I’ve had a week of absolute bliss at the sea. Our first week at the coast was spent at Cabana Beach Lifestyle Resort. Our days have been spent on the beach, at the pool, walking on the promenade and even playing tennis at our resort. I’ve built sandcastles, raced Lightning McQueen along the beach sand, had ice creams and Dinky Donuts between swimming and digging holes in the beach. At the pool I’ve spent hours and hours swimming in the heated pool, to the point that I was wrinkled from head to toe. Overcast or rainy days (there’ve been a couple) I’ve spent indoors play Mario Kart Wii or in the Magic Factory playing games. Evenings have been spent at the pool deck having braais or laid-back dinners. Aunty Kim was also here for a little while so I spent time with cousin Ryan and Tammy.

Yesterday we packed up, but not to go home, but rather to go to our ‘second’ holiday up the road at Umhlanga Sands Lifestyle Resort. Granny and I walked from our ‘old’ hotel to our ‘new’ hotel, while Dad drove the 800m up the drag. He said traffic was really bad – there were two beach going pedestrians he had to slow down for. I’m expecting our second week will be as blissful as our first; spent on the beach, at the pool, and simply lazing about enjoying the sun, sea and surf. As my days and nights are blurring into one long leisurely laid-back time, I’d rather show you my week in pictures and not describe my entire itinerary.

‘Til next week!



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  1. Lisle says:

    How wonderful that you shared your pics with us. They are so awesome it honestly felt like i was on holiday looking at them :).

    ps tell your Mom she looks Glam, even in the pool 🙂

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