On Monday morning I was awake, showered and dressed before Dad! Mom and I are trying to leave earlier in the mornings so that I get to school well before class to chill out with my fellow little learners. So far it’s been going fairly well. When Mommy collected me from school later in the day I greeted her with a graze on my forehead – I’d had a little run-in with a step.

At home Mom built me a figure 8 racing track from my Carrera set. I was thrilled! Sadly my Lighting McQueen car wasn’t working, but Mommy opened him up, found some loose wires and repaired those. I was truly impressed! Afterward I video Skyped with Daddy – that was really cool and I’m hoping to do more of that while he’s at work. Later I had a bit of a snooze, as I still had a bit of a cold that I was just getting over.

Mommy had to go to Sandton City in the evening, so Dad and I joined her. First we had a bit of dinner and then we walked around the centre while Mommy checked on all her exhibitors and stands. It’s really cool watching her in action whipping things into shape.

Tuesday was class photo day, and as was my luck I had a massive graze on my forehead! Mommy told me to smile nicely for the camera, and not do my usual cheesy grin. I practiced my smiling all the way to school, which made Mommy giggle. I had an afternoon snooze after school as I was still running a low grade fever. When Daddy came home from work he asked how the school photos went; I just turned to him and gave him a big cheesy grin. That had Daddy in guffaws of laughter. I went to bed early, but had Mom up at 1am for a hot bath!

There was a jumping castle at school on Wednesday which I thoroughly enjoyed. In the afternoon I had music and I managed to get myself covered in Be Sharp Beetles stamps. I was ecstatic, showing them to Mom and Dad for the rest of the day. I had a nice long afternoon snooze, which resulted in my staying up to 22:45 in the evening. Daddy had to stay up with me, as Mommy was exhausted.

On Thursday Mom asked me if I had attended SEMAS maths, I boldly said no. However all the teachers said I did do maths. I thought I’d gotten away with it, but the maths teacher sent Mom and Dad an email telling them I’d been playing hooky! Now my parents know I do tell the truth. Maybe maths is not my thing.

Friday I was off school for a mini-school term break. It was nice being able to lounge around the house in the morning. Daddy also had a later start, as he was at a workshop near home. So it was nice being with Mom and Dad for an extra hour or two in the morning. We then bid Dad farewell and Mom and I went to see Lauren for my OT session. Afterward we visited Lisle and Mark with little Luke and Loralei. Luke and I played up a storm, with our mothers running after us in the garden. Luke enjoyed helping me set up my trainset and play with that a little bit. He has a stunning playroom with a Lightening McQueen chair and oh boy did I take advantage of that and the Cbeebies channel. I heard Mom and Lisle and Mark hatching some plans for fundraising, but we’ll have to wait for Mom to reveal this one as I didn’t quite get what it was about. We fetched Granny on the way home as we didn’t want her to stay at the house alone.

On Saturday we left Dad at home in the morning and Mom, Gran and I headed to Sandton City for Mom to check on her clients. In the afternoon Mom had to snooze, as she was exhausted. Dad was left in charge and we built trains.

Sunday morning we all went to Sandton City for some breakfast, as well as Mom to do a bit of work. I made lots of photocopies in her office of my pet lion. It looked really funny.

As we were having a show day again, we had to be out the house for the afternoon. This time we spent the time at Montecasino and the Bird Gardens. It was really fun. The little parakeets were very keen on the nectar today, to the point that they climbed and landed all over Dad. They sat on his head and shoulders as he fed them the nectar. They then even started picking in his hair, which I thought was hilarious! Afterward we took a walkabout the gardens and then watched the show which was stunning.

We arrived home just as the thundershowers started, so we were all happy to be back home safe and dry.

‘Til next week.



Photo 1 Mom feeding the birds

Photo 2 Here’s me feeding the birds

Photo 3 Granny also gets a chance

Photo 4 Who’s a happy birdie?

Photo 5 Daddy has a turn!

Photo 6 These two guys rummaged through Dad’s hair looking for snacks

Photo 7 A macaw

Photo 8 Another one of the big dudes

Photo 9 Fly by

Photo 10 Whoo hooooo

Photo 11 Chilling out

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  1. So thats what you did for 5 hours. Glad it turned out well. BTW Nice photos!

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