I got the surprise of my life on Monday after Mommy collected me from school – she took me shopping for a whole bunch of Angry Birds plush toys. I was thrilled. Immediately after shopping I played Angry Birds with Granny at her offices. It was such fun.

Speech in the afternoon was a disaster, as I had a full on melt down. Both Mommy and Daddy were there, and try as they will, they couldn’t console me. They even sat in the class with me.

In the evening the Angry Birds playtime just continued. Daddy built me some structures with wooden building blocks and I proceeded to knock down the Pigs. It was awesome. Later on in bed Mom and Dad snacked on a cheese platter and they discovered that I love camembert cheese!

On Tuesday Dad woke up really ill with flu, so Mom and I made him stay home from work. School was pretty uneventful, and it was a real treat having Dad at home after I came home from school. In the evening I twice managed to get a door smashed into my face, once by Mommy and once by Daddy. Needless to say I cried and cried, and I also learned to not stand behind a door. My forehead was blue, green and then purplish for the rest of the week.

Daddy stayed home again on Wednesday, still very ill. While I was at school I bumped my head really hard underneath the jungle gym, as I stood up. I howled and howled, and eventually Mommy was called to help soothe me. It definitely wasn’t a good week for my head. Mom brought me home and I was really chuffed to see Dad was in bed snoozing – he’d been to Dr Anthony where he got a Voltaren and nausea shot, resulting in his passing out for the rest of the day. I snuggled with Daddy and pretty soon I think he started feeling better.

Later in the afternoon Mommy took me to Smudge where I met up with Ryan. We had a ball of a time doing artwork and dressing up.

Dad and I watched with interest the Transit of Venus, which will only be seen again in 2117. At our home we could have observed the Transit of Venus for approximately 10 minutes before sunrise, but unfortunately at that angle to the Earth it is very difficult to observe. My friends and family in the Northern Hemisphere would have had an easier time seeing it.

Thursday I had my first SEMAS math lesson at school. It was really interesting. I now also have my own abacus. Personally, I don’t see the need, as I have an iPad, but the old codgers seem to think it’s a good idea.

Daddy arrived home with fish and chips take-aways, and discovered Mommy and I have Lightning McQueen Cars races in the passage. It seems the winner hands down was Finn McMissile.

It was bike-Friday at school on Friday, and I raced around with my friends. Mommy collected me early to go to see Lauren. It had a good session with her. I snoozed on the way home, and in the afternoon Mom, Dad and I went to OrangoTangos to play. I had a stunning time, although I was almost dismissed from OTs for taking my socks off (socks are mandatory there), and the staff spending close to twenty minutes trying to find them in the recesses of the indoor jungle gym.

After climbing I spent some time playing soccer on the indoor field, and then both Dad and then Mom took me for a ride on the bumper cars. It was stunning. I ended off the afternoon with a super soccer game with Mommy and some PlayStation.

On the way home, we popped in to see Dr Anthony, for me this time, and then Mom and Dad had a meeting at our house with someone I’d not met before.

We woke up to icey cold weather on Saturday morning. Daddy had to go out for an errand, and while he was gone my-best-friend-Granny arrived to spend the day with us. We played and watched TV and ran around in the garden, although I was dressed like Scott of the Antarctic. We didn’t leave the house the entire day.

Sunday was even colder, and there was a bitter wind too. At around noon it was time to leave to go to Kyle’s birthday party, and guess what? I fell off the bed and, yes, I hit my head again. I cried and cried and lots of ice packs were administered, but pretty soon I felt well enough to go to Kyle’s birthday. Although my head-banging resulted in our arriving late for the party, I immediately got down to doing some catch-up play. I was on the jumping castle in a flash, played on the swings and got to know everyone at the party. It was great fun. There were hotdogs for the littley’s and schwarmas for the big people.

Helen had asked Dad to bring his telescopic lens for his camera, and pretty soon we lost him to photographing a malachite kingfisher that took up residence at the dam in front of Kyle’s house. Sadly the day was drawing to a close, and I protested as to why parties had to come to an end. We bid everyone farewell and we left.

I barely made it ten minutes in the car and I was asleep. As the evening was getting cold again, Mom bundled me straight into bed from where I wrote tonight’s blog.



Video 1 Playing Angry Birds (click here)

Video 2 Rocking in a cat cove (click here)

Photo 1 Are you thinking what I’m thinking?

Photo 2 Time to nail the Pigs

Photo 3 Viola!

Photo 4 Tada!

Photo 5 So Piggies, are you ready?

Photo 6 Peek-a-Angry-Bird

Photo 7 Guess who?

Photo 8 Busking to my Angry Birds

Photo 9 In bed with my Angry Birds

Photo 10 Busy-bee at Smudge

Photo 11 Ryan and I stopping for a snack

Photo 12 Ryan as Buzz Light-Year

Photo 13 To infinity and beyond

Photo 14 Buzz Light-Year defeats a polar bear

Photo 15 Racing Cars

Photo 16 And they’re off!

Photo 17 Action shot!

Photo 18 I’m into my soccer at the moment

Photo 19 Going for goals

Photo 20 Dribbling the ball

Photo 21 Getting ready to strike

Photo 22 Yay!

Photo 23 Bumper cars with Dad

Photo 24 Loving it

Photo 25 Hi!

Photo 26 Mom and I racing

Photo 27 Speeding by

Photo 28 Granny and I having cake during story time

Photo 29 High-sky at Kyle’s birthday

Photo 30 Jumping

Photo 31 Off the edge

Photo 32 Smiles

Photo 33 Cutie pie

Photo 34 Cake time at Kyle’s party

Photo 35 The kingfisher over the dam

Photo 36 This is how you play Angry Birds

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