It’s been a really quiet week, that started with a heat wave and ended with much needed relief in the form of Highveld thunderstorms. Tuesday I had a brilliant speech session with Vicky that left me completely exhausted. I fell asleep in the car on the way home and only woke up again the next morning.

At school on Wednesday we made and painted fish bowls, which I did perfectly. But as I was finished and still had some blue paint left I decided to Smurf things up a little and painted both my arms blue too. When Teacher B spotted me I ran away giggling all the way. Eventually I was caught and the school tried their best to clean my hands and arms as best as possible, but to little avail. I was a Smurf through Be Sharp Beetles and I could hardly detect my Beetle stamp on my arm because of the all the blue. Mom worked up a miracle solution of sugar and baby oil, and soon I wasn’t a Smurf anymore.

Friday morning I had an 8 o’clock appointment to see Lauren. It was hectic to get out the house so early, and since Roxy escaped during the night because of the thunderstorms it caused additional pressure on us. Fortunately she’d spent the evening with the neighbours so Daddy collected her just after we left. I received my assessment report from Lauren and it proved that I’m doing well in some aspects, but there are many things I still need to work on resulting from my cerebral damage.

On the way to school Mom and I realised we’d forgotten my bike at home for Bike Friday, so en route Mommy bought me a shiny new bike. At school we all wore Sunflower Fund Bandannas in support of securing finance to increase the number of bone marrow donors for leukaemia patients – we all looked really cool. In the afternoon we met with Ryan and Claudi at Smudge. Dad also joined us. It was story time and afterward Ryan and I played up a storm.

By Friday evening I was starting to feel a little ill, and when I woke up Saturday I had a cold with lots of sneezing. We popped out for a short while and had breakfast with Cousin Shanny and Blackie. Afterwards, back home, I spent much of the afternoon sleeping. I managed to get lots of rest until about midnight, after which I had the house awake with my coughing and throwing up. By Sunday my temperature had reached 38.2?C and all my plans were cancelled and we stayed home. Fortunately by early evening my fever had broken and I was starting to feel much better.

As I was finishing my blog, Ryan’s Dad Paul called to remind us to watch Felix Baumgartner (Codename B.A.S.E. 502) as he attempts to break a world record by floating to the edge of space harnessed to a massive balloon and then parachute back to Earth. After 02:02:04 hours of ascent he broke the first of four world records – highest manned balloon flight exceeding 37km. The other three were the longest free-fall, highest jump and breaking the sound barrier. All of these still need to be verified, and some of the records have stood since 1960. Interestingly enough, Felix Baumgartner’s commander on the ground that spoke Felix through all the 40 steps to exit the capsule was US Air Force Col Joe Kittinger the previous record holder!

Well, that’s it for this week – short and sweet.



Photo 1 Sleeping with my glowing ladybug

Photo 2 Making a concoction in the bath

Photo 3 Story time at Smudge Art

Photo 4 Ryan and I having a chat

Photo 5 Jumping . . .

Photo 6 . . . in the music room

Photo 7 Ryan makes a leap

Photo 8 Stopping for some ice-water

Photo 9 Ryan watching me paint

Photo 10 Just Jay-Bee

Photo 11 Found a really big Angry Bird

Photo 12 Felix Baumgartner floats to Earth from the edge of space

Photo 13 Felix Baumgartner lands on Earth 10 minutes after exiting his capsule

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  1. Jenni says:

    Lalalala la Sing a HappySong lalalala sing a happy song. Just thought I’d Smurf you that message!!
    Much love Jenni xxxxx

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