Can you believe that today four years ago I posted my first blog. It was tough back then, as I was still in Mommy’s tummy, so Mom and Dad did many of my earlier postings for me. Now, 257 postings later, 365 000 words, four years and thousands of photos, I’m still going strong.

And to make my fourth anniversary posting extra special, it’s coming to you from Cape Town, while I’m holidaying with Mom, Dad and Granny.

Before I get into my first few wonderful days of my holiday, let me start at the beginning of the week. Monday was really quiet, as it was a public holiday and everything was closed. Dad tried to take me to a number of my favourite play places, but none were open. He and I ended up at McDonalds.

Back home in the afternoon we snoozed and Dad spent the rest of the afternoon playing trains and cars with me.

Tuesday proved really busy! It was the day before we were scheduled to leave on our holiday. First Mommy needed to go and do some shopping; en route she dropped Dad and me off at the Haahoo (Delta) Park for some play. Eventually it was so hot at the Haahoo Park that we had to summon Mommy to collect us again. I snoozed in the car while Mom and Dad ran some errands.

When I woke up we were in Morningside to see Dr Nicoletta. I needed a check-up and after a chat with Dr Nicoletta I was given the all clear to fly and go on holiday. I was thrilled!

By the time we arrived home it was late afternoon and I played while Mom, Dad and Granny did their final packing.

I was up really early on Wednesday morning. We were going on holiday! We left home shortly after sunrise. Tammy was collected too, as she was flying down to Cape Town with us. I was so excited. Because there were so many of us in the car, as well as the luggage, Tammy, Dad and I opted to go to the airport by Gautrain. Mom and Granny drove to the airport in our car with our luggage. It was such fun!

A short while later we all met up at the airport and after checking in we chilled in the Executive Lounge for a while as we all had breakfast.

Our flight was really smooth, and the plane wasn’t too full, which was great. Tammy won the ‘see the sea first’ contest when she spotted False Bay out her window.

We landed in Cape Town just before midday, and it was sweltering hot. Aunt Kim met us and whisked Tammy off to see her friends. Mom, Dad, Granny and I headed off to Europcar for our rental. We ended up getting the smallest compact ever imaginable. After Dad stripped all the excess parts out of the rear cubbyhole (which tried to pass off as a boot) we still couldn’t fit our luggage in the car.

Eventually we flipped down 2/3 of the back seat, next to my car seat, and lay the suitcases in there. Next we wedged some more things into the cubbyhole/boot, and lastly we wedged Granny into the tiny space in the middle of the back seat, on top of the suitcases.

Fortunately the uncomfortable trip was soon forgotten when we arrived at our hotel and we’d lugged everything up to our room. As per last year’s stay in the Aquarius Luxury Suites, the accommodation was perfect, with stylish white leather, minimalist chrome, massive granite tiles and two beautifully appointed bedrooms. Mom and Dad’s shower even had a window looking out onto Table Mountain, as well as from the lounge, bedroom and balcony. It felt like we hadn’t left since the last time we’d stayed here.

Mom took a little snooze, and Dad, Granny and I headed off to the beach for a play and to build sandcastles.

Thursday we spent the morning at Little Bay. I was playing really hard, digging holes and collecting stones and shells, that I didn’t even notice cousin Wayne and Linda arriving. Hugs, kisses and cheers did the rounds, but not too long to delay my play.

By midday it was too hot to be out in the sun so we headed home. I snoozed. In the afternoon we took a nice long leisurely walk to the end of Blouberg’s promenade, and back again. I needed some beach play, so Dad and I headed off to the beach in front of our building after out walk. We stayed playing on the beach until 8pm! I was too thrilled!

On Friday we let Daddy sleep late, so Mom, Granny and I headed down to the beach in the morning. While on the beach playing, a self-appointed ‘Greek Adonis’ stopped jogging and in our line of sight of the sea started stretching and doing exercises. I immediately started doing push-ups and stretching exercises to imitate him. Mom and Gran were in hysterics.

After our beach visit we all headed up to the pool on the 12th floor of the building. Last year I didn’t get a chance to swim in it properly, but this visit I’m making up for it. What’s really nice about this pool is that it’s an inside-outside pool – i.e. half the pool is indoors, and then, by swimming under a glass wall, half is outside! It’s awesome! And what’s more, the view from the outside deck is stunning!

