It’s happened, I have finally got to my folks.

Come Monday I managed to run and hide in every corner of the house without getting caught and getting dressed for school. We eventually arrived late with many apologies. Further to that, we’ ve realised that when we arrive at school, the entire school comes to a standstill and gets involved in our arrival. All the kids call my Mother Mommy which just freaks me out and I tell them in my sternest voice to call her Lynn. Mommy broke into a trot after leaving me there and kissing me and 17 other kids goodbye. It just continued into the afternoon, I managed to unpack every Lego and every wooden block in my room. Of course I did this in my parents room.

Italy is the country of the week, so Mommy suggested some Italian pasta for dinner. I did really well; I added one pasta at a time to the water, while my Mother practised some deep yoga breathing exercises. I then added 1 piece of salt at a time, while Mom did some more yoga. We practised the colours of the Italian flag and I got lots of stars for my chart.

I noticed Daddy managed to stop Mom breathing deeply and start huffing when his beautifully ironed and packed suitcase was dismantled to see what was in it. I realised this was a bit of a joke, as in previous trips, Mom’s love for Dad has tried to keep him home. She has done this by leaving out underwear, socks and the sort of staple requirements one really needs on a business trip. Mom thought she had grown up somewhat since she married Dad at 23 and isn’t 23 any longer. I thought it was hilarious. When Dad asked her her opinion on some shoes, she went to shower and said he was perfectly capable of making his own decisions. I did see her sneak into the case to ensure everything was up to standard. Don’t tell Dad. I think it’s a power play.

Tuesday, I woke Mom up and asked where Dad was, as he had left really early in the morning? Mom mentioned that Dad was speaking at a conference in Cape Town. I impressed Mom by saying “oh, like when you go to school”. I have been asking a lot about if my parents went to school or not. I’m beginning to doubt it. I quiz them over and over about what their school looked like and why Mommy went to preschool and Daddy didn’t and why Daddy didn’t speak English when he went to school and are they sure I speak English, and, and, and.

We thought we had an appointment with Dr Melodie de Jager but it was for Wednesday. We headed off to school and caused general mayhem again.

Tuesday afternoon after school, I asked all these questions over again. Mom complied. Teacher Sasha was in histerics at the questions. Mom merely informed her that now she knew our entire respective histories.

Tuesday evening was quiet and relaxed, except when Sonic the cat started showing signs of pain. While Mom was looking after her. We heard thunder. Mom quickly ran to secure Roxy, but it was too late she got out. We called and called and called. No luck. We had already locked the doors so Mom and I ran to the car, then Mom had to run back and get the locks. We drove out and around the block and realised Mickey the cat was in the car. We stopped and called. We drove to her local haunts. Went to the police station. Everytime we opened the window to call we had to hold Mickey back from bolting as well, shout out the window for Roxy and try not get soaked from the rain. It was calamatous and Mom said it felt like Fawlty Towers. I wasn’t sure what that meant but that I’d go with it.

Well, Wednesday morning we got a call from the police station to say that Roxy had been ‘apprehended’ during the night, been read her Woofer Rights, and spent the night in a holding cell! After Mommy dropped me at school, she went to collect our jailbird dog.

In the afternoon Mom and I headed to the Gautrain Station in Sandton. We’d decided to meet Dad at the airport, as he was returning from Cape Town where he participated in a conference. On the train to the airport I charmed everyone in our coach by chatting to them, sharing jokes and stories. I was quite the celebrity, albeit for only 12 minutes, which is how long the train takes to the airport.

At the airport we headed to ‘arrivals’. Dad couldn’t wait to see us, so before he retrieved his suitcase from the carousel he waved to us from behind the glass doors. I was thrilled beyond excitement and I schrieked in delight. The wait while Dad collected his suitcase seemed to last forever, but when I exited the arrivals terminal I sprintd to him, into his open arms, giving him a huge hug.

We popped into Wimpy for a quick dinner, as I was ravenous. At dinner Dad zipped open his suitcase and presented Mom and I with gifts. I got MoonSand (two colors), and a loop-de-loop ActionCity track with two cars. I immediately got to playing with my MoonSand, driving the cars through it.

