Wow our first full 5 day week in a while, it was tough on all of us, including the majority of South African’s . Fortunately for me, I am cavorting on the beach right now, unlike most people. What a treat.

I have been suffering from what the doctors on 3 occasions have said is sinus and post nasal allergies, so it’s so nice to have the clear air of the sea, and the occasion dumping by waves.

Monday I went to school (play-group) it’s at my school, but slightly less structured than the school day. Afterward I headed to Sandton with Mom to do some pre-holiday shopping I managed to squeeze out some treats from Mom from Toys-R-Us. She has absolutely no will power when it comes to me.

I had a nap in the car on the way to speech with Vicky. I protested all the way; then when I saw Vicky that was it and I launched myself at her with glee. Mom was dumbfounded and handed me over with trepidation, wishing Vicky good luck.

As it happens she needed it. I literally spoke the hind leg off a donkey. I told Vicky about our holiday, I asked her if she would like to come with. I told her about Roxy staying behind and asked her what her dog’s name was. I then pranced around the entire room. When we left the room Mom was there waiting. Mom had tears in her eyes and I asked if she was sad, but she said it was the funniest lesson she had listened to yet.

Mom noted that Vicky was pale, and looked exhausted. We obviously know this is my brain on its own undisciplined power, but nobody ever believes Mom, so she was glad someone else had finally experienced it. We wished Vicky a good few weeks and parted ways. In the car I decided I was devastated to leave Vicky and Mom agreed that she wasn’t ever going to win a battle with me. I was challenging her.

We had dinner and Dad and I played while I again continued to speak continuously. I offered to help Dad fix my day-bed (which collapsed a few days earlier when Dad tried to use it as a ladder to change the light bulb in my room), I did so with nonstop chatting and assisting. Mom congratulated Dad on a really difficult task.

Tuesday morning was a difficult morning for all of us. We went to the Wits genetics lab to discuss with a Professor there what complications could be forthcoming from my vascular anomaly. There is a 90% probability that the AVM I suffer from is a fluke but under 2 very unlikely circumstances it could be a genetic mutation. We will now make some decisions about whether or not to test me for future possible complications. It was a hectic meeting with everyone taking tons of notes. I was really good throughout the discussions. I watched videos on my iPad with my earphones in.

After some usual routine activities for the day we ended up wandering off to the pool to ensure that it was full enough and starting to get clean. At about 5pm Mom and I headed to Dr. Enrico. Mom felt I had suffered enough with my nose and sinuses and cough. Dr Enrico was so happy to see me, I felt quite excited to see him. I chatted non-stop (surprise) and he was thrilled to see I had come so far. As you will recall it was Enrico who had to revive me after I crashed twice at Morningside Mediclinic, so I literally owe him my life. Basically he has always said he never wants to hear from us at 2am in the morning ever again!

He decided on a course of treatment after discussing with Mom and antibiotics and antihistamines were on the cards along with a nasal spray. Both Mom and I were in despair at the number of meds but Mom and I chatted about it and agreed that I didn’t want to be sick on holiday.

Back home the plumbers arrived late and cleared the roots from our trees out of our drains. That caused some excitement and then we all went to bed after a taxing day of fixing things.

Wednesday I headed to school and Mom headed to work, but before I ran around the garden causing mild chaos and mayhem. I had an awesome day at school which included music and Mom and I then did things to get ready for our holiday. My job was to play Mario Kart Wii! Later in the afternoon I made jelly for Mom, Dad and I for dessert in the evening.

Thursday we went to Granny and Mom had an appointment to keep at 11, I had such fun with Gran. I told her I really like being here at her house. I spun around in the garden and felt quite free. Mom did some errands after her meeting, and arrived to collect me with a full boot of animal food and milk. As we were all about to sit down to lunch we got a call to say that Roxy was out for a run again. So we bailed on lunch and went to rescue her. Dad and I spent the evening exploring the new age-appropriate games Mom bought for me (and Dad), such as SpongeBob, Tow Mater, etc. as there was bad weather predicted for our first few days in Umhlanga. These games were intended for our indoor activities.

Friday Mom had some work to do in the morning and Dad was at Hartebeespoort Dam for a work function. We did some last minute errands, finished our packing and dropped of keys and a number of other things. My Granny arrived, the house-sitter arrived, the car was packed; we ate takeout, and officially our holiday had begun.

I ran around the house shouting Holiday, Holiday, Holiday and alternating it with Durban, Durban, Durban for all of Saturday morning while we got ready to leave. Mommy was shattered, I was in a foul mood and eventually when we fell into the car we bid all our animals goodbye and got onto the road.

My folks were so impressed at how good I was in the car. I drew, watched Phineas and Ferb Across The 2nd Dimension twice and had a nap. We stopped at Harrismith and had a swing and play, coffee and a walk for the adults, and then back to the car for the final stretch to Umhlanga.

I was still in a foul mood by the end of the trip, and kept asking if I was on holiday. Mom wasn’t sure if it was confusion or that I was on the meds. Eventually we headed to the beach and we made the most of playing in the surf, which was high with strong side currents. It was wonderful, Dad and I splashed and cavorted in sea. I was delighted to be here again. I then dug a great big hole and jumped in and out of it. It was mildly challenging for Mom with her broken foot, but we managed all together.

Sleep was an issue for Mom and I again on Saturday, possibly the strange place, possibly the meds. We were at the beach having an awesome time when it began to rain, but I was quite happy to continue in the rain, the adults however stood resolutely under shelter. I was soaked, they were dry and the rain stopped. Mommy suggested that we head off to the heated pool to warm up. It was awesome. It really is kiddie friendly. After swimming we went back to our Cabana and Dad slept and Mom and Gran entertained me. When Mom couldn’t make it anymore due to the pain in her foot, Gran took me for a long walk and we ended up on the beach. We had a good giggles and ran into the surf and dug with our hands and feet as it as we didn’t plan the beach.

I experimented with sandy textures but shoving sand in my mouth. Gran rescued me thank goodness and back up at the Cabana, we woke up Dad to take me to the pool. This time around I started to manage treading water without my armbands. Exhilarating. WOW. I played some Mario Kart, asked for dinner and we headed off to the Umhlanga Sands up the road to see the rest of the family and have dinner.

That’s it from Durbs by the sea, on this stunning Earth Day 2012 we have lots of fun activities planned for the week ahead.

See ya all soon.



Video 1 Playing in the surf

Video 2 Swimming at Cabana Lifestyle Resort

Video 3 Playing Mario Kart Wii

Photo 1 Nice and set

Photo 2 Squishing it out

Photo 3 Mmmmm, good

Photo 4 Hop off

Photo 5 Yay

Photo 6 Racing Lightning McQueen down the passage

Photo 7 Yay, we’re here!

Photo 8 Digging

Photo 9 Climbing

Photo 10 Showing Dad how it’s done

Photo 11 Working hard

Photo 12 Dad and I swimming

Photo 13 Daddy takes me for a dip

Photo 14 Dunking time

Photo 15 Surf giggles

Photo 16 Taking a tumble

Photo 17 Going in

Photo 18 Deep breath

Photo 19 Loving it!

Photo 20 Flying bunny

Photo 21 Jay-Bee Potter

Photo 22 More building

Photo 23 Planning my next project

Photo 24 Sandy Lightning McQueen

Photo 25 Swimming

Photo 26 Pool giggles

Photo 27 Peek-a-boo

Photo 28 Sliding at the Spur

Photo 29 Rock-wall

Photo 30 ‘Til next week!

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