New Year’s Eve was a quiet day for us – we just chilled around the house and played and visited. Granny has taken it upon herself to spend some school time with me each morning. It was a lot of fun! In the evening we went to movies to see Zambezia in 3D which I thoroughly enjoyed.

Tuesday we also chilled around the house and just enjoyed each other’s company and pondered the New Year.

On Wednesday we took the Gautrain to the airport, just for fun, and had lunch at the Spur at OR Thambo. It was lots and lots of fun. In the evening, in the shower with Daddy, I had a major meltdown. I had seen the 30cm scar on his back from an operation on his lung before, but tonight it just freaked me out.

I was so scared for Daddy and nervous and worried, even though it happened in 2007. Daddy started howling too, just because I was crying so much.

Thursday morning Nina, Gené and little Kate came to visit. We chatted in the lounge and we all had tea and cake. I decided to show Kate around and we played up a storm on the trampoline and jungle gym. I then took her to the back garden to show her the pool (yes, I’ve learnt how to open the safety gate).

The adults quickly joined us and we chatted around the pool. Kate and I started playing with my water cannons and the adults even joked with Gené that she will have to jump in and rescue either Kate or me if one of us falls in. Lo and behold, I fell in. I made a big splash, went completely underwater and then bopped to the surface and started ‘swimming’ as Gené jumped in to rescue me!

I was in a bit of shock, but Mom and Dad were so proud of me coping so well, and everyone was thrilled with Gené responding so quickly and hauling me out. She went home wearing only a towel, which I thought was very funny. I offered her some of my clothes, but she insisted.

In the evening I made dinner, as I really want to be a real chef and every opportunity I have I try and ‘cook’.

Friday morning I decided to make ‘breakfast’ for the family. I made ‘hot dogs’ on the stove in a pot (I noticed Granny did sneak in and switch off the stove mains, making it more challenging for me). Despite this little setback, after adding water, lots of salt and pepper, left over pumpkin and a few other things I don’t remember I had made ‘breakfast’. Next I laid the table for everyone. Mom, Dad and Granny were thrilled and we all sat down to breakfast.

In the afternoon we took Dad clothes shopping – he protested big time, as he always does, but we eventually bundled him off to Sandton City for the ‘big annual shop’ as he calls it!

We were invited to Bev and Claire for the evening, where we had ‘burgers and beer’. It was a stunning evening, and it was absolutely wonderful seeing them again.

Saturday morning we headed to our flat in Morningside which will be our temporary home for the next couple of months, as we may have a buyer for our house. Dad and Mom used Dad’s laser ruler to measure the whole apartment and took photos of everything.

Afterward we popped into Morningside Shopping Centre (our new local in a couple of months’ time) for breakfast. Mommy bought me a huge Lego helicopter and some fingerprint art sets. I couldn’t wait to start playing them.

On Sunday we spent lunch at Primi-Piati at Lifestyle Centre and then bought plastic packaging to start packing up our house into. In the afternoon Dad and I swam until we were blue and cold. I insisted Lucy swim with us, so Daddy tracked her down (she knew what was coming) and brought her into the pool with me. She was out in a flash, which really disappointed me, but Daddy explained that not all dogs think of swimming as fun like we do.

Well, that’s it for this 1st week of Y2K13!



Photo 1 Cat in a (reindeer) hat

Photo 2 Granny and I having ‘school’

Photo 3 When you gotta go, you gotta go!

Photo 4 Kate and I playing

Photo 5 Yes, I am showing off

Photo 6 Trying to be ‘A real chef’ and Thor at the same time

Photo 7 Checking out a praying-mantis on my hand

Photo 8 Love to swing

Photo 9 Checking out ‘my’ loft

Photo 10 Breakfast at The Bread Basket

Photo 11 Making pizza

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