On Monday, Mom and I took a bunch of my old ‘baby’ books to school to donate to the younger class. The teachers were thrilled! After school, Mom collected me and took me to see Vicky for my Speech Therapy. It was a difficult session again, and I cried often to get to my Mom. Afterward Mom had to charge back to Sandton City to collect something – I made the most of the time to snooze. When we got home, Dad was already there waiting for us.

After school on Tuesday Mom took me to Claudi’s place where I had a play date with Ryan. It was a great afternoon, and we hardly made it two blocks on our way home, and I was asleep. What I did find quite strange was that when we left Ryan’s place, Mom was driving the car, but when I got home, Dad was driving the car! It turned out en route Mom and Dad swapped cars, as Mom had an appointment and so she asked Daddy to take me home. It felt very strange indeed.

Wednesday was a pretty uneventful day, other than I helped Mom shop for a little charm for a bracelet, which I wanted to give Teacher Sasha as a farewell gift.

School on Thursday was a little sad, as it was Teacher Sasha’s last day with us. I gave her the charm gift and she was thrilled. Heaps of hugs were dished out all around when it was time to say goodbye to her. I promised we’d keep in touch. She sent me a most beautiful SMS.

Mom had a pretty busy afternoon, so I tagged along; she had to see someone at Clearwater Mall. I’d not been there before, so it was interesting to see the place. In the evening, when Dad came home, he presented me with a Finn McMissile Lego car. I was ecstatic. Dad and I immediately got to building it and playing with it. On top of that, I also got a FireBall Cars game from Granny. I felt really spoilt.

Daddy came with to school on Friday morning to help with the transition from Teacher Sasha to Teacher Bernadine. I had a bit of a meltdown, but with Mom and Dad’s support and Teacher B being very kind with me, I settled in. During the morning Teacher B even sent Mom and Dad a photo of me having fun during bike Friday, and a message saying that everything is going well.

Just as we were about to leave school for my OT session with Lauren, I decided I needed a wee. I wasn’t going to make it back into the school’s bathroom, so Mommy let me wee into some plants. Next thing a huge rain spider, looking very angry and covered in wee, emerged from the plants. We were in hysterics! I did say sorry to the spider, I did mean it.

I had a great session with Lauren and did a brilliant exercise that Daddy scanned for me (see below). I’m really getting on well with following the dots and colouring in inside the lines. After Lauren we met Bev at Papachinos. It was hectic with kids there, but I had an awesome time. I even made my own pizza, and of course it was awesome to see Bev again.

After Papachinos we stopped in at Sunninghill to meet our new tenant and had over keys to her. By now I was fast asleep. Next I remember we were at home, and it was time for a shower and dinner.

Mommy met Michelle for a walk around Zoo Lake on Saturday morning. Dad and I were going to go with, for me to play on the jungle gym there, but I was a little fluey so Dad and I stayed home. In fact, we didn’t leave the house the entire day! We played trains, played on the jungle gym, and then played Wii in the afternoon. We didn’t even get out of our pajamas for the day

The boys, i.e. Dad and I, were alone for the evening, as Mommy was going to see Phantom of the Opera at Montecasino. Dad and I had an awesome evening together. We watched TV, ate ice cream and I played heaps of Angry Birds.

We meet Paul, Claudi and Ryan at the Haahoo (Delta) Park for a picnic on Sunday morning. It was a stunning day, and even though it’s supposed to be winter we were really hot. We played on the jungle gym, I rode my bike, we ate, and then we ended off the afternoon playing Frisbee. Back home Dad and I snoozed, while Mom watched the Golden Jubilee. We basically lost Mom for the rest of the afternoon.

Well that’s my week. I spent a good deal of time during the week cooking, every opportunity that I got. My favourite song at the moment is Michael Buble’s Everything, and every time we’re in the car I want it played on the iPod. I call it the Getaway Car, as he sings “You’re the getaway car”.



Video 1 Swinging at Delta Park (click here)

Video 2 Playing Mario Kart Wii (click here)

Photo 1 Playing at school

Photo 2 Running

Photo 3 Soccer time

Photo 4 Egg and Tea I made myself

Photo 5 Working

Photo 6 Bike Friday at school

Photo 7 Vestibular work out with Lauren

Photo 8 Flying

Photo 9 Some climbing

Photo 10 Hammock swinging

Photo 11 Art work at OT

Photo 12 Biking at Papachinos

Photo 13 Racing

Photo 14 Pizza making

Photo 15 Taking the excess off

Photo 16 Climbing while my pizza bakes

Photo 17 Waiting . . .

Photo 18 Yum!

Photo 19 Riding time

Photo 20 Vroom

Photo 21 Early morning climbing

Photo 22 What to do next?

Photo 23 Smiles

Photo 24 Navigating

Photo 25 Going down

Photo 26 Overhead

Photo 27 Negotiating the bend

Photo 28 Going down

Photo 29 High-sky at Delta Park

Photo 30 Posing

Photo 31 Monkey rings

Photo 32 Riding

Photo 33 Ryan and I on a mission

Photo 34 Big boy swings

Photo 35 Happiness

Photo 36 Whooowhoo

Photo 37 Bat and ball time

Photo 38 Here it comes

Photo 39 Got it!

Photo 40 Yay

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  1. Lyn says:

    Oh Jarrod, your week sounds like it was loads of fun! I am thinking of taking my little niece Kyra to Delta Park on Sunday – maybe I will see you there 🙂

    I didn’t tell you but that day you went to the trains – my Dad was there, ’cause he built and owns one of the steam engines. He potters around there on Sundays usually.

    Such a lucky teacher to get a charm – was it for her bracelet? Such a great idea, because charms are meant to remind us of something or someone special, so she will always think of you every time she looks at this charm. What charm did you buy Jarrod?

    I also enjoy the Getaway car song 🙂

    Have a great week and be kind to the spiders in the bushes!


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