It’s been a really quiet week for me; I’ve had cold and flu for most of the time, and I just can’t shake the lurgies. Despite this I was at play group on Tuesday where I got a major whack on the side of the head. A bunch of us were playing and I collided with the jungle gym. I howled and howled, until Mommy fetched me.

I managed to get a play in with Ryan and Claudi at the bike park on Tuesday, we had to leave early as Mom was on duty during the evening, as she had been the night before for a setup.

Wednesday and Friday I stayed home from play group as I was really under the weather. Thursday neither Mom nor Dad could stay home with me, so I ended up at playgroup. It also proved a really busy day for the folks, and I was collected really late in the afternoon.

Saturday and Sunday were really stunning days as it started feeling like summer, and I spent a good deal of the day playing outdoors. Sunday Mom and Dad had a show house so we stayed at the Haahoo Park for the entire afternoon. We even brought Roxy and Lucy with (yes, Lucy is still with us, as I really like her). It was a great deal of fun, and because it was so hot the park was packed full. While at the park I added another skill to my portfolio – tree climbing. A huge tree had been blown over at the roots as its roots were in damp ground next to the river, so the ground was very weak. I was amazed at the massive size of tree, lying at strange angle to the ground. After walking Roxy and Lucy I climbed really high into the tree.

Well, that’s it for this week – short and sweet.

Love Jarrod

Time Lapse Sequence of me playing on the patio (click here)

Photo 1 Trampoline time

Photo 2 Chilling with Roxy

Photo 3 Mom and I at the park

Photo 4 Escaping from Dad

Photo 5 Tree climbing

Photo 6 Going up

Photo 7 Which way next?

Photo 8 Really high up . . .

Photo 9 Stunning view from up here

Photo 10 Higher and higher

Photo 11 Up was definitely easier

Photo 12 Still managed a cheesy grin on the way down

Photo 13 Summer is on its way . . .

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