It’s been an incredibly busy week leading up to Christmas today, and I’m so excited to share with you everything that’s been happening.

Monday started off a little quiet, that was until Morgan arrived! Tanya had arranged with Mom to look after Morgan for the week, so I would have a friend with me every day. Morgan and I made bracelets for our Mommies, made of Smurf Oatees and round pasta.

Next we spent a good deal of time in the pool. I showed Morgan around the pool, and pretty soon he was swimming well too. Speaking of swimming, our pool fence arrived on Monday morning too. Personally I wasn’t too happy about this change of events, as I knew it would restrict my access to the pool, but at the same time I understood it was an important safety feature.

Tuesday morning Mom had to go to the ophthalmologist for further tests on her eyes. While she was out, Dad looked after me, and pretty soon Morgan arrived and joined me for some playtime on the iPad. I showed him how to navigate to my favourite games and he seemed thrilled with being able to watch movies on it too. I think I know what Morgan is going to ask for from Santa!

When Mom got back from her appointment, we shepherded Dad off to work – he wasn’t too keen to go, as he had a week of work left.

Once we got Dad out of our hair we headed off to Orango Tangos. I was so excited to go, as was Morgan – he hadn’t been since he was two years old. We met Kyle and Kayla there, as well as their Mommy Helen. I played up a storm with Kayla and Morgan while Mom, Helen and Kyle had a nice long chat.

In the evening I noticed a Christmas present under the tree – the first of a few that would start appearing over the next few days. Mom told me it came from Sharon, Marc and little Matthew in Australia. When I heard that I was beyond thrilled, and pleaded with Mom and Dad that I could open it that evening. They relented, and I discovered a wonderful recycling activity book under the wrapping. Thanks so much Sharon, Marc and Matthew!

On Wednesday Mom treated Morgan and I to art work at Smudge, Claire joined us there and while she and Mommy chatted Morgan and I got busy with our paints designing some things for Christmas.

Back home in the afternoon we decorated cupcakes. Dad arrived home from work early, with a mission – to erect the pool fence. From the boot of the car Dad hauled out the biggest drill I had ever seen! Even Handy Manny on Disney Channel would’ve been impressed. I now also understood why he was travelling by car and not on the bike.

Dad disappeared into the back yard with his tools, and Morgan and I played a while. After Morgan was picked up, my curiosity got the better of me, and I had to go and inspect the handy work Dad was doing. I was truly impressed. The fence was progressing well. I even spent some time with him fastening the nuts and bolts and bringing him his tools. Before long the fence was up and Mom, Dad and I stood back to look and admire the fence.

Our excursion on Thursday was to the Haahoo (Delta) Park, as it was one of my favourite play places, and Morgan hadn’t seen the park yet. I showed Morgan the ropes, as it were, and we played up a storm. In the afternoon when Dad came home Morgan and I played outside with Dad. We mixed up some gel which we squished about on the lawn. Eventually we were walking through it and giggling as we fell in the slippery slim. The Pooh Bear sprayer was on nearby and pretty soon we were sopping wet and covered in slime. Morgan was collected later than usual, and as a result he ended up staying for a bath and dinner.

Friday Daddy was in high spirits, as it was his last day of work for four weeks! And he was coming home at noon! Morgan and I played at home during the morning, but by the time I woke up from my snooze Morgan had already been picked up and I discovered Daddy lying next to me having a snooze too! I was thrilled to see him.

We spent the rest of the afternoon swimming and enjoying the stunning weather.

Saturday morning I was at my wits’ end. Dad presented me with my Advent Calendar and showed me it was the last door to be opened! It was Christmas Eve. Because it was the last day of my Advent Calendar, the chocolate behind door number 24 was extra big.

Being Christmas Eve I also noticed, not for the first time this week, that more and more presents were accumulating under the tree. I was allowed to open a few more presents. The first turned out to be a kitchen set – I was overjoyed, as I love to be in the kitchen cooking; some of my favourite Cbeebies shows are the cooking ones. The next gift was some ‘food’ for my kitchen, and a new swing fitting for my jungle gym.