We had a nice long swim, and Dad did some really funny things in the pool by being half inside and half outside, swimming directly under the glass wall.

Back down to our room for lunch and a snooze. In the lift I used the intercom and called for help. Not help that I was stuck in the elevator, but help that I was still in Mommy’s tummy and I wanted to come out. Mom and Dad were both thrilled and fascinated by my high-tech birth memory.

Later in the afternoon I asked Mom what her boobs were for, and she said that they made milk for me. I asked “Chocolate milk?”

In the evening we met at Aunty Kim’s place up the road at Dolphin Beach for a family get together. There I met Uncle Frank (Mom’s brother) and his wife Aunt Henriette for the first time. Cousin Loraine and Linda were also there, as well as Shannon and Andrew. It was an awesome evening.

Although Saturday looked like a stunning day from our balcony, it did prove very windy when we went out later on. Dad and I were up early together, and once Granny was up she made me a tent in her bedroom. I spent a good deal of time in there with my torch giggling.

We decided to try Big Bay for the morning to keep out of the wind, but the wind was howling there too. Despite the wind, I found a Huggies Swimmies expo on the lawns with jumping slides and castles, and fishing ponds filled with (fake) fish. I had an awesome time playing there, and I got a bunch of free swimming nappies.

I then decided I needed to build sandcastles on the beach, and although Mom and Dad tried to dissuade me because of the wind, I would have nothing of it – I needed to build! Dad helped me build while Mom and Granny walked – no, dodged – kite surfers.

We did some shopping at Pick ‘n Pay, specifically for a toothbrush for me, because mine mysteriously disappeared and I’m not saying how. A snooze followed and I spent the rest of the afternoon at our flat playing with my trains. Even the howling wind had gotten to me.

Sunday morning we went to the beach across from our building – we’ve discovered it’s called Kite Beach. We had a glorious morning playing in the sand, jumping in the surf and walking on the shore. We even spotted shoals of sardines in the waves that were just over ankle deep. I was fascinated, and although Dad really tried, he couldn’t get a photo of them. Dad helped a wake-boarder who’s board got washed up in the surf twice without its oarsmen. Walking back we had some ice cream. In the afternoon we popped out to Sea Point but weren’t there long as we’d lost track of time – Linda and my other cousins were at our apartment.

After rushing back to Blouberg, we met up with them and all headed up to the pool where I swam with the girls. Ricky was in the water too, and he, Issy and I played ball. I got a super-duper underwater racer for my birthday from my cousins and I had a wonderful time playing with it in the water.

The rest of the afternoon was spent on the pool deck and then early evening we headed back to Aunty Kim’s place for another family gathering, this time with more family! Tonight I met Tracy and Jonathan for the first time, as well as Great Uncle Alex. Lisa, Linda, Loraine and the girls were there too so it was really festive. It was really late when we left.

Well, goodnight from a glorious Cape Town. We’re here for another ten days, so I’m thrilled!



Photo 1 Chilling in the Executive Lounge waiting for our flight

Photo 2 My ‘Cars 2’ bed

Photo 3 Yay! Beach time

Photo 4 Beach giggles

Photo 5 The surf

Photo 6 Me and the Mountain

Photo 7 I LOVE this Mountain

Photo 8 Granny, Mommy and I

Photo 9 I was intrigued by this truck that collected the sea weed on the beach

Photo 10 Cheesy beach grin

Photo 11 Busy busy busy

Photo 12 Ice-cream giggles

Photo 13 Imitating the ‘Greek Adonis’

Photo 14 Helping to keep the beaches clean

Photo 15 In the gym at our apartments (and first time on a treadmill)

Photo 16 Pacing

Photo 17 On the 12th floor pool deck

Photo 18 Swimming with Dad

Photo 19 High-rise swimming

Photo 20 Dad being silly in the pool

Photo 21 Diving Dad

Photo 22 Playing ‘I lost my locket’

Photo 23 Aunty Kim, Uncle Franky and Mom

Photo 24 Sunset from Dolphin Beach (captured by Andrew/Blacky)

Photo 25 Play at Huggies expo

Photo 26 Beach jog

Photo 27 Cheesy

Photo 28 Going for a ride

Photo 29 Beach stroll

Photo 30 Sun smiles

Photo 31 Helping a wake-boarder

Photo 32 Watching Issy play ball

Photo 33 Issy and me

Photo 34 With the girls

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