Monday it was back to reality after a stunning week at the coast. But the week ahead held lots of excitement, so I wasn’t disappointed. Although I’m on holiday from school, I’m still going to Fastrack Kids in the mornings, for play group. And to make it extra exciting, Ryan has been there the whole week too, while he is on holiday from his school. When I arrived at school Ryan told every that I was his best friend! I was beaming.

Ryan and his Mom, Claudi, serendipitously discovered the most awesome bike park for us littley’s in Bordeaux. Although it was still under construction we popped by on Tuesday afternoon and played up a storm! It was dark by the time we were done testing the new park and rolling in the grass.

After school on Wednesday Ryan and Claudi popped by so that Ryan and I could make Barney cupcakes. It was awesome, and by the time dinner rolled by we were too full to eat anything anymore.

Thursday I finally plucked up the courage to have my hair cut – because of my experiences and trauma, anything that involves a stranger touching my head is very traumatic. I coped fine though and now I’m sporting a naughty-boy-look.

It was bike-Friday at school on Friday, and I showed Ryan the ropes. I had to leave early to go to see Lauren for OT. Afterward Mom took me to McDonalds for my mandatory Friday lunchtime play. Granny and Tammy were there too, and I really giggled at Granny chasing me around on the jungle gym.

Back at home Brenda and Daphne (Shazza’s sister and mom) popped by for a visit, and in the evening we walked down to Robin and Di’s house to celebrate Di’s birthday. Gert and Brenda were also there so it was a very festive evening. I also met Lilly, Robin and Di’s 10 week old Labrador puppy. We immediately became best friends. Walking home with Dad pushing me in my pram I felt really nice and safe as I peeked out watching the oak trees swoop by overhead in the pitch dark as we passed the park. I felt so cosy.

Saturday some folk came to look out our house again – although it’s not really needed that we urgently sell to go overseas for surgery, Mom and Dad are keeping the house on the market and if someone takes the bait at the right price they’ll let it go. I asked where we’d move to and Mom said that something will come up. I’m really really hoping that we’re moving into Sandton, as my whole life revolves around there.

On Sunday Mom and I took Dad to see the bike park – it was now finished. I raced and raced around the track and when I was tired of racing on my bike I climbed on the jungle gyms and slide down the slides. What fun!

Well, that’s it for this week.

Before I finish off, I’d like to mention that Dad has finally found the full article that was published on my procedure which was done in September 2008. If you recall, what made this procedure a first of its kind in the world, was that Prof Fourie inserted a PFA Amplatzer Occulder, which is designed for a hole in the heart, into my brain via a craniotomy, so save my life. Also, the article describes in great detail my condition and its risks.

Click here here to download the case study (5mb) or read it online here.

‘Til next week!



Video of Jarrod at the bike track

Photo 1 Testing out the new bike park

Photo 2 Ryan catching up to me

Photo 3 Where to now?

Photo 4 Someone ran a traffic light

Photo 5 The dudes having a chat

Photo 6 Climbing

Photo 7 Ryan helping with some of the construction

Photo 8 Sliding time

Photo 9 To end off the day we rolled on the grass

Photo 10 Wheeeeee

Photo 11 Quick pose

Photo 12 Back to high speed rolling

Photo 13 Early morning piano time

Photo 14 Cupcake time!

Photo 15 Team work

Photo 16 Mmmmmm

Photo 17 Excellent!

Photo 18 Brenda telling me the funniest belly-laughing stories

Photo 19 Entrance to the bike park

Photo 20 Back at the bike park on Sunday to show Dad

Photo 21 Climbing

Photo 22 Loving it

Photo 23 Gymnastics

Photo 24 Stretch

Photo 25 ‘Til next week

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