 Looking good

Photo 14 Stripping the corn

Photo 15 Dad helping me with my parcel

Photo 16 Happiness

Photo 17 Yay! Logging Locos

Photo 18 Super thrilled

Photo 19 Taking Bash and Dash for a spin

Photo 20 Ryan and I swinging together

Photo 21 Ryan and Tammy at their birthday breakfast

Photo 22 Enjoying breakfast

Photo 23 The card I drew for Ryan

Photo 24 Decorating Ryan

Photo 25 Oooooo ice-cream cake

Photo 26 Coooooold

Photo 27 Making a cake

Photo 28 Dad and I testing out Nintendo DS 3D

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