The train journey home was awesome, and I chatted all the way. Unfortunately disaster awaited us at home, as Roxy had trashed the bathroom where we’d locked her away to stop her from bolting in the thunderstorms. She’d even cut her foot so there was blood everywhere.

After the clean-up operation I stayed awake while Dad played with me and my new ActionCity track. I had such fun. As we headed off to bed to get ready to sleep Daddy and Mommy told me that today 17 years ago they got engaged!

Sadly Thursday morning we befell some misfortune. Just as Dad started waking up he heard a noise in the kitchen. Dad was slow to respond (fortunately) as the kitchen door locked had been forced and someone swiped Dad’s camera. Fortunately it wasn’t a severe incident, and it took the police just three minutes to get to us after Dad phoned the Sector Patrol Vehicle. I was still asleep but Dad tells me the cops quickly scouted out the property but the thief had already disappeared over the neighbour’s wall. Statements were taken and arrangements were made for the fingerprint experts to pop by later in the morning. Before Mom took me to school, Dad already received his case number by SMS. We were really impressed with the prompt and excellent service from the police. What disappointed us most was losing the early part of this weeks’ pictures for my blog.

It was my last day of school as we were having a short mid-term back. I had a great day at school, and as a surprise both Mom and Dad collected me after school. I had a great snooze, and once Dad was finished his work in the afternoon he and I played and played.

Friday, as I was on mid-term break, I didn’t have to go to school. Mom had arranged for me to see Mickey and Minnie live at Smudge. Granny came with and it proved to be an awesome show.

On Saturday we decided to go to the NSPCA for a little dog for me. We’ve been talking about it since our Cape Town holiday, but never got around to doing it. After a late start we headed off to the NSPCA, but unfortunately I fell asleep en route, and it is imperative that I pick my own dog.

Back home, after waking up from my snooze, I discovered Granny had arrived for a visit and to stay overnight. We all had a really great evening, and I stayed up extra late chatting to everyone and having stories read to me.

Sunday morning we bid Granny farewell and I played on my jungle and swung on my swing. Mid morning we tried to head to the NSPCA again but realised that they were closed on a Sunday. Instead Dad took me to the Haahoo (Delta) Park to discover it was packed full of people. Two busloads of children had arrived and every bit of shade was taken up by people with picnics. Despite having to occasionally wait at bottlenecks at the slides and swings, it was great having so many people there. Whenever I needed a hand there was always an older kid willing to help me, saving Dad from stressing and having to climb on jungle gyms that were too small for him.

Soon I started getting tired, and when my eyes were at half-mast while I was on the swings Dad picked me up and carried me to the car; that was the last I remember, as I woke up at home in bed after a deep snooze. For the remainder of the day I drew and played with my Lego sets. Dad helped me build stuff; it was a great end to a good weekend. In the evening I decided to stuff handfuls of MoonSand in my mouth. That didn’t end well, with my having a huge throw up. Well, if you don’t try you’ll never know!

This coming week is going to be a pretty exciting one, as it will be the first time I’m experiencing a 29th of February. Since that only comes around every four years, it will be my first leap year.

‘Til next week!



Photo 1 Choosing my next tech-gadget

Photo 2 Passed out bunny

Photo 3 At school!

Photo 4 On the Gautrain

Photo 5 Drawing at school (these photos are thanks to Teacher Sasha)

Photo 6 Smiles with Angelique

Photo 7 Keagan and I

Photo 8 My artwork

Photo 9 Hotdog and juice at Smudge, waiting for Mickey and Minnie to arrive

Photo 10 Yay! They’re here!

Photo 11 Peeking for a better view . . .

Photo 12 . . . and this side

Photo 13 Mickey gives Granny and me a high-four

Photo 14 A favourite at Smudge – dough

Photo 15 Playing Jungle Junction

Photo 16 Mixed up MoonSand

Photo 17 Loving my Jungle Junction characters

Photo 18 Team Snooze with Dad

Photo 19 Push-ups

Photo 20 Yippee, marshmallow egg time again

Photo 21 TV with Granny

Photo 22 The rocket I drew

Photo 23 A diamond, just for Teacher Sasha

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