Dad and I headed off to the Haahoo (Delta) Park on Monday. Mom went out for the day so Daddy and I could spend some quality time together. At the Haahoo Park, after a hectic play and swing on the jungle gyms, I decided to go exploring. We crossed over a bridge at the bird sanctuary and then I ran after some ducks. In the distance I spotted a ‘mountain’ of rock formation that I felt I had to climb. Once at the top I was thrilled to pose for a photo. In the afternoon, after a team snooze with Dad, we played on the patio, dodging in- and outdoors because of the intermittent rain.

Tuesday we bravely headed to Sandton City to do some shopping for our Wii, and to see a movie. For Christmas Shannon gave Dad three tickets to see Tintin in 3D. Dad was like a little boy he was so excited. Before we left Dad took me on a ‘tour’ of his Tintin paraphernalia from a Snowy stuffed dog, to the books he’s collected over the years and finally some towels and T-shirts. He’s a big fan! The movie was totally awesome, and Dad was glued to his seat completely enthralled. I excused myself occasionally to play with my cars on the ramp at the cinema doors. Mom kept an eye on me as Dad wasn’t budging!

We popped into OrangoTangos on Wednesday morning for a play, and for Mom and Dad, a charge. The really heavy rains of the night before had interrupted our power supply at home, and Mom and Dad feel like amputees if their iPads and Blackberries are without battery power. So while I played up a storm, they charged their vices. Dad got very involved in some soccer with me, and before he could blink, 20 kids stormed him in the goals; I felt bad for Dad as he looked terrified, but at the same time I was giggling so much I couldn’t offer him any support. After the goal practice Dad took me for a really long ride on the bumper cars. I giggled until my face hurt.

Eventually I was too tired to play anymore and we headed home for a snooze. In the afternoon we spent the rest of the day at the Brightwater Commons playing on the giant inflatables. I also played some golf on the lawn and I promptly clubbed my ball into the stream that runs through the complex. It was fortuitous; as we looked into the water to see where the ball was we discovered a huge crab that enthralled us. We asked him to pose, but were unable to get a picture of him.

Mom and Dad decided to do some clothes shopping at Meltz on Thursday, and as it’s a huge warehouse, they opted to rather have me stay with Granny for the morning than get lost in the warehouse. In all honesty, I believe I was left behind as trouble seems to find me, and Mom and Dad were playing it safe. At Granny’s I had an awesome time, being read to, watching TV and playing outside.

Aunty Kim left for Cape Town so Granny came to stay with us on Friday. In the morning we popped into the bike shop to get Dad some extra headlamps for his bike, to make him even more visible. After lots of looking and debate, Dad finally settled on two chrome halogen lamps that he’ll mount on his handlebars. I can’t wait to see how it looks once he’s done that little DIY project. Afterward we popped into Sandton City, for more Wii stuff, as the Wii bug has really bitten us!

Saturday was the last day of 2011. We started off by going to Granny’s place to feed the cats and dogs. Again I got scratched by the kittens, as I love to hold them and pick them up! Once those chores were done we spent an age at McDonalds in Rivonia where I played up a storm in the play area. Back home in the afternoon we had a nice long team snooze. As we snoozed an almighty thunderstorm broke over the Highveld. While playing doctor-doctor later on Mom discovered an ulcer in the back of my mouth. It had been bothering me, but I was unable to explain to anyone what it was. Dad was dispatched to the pharmacy, while Mom got hold of Dr Nicoletta. Fortunately it wasn’t serious, but it was making me feel unwell. We spent the rest of the day at home as we welcomed in the New Year.

Sunday the New Year dawned and we opted to welcome in the year with a picnic in the park, at the Haahoo Park. It was incredibly hot, despite the intermittent thunderstorms of the week. I love playing barefoot but the jungle gyms were almost too hot to climb on. The parts that were in the shade were the most frequented by my fellow playkids.

Well that’s it for this week, and my first posting for 2012. Speaking of postings, my ‘publisher’ in Cape Town has printed out a first copy of all my postings, which we’ll be collecting during our holiday. Some interesting facts emerged: the total word count of all my postings to date is over 369 000 words. After some research we discovered that the average adult book contains about 100 000 words, so my combined blog is the equivalent of about 3.7 books! For my first print, the manuscript will be 7 in total. Below is a picture of the printouts so far.

Before I sign off, I need to share my excitement that this evening we start packing for our two week Cape Town holiday; so my next blog will written and posted from the fair Cape.



Photo 1 Sliding at the Haahoo Park

Photo 2 Taking a stance at the monkey rings

Photo 3 Ready . . .

Photo 4 High-sky!

Photo 5 I LOVE to high-sky

Photo 6 Very high-sky

Photo 7 Upside-down high-sky

Photo 8 Sliding

Photo 9 Climbing

Photo 10 Exploring

Photo 11 Peek-a-boo

Photo 12 Wandering

Photo 13 Mind your head

Photo 14 Jay-Bee I presume?

Photo 15 Mountaineering

Photo 16 Made it!

Photo 17 Phinn McMissile time

Photo 18 Cooking

Photo 19 Goal keeper

Photo 20 Dribbling

Photo 21 Foul

Photo 22 Jay-Bee in motion

Photo 23 Storming the defence

Photo 24 Swinging

Photo 25 Bumper cars

Photo 26 Bracing for impact

Photo 27 Racing

Photo 28 Shooting practice

Photo 29 Gallant attempt at a save by Dad

Photo 30 Dad let’s another one slip past

Photo 31 Even though I don’t need the help, some supporters arrive

Photo 32 Got through Daddy defence

Photo 33 Reading

Photo 34 Dusting

Photo 35 Storytime with Granny

Photo 36 With the dawning of a new year, I tried to wash my hair. With hand cream.

Photo 37 High-skying, and nibbling on a carrot

Photo 38 Taking a time out

Photo 39 The rope bridge

Photo 40 My blog – printed

Photo 41 Happy New Year!

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