I was still on leave on Monday for my mid-term break, so no school! Granny had also stayed for the evening, so once Daddy had left for work, Mom, Granny and I went to the department of Internal Affairs to get our passports renewed (and in my case, get my first passport). Mommy also finally changed her name on her ID book! Sadly I couldn’t get a passport, as both my parents had to be present. I was exhausted in the afternoon, still getting over the flu, so I slept from Internal Affairs through most of the afternoon. In the evening we all voted on pizzas for dinner.

Tuesday I was back at school and it was really nice to see all my little friends again. I had music on Wednesday which I really enjoyed – I’m finding myself signing a lot of the time at the moment, and I’m really loving it. In the afternoon I had speech, which for some reason was an absolute disaster. I had a complete melt-down, and I felt so bad for Vicky, as it wasn’t really her fault. We then went to meet Ryan and Claudi at Yeesh. It was good fun. I still had to have another good cry whilst there but soon got over it.

Friday I had OT with Lauren. In the afternoon we met Melanie and her boys Michael and Gabriel at OrangoTangos where we played up a storm. Daddy had a migraine, so he stayed home for the day, but not before he went to Dr Anthony for a couple of jabs – we found him passed out in the bedroom in the afternoon. When he finally woke up he was feeling much better.

Dad and I went with Mom to Sandton City on Saturday morning – HP had a huge exhibit to coincide with the launch of Windows 8. They had a massive laptop with a keyboard so big that you had to stomp on the keys. It was such fun! Tammy and Granny met us for breakfast. Someone even said I looked like an actor and should be in the movies – I felt like a million bucks! Afterward I convinced Dad I needed a walk through Toys-R-Us which was a highly successful endeavour – I scored a Victor and three carriages for my Thomas Track Master as well as a Search and Rescue spot light. I spent the rest of the afternoon playing with my trains.

And Sunday was spent playing with my trains the whole day. Mom and Dad couldn’t pull me away from my Thomas Track Master setup. Dad even made some mock Jobi Wood (that can only be found on Misty Island) that I spent the day delivering.



Photo 1 Cutie Pie

Photo 2 Checking out the keyboard

Photo 3 Driving Windows 8

Photo 4 Making some beats

Photo 5 Checking out a music video

Photo 6 Thomas Search and Rescue

Photo 7 Track Master Jay-Bee

Photo 8 Dunbar (from Chuggington) mingles with Thomas and Friends

Photo 9 Busy evening at Sodor

Photo 10 Jobi Wood waiting to be collected

Photo 11 Loving it

Photo 12 Shunting yard is a hive of activity

Photo 13 Goodnight

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  1. Giant laptop picks are surreal.

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