The week has been pretty routine for me; Mommy was really busy this week, and all of my therapy sessions were cancelled, so it was really just school, a bit of time with Mommy at work, and then home. Although while Mommy went to move cars about on Monday evening, Dad and I spent the entire afternoon at the pool until it was too dark to see. It wasn’t to swim though – Daddy turns off the pool motor in winter and this year he got a bit of a later start getting it all going again, so it got really green. I helped Dad scoop out leaves while he vacuumed the floor and walls – the poor little Barracuda wasn’t coping.

Tuesday afternoon I had a play date with Ryan, as well as to help him open some of his birthday presents from the weekend that he hadn’t gotten around to yet. I felt so honoured that he wanted to share in the present opening with me – it was such fun, and he got really cool gifts.

Tragedy struck on Wednesday. Basically my world as I know it came to a standstill – my iPad was stolen from Mommy’s office. I was so sad when Mommy broke the news to me. Daddy tried to trace the iPad but it had been turned off, so to be safe he sent a wipe to it. Fortunately by early evening we got the message that the device had been successfully wiped. What’s even more frustrating is that Mommy actually knows who took it, but she doesn’t have any proof.

I wore black and red to school on Thursday, as did all my little fellow learners, in support of Read for a Record. It was a fun day as we learnt about eBooks as well as paper books. I was sad not to have my iPad to show everyone my eBooks but I guess that can wait until the insurance settles.

Friday Mommy had a really exciting day at work as she hosted the All Blacks. She even had her face painted like a tattoo. I thought she looked so cool.

Daddy was already out the house on Saturday morning when I woke up. He and a few friends did a photography walk through Fordsburg and Newtown. Judging by the photos it looked like he had a great deal of fun. I spent the morning with Mommy at work, but she was having such a hard time with her clients that eventually she called Daddy to come fetch me. I was barely in the car for 5 minutes with Daddy and I was asleep already. We spent the afternoon playing with a new Play-Doh truck and quarry, which makes little rocks and bricks out of the Play-Doh. It was such a lot of fun.

Sunday poor Mommy had to head off to Sandton City again to attend to her exhibitors. Dad and I went for breakfast at Wimpy and then afterward for a nice long play at OrangoTangos. There was a heat wave on the go in Jo’burg so we tried to stay indoors as much as possible. I spent much of the rest of the day playing about the house, and in the afternoon, when it was cooler, in the garden.

Well, that’s it for this week.



Photo 1 Chilling in my pod

Photo 2 Preparing for summer

Photo 3 Doing my work

Photo 4 What I typed!

Photo 5 With Lucy and my fluffy toys

Photo 6 Mommy with her ‘tattoo’

Photo 7 One of Dad’s photos from his morning shoot

Photo 8 Busy busy busy

Photo 9 Pretending to be a fire-fighter

Photo 10 Taking a running jump over balls I lined up

Photo 11 Jay-Bee-Messi

Photo 12 Taking a flier

Photo 13 Another Messi-like strike

Photo 14 Going down!

Photo 15 Loving it

Photo 16 Dirty grin

Photo 17 Monkeying about

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  1. Lyn says:

    Oh Jarrod, you make me smile 🙂 I am going to take my niece Kyrie to Arango Tango. She is only 2yrs old but I think she will have a blast there! Hoping you get an even better ipad and chop chop! 🙂

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