Monday at school we started learning about Russia, so I drew a really cool flag of Russia, and added glitter to it. During our break I tried my hand at skateboarding – I’ve been eyeing them out for a while now. I think I need some more balance practice before I’m ready for that.

In the afternoon Mommy took me to Vicky. It was a hard session for me, but I did do well. From next week we’re going to try and have my speech therapy on a different day – Mondays are a little overwhelming for me.

Tuesday was a pretty quiet day. Initially Mom and I had planned to go to the Haahoo Park in the afternoon, but the cold kept us indoors. In the evening, when Daddy arrived home, I set the table for dinner all by myself. Mom and Dad are so proud of me.

During the afternoon on Wednesday Daddy popped home of a short while to play with me and have some coffee, but pretty soon he had to leave again. Things seemed pretty topsy-turvy for him during the week, and he was really busy. In the evening Mommy bathed me and we ate dinner on our own, as Daddy was working late and then had a farewell dinner. I didn’t see him at all in the evening, but the little afternoon visit made up for it.

I had maths after school again on Thursday. I’m not yet 100% convinced I’m into it yet but I’m going to persist.

Mommy had a really hectic working day on Friday, and she only managed to finish off late in the afternoon. But we still managed to get to Yeesh where Ryan and I had a nice long play.

On Saturday morning Mom met Michelle for a walk at Zoo Lake. For a second time Dad and I refused to go with, as it was too cold. Instead we stayed home and played Mario Kart Wii. When Mommy got home we were still in our pyjamas! After rushing to get ready we popped out to do some shopping, and very importantly, bought party decorations for my birthday next week.

Sunday morning we all went to see Madagascar 3 in 3D. I loved it, and I sat through the whole 1½ hours of it. Well, I did stand for a while, but I did watch the whole movie.

A nice long team snooze ensued in the afternoon, and when we all woke up I played with Legos and watched videos. At the moment it’s just too cold to be outside.

Well, that’s it for this week. It’s just two more sleeps to my Happy Birthday on Tuesday. I can hardly wait!



Photo 1 Learning to skateboard at school

Photo 2 Racing to Dad to show him my Russian flag

Photo 3 Hi!

Photo 4 Mommy kisses

Photo 5 Giggles with Mommy

Photo 6 Dressed for school

Photo 7 Setting the dinner table

Photo 8 Ryan and I at Yeesh, stopping for a quick snack

Photo 9 Early morning Mario Kart Wii

Photo 10 Loving it

Photo 11 Taking a turn

Photo 12 Fruit and veg shopping

Photo 13 The plane I coloured in this week

Photo 14 Father’s Day card I made for Dad at school


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  1. Tom & Di Fincham says:

    Birthday greetings for yesterday! Trust you all had a wonderful day.
    With love and our very best wishes
    Tom & Di

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