After school on Monday Mom and I met up with Ryan and Claudi to try my hand at yoga. I had an awesome time, but did find it quite difficult. I will definitely have to practice some more to do the moves. I also had speech in the afternoon.

Tuesday was a really quiet day and I spent the time just getting on with good old play. In the evening we found a bee in the passage, so Dad and I got to the business of resuscitating it with sugar water and honey. It seemed successful, as the bee was gone the next morning.

On Wednesday we learnt of some sad news; Teacher Sasha is leaving FasTracKids at the end of May. I’ve really found her to be so awesome and will really really miss her. The afternoon perked up a great deal when Ryan arrived for a playdate – primarily to play trains. Dad also arrived home, and the three of us got busy with train-time while Mom and Claudi chatted. I was very sad when Ryan had to go home, and I got a stunning message later in the week from him that he really loves to play with me.

At the end of class on Thursday we had a demo of SEMAS, a maths programme, for me to start. The demo went really well, but I did melt down when Keagan swiped my abacus.

I couldn’t decide Friday morning which bike to ride for bike-Friday at school, so I took both. I thought about it all the way and when Mom dropped me off for class I opted for the green one.

Fridays are shorter days for me at school, as I have Lauren just before midday. It was a good session and I showed off the diagrams to Daddy when we were at home. Mom met up with Diane at Papachinos where I had a whale of a time playing. Nearby I discovered a Lego store, and Mom eventually caved and bought me Lego Francesco, to which I was very attached for the rest of the weekend.

When we got home Dad helped me build Francesco, and we played and played with it. We also played with a new Lightning McQueen game for the rest of the afternoon.

Dad took a little long to make breakfast for me on Saturday morning, so I headed into the kitchen to make my own breakfast. I took out a pan and two eggs. I managed to break (most of) both eggs into the pan without any egg shell in the pan. I even threw away the egg shells, and stirred up the egg to make scrambled. Mom and Dad were extremely thrilled with my independence.

Afterwards Dad and I built a new train track in the dining room, as we were getting a little bored with the current layout. The papier-mâché tunnel (that still needs to be painted and decorated) that Dad made was put on the track, and we even introduced miniature clay bricks for effect.

China Mart was on the cards on Saturday morning and needless to say I was spoilt rotten. I even got a little ride on scooter with flashing lights (that makes it go faster). On the way home we all decided we needed ‘real’ slap chips so we visited Texas in Parkhurst.

An excellent team snooze followed. In the afternoon we looked at a new house for us; I found it really exciting. While there we got a call from Michelle that she was very sore and needed to go to hospital. Mom dropped Dad and I off at home and went to help her. We watched Rango on TV after a dinner of fish and chips. I also played Angry Birds until I couldn’t keep my eyes open. Eventually I relinquished Dad’s iPad, rolled over and fell instantly asleep. Dad and I had a stunning evening alone together, as Mommy only arrived home after both of us were asleep.

Sunday we took Dad clothes shopping in Sandton for some new work cloths. It went surprising well, as Dad (a) doesn’t like shopping and (b) likes clothes shopping even less. Back at home, as I woke up from my snooze I asked, “Mom, why are your eyes green?” We spent the rest of the day at home playing with Lego and my trains.

Bye for now.



Video 1 Train Time on YouTube

Photo 1 Love being Rabbit from Winnie-The-Pooh

Photo 2 Scrambling eggs – my favourite pastime

Photo 3 Train time

Photo 4 Counting my trains

Photo 5 Ice-cream!

Photo 6 Yum!

Photo 7 Magazine time

Photo 8 Hey! What time is it?

Photo 9 Resuscitating our bee

Photo 10 Mickey chilling in the cat cove

Photo 11 Train time with Ryan

Photo 12 Stopping for a snack

Photo 13 Patting Roxy

Photo 14 Bouncing time

Photo 15 More train time

Photo 16 Playtime

Photo 17 A little help here

Photo 18 Driving

Photo 19 Guess who!

Photo 20 Early morning play

Photo 21 Little bricks in the wall

Photo 22 Ooooops, derailment

Photo 23 Delivery

Photo 24 Hectic in the stunting yard

Photo 25 Bridge building

Photo 26 Making breakfast. Myself.

Photo 27 Sleep tight

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