I ‘cooked’ up a storm, and as it approached midday, we decided a play at McDonalds and some junk food was in order. At MickeyDee’s I climbed all the way to the top of the tube slide, two storeys high, and let my Phinn McMissile car race down the slide to Daddy who was waiting at the bottom. It was great fun.

Back home in the afternoon we had a team snooze, and once we were all awake we started to get ready to go to Aunty Kim’s place for Christmas Eve celebrations.

Everyone was already at Aunty Kim’s place when we arrived. The Christmas Tree looked amazing with a massive pile of presents under it. I immediately dove into the presents only to be told that we can only open the gifts after dinner. I was disappointed by the wait, but at the same time I was hungry.

We pulled Christmas crackers around the table and told each other the jokes inside, giggling at how silly they were. Soon dinner was over, and we got to the business of opening gifts. Shannon got the job of identifying the gifts and Kyle and I took them to the respective recipients. Our best was when the gifts had our names on them!

I must just say that I was spoiled rotten by Aunty Kim and my cousins. I got lots of Thomas the Tank Engine trains and plenty of Cars characters and accessories. I was in heaven.

We left at about midnight after heaps of hugs and kisses with everyone. I had a brief snooze on the way home and once we were home and Mom and Dad had unpacked all my new toys from the car I proceeded to play with my Thomas train set until 2:30am in the morning – there was no slowing me done! Mom and Dad didn’t mind too much, as they were having heaps of fun on their new Wii!

On Sunday morning, as groggy as we were, the three of us headed to the lounge where magically more presents had appeared under our tree. We all got to the business of tearing off the wrapping and I got even more toys! I was in 7th heaven.

Mom and Dad helped me build and assemble my new toys, and I played up a storm until all three of us passed out in the afternoon for a team snooze – we needed it.

By now I was feeling really under the weather from the late nights and dehydration, so I was pretty grumpy. Despite this I played hard with my new toys and even managed to race some Super Mario Kart on the Wii. It was such fun.

In the early evening Bev and Claire arrived to give me a Christmas present – Beautiful Creatures music. I was thrilled and Daddy immediately put one of the CDs on for us to listen. We chatted a while and all too soon they had to leave again.

After my bath Mom showed me a jumping cricket that had wandered into the house. She tapped the floor near the cricket and it jumped. Next Mom said I should try – instead of tapping the floor I shouted ‘Boo’, and the cricket jumped. Well Mom and Dad were in stitches as I raced after the cricket boo’ing it! Eventually Mom rescued the poor terrified little creature and released it outside.

Well that’s it for this week. Merry Christmas and ’til the New Year.



Photo 1 Summer playtime

Photo 2 Morgan and I playing in the Pooh bear sprinkler

Photo 3 Lunch time

Photo 4 Taking advantage of the stunning summer

Photo 5 Showing Morgan my iPad

Photo 6 Oooooo, found the pressie from Shazza, Marc and Matthew

Photo 7 Awesome! A recycling activity book

Photo 8 Morgan and I at Smudge painting

Photo 9 Decorating cupcakes

Photo 10 Dad installing the pool fence

Photo 11 Playing at the Haahoo Park

Photo 12 Giggles on the trampoline

Photo 13 Got myself stuck in the dustbin lid

Photo 14 Christmas happiness

Photo 15 Ecstatic

Photo 16 Thrilled

Photo 17 Smurfs!

Photo 18 Tucking in

Photo 19 I Can Cook! My very own kitchen

Photo 20 Hugging Shannon’s kitten

Photo 21 Christmas Eve dinner table at Aunty Kim’s

Photo 22 Yum!

Photo 23 Pressie time!

Photo 24 DVDs

Photo 25 Just what I wanted!

Photo 26 Thank you hugs with Shannon

Photo 27 Cars Binos

Photo 28 Shannon the DPD (designated present distributor)!

Photo 29 Thomas the Tank Engine!

Photo 30 Playing at 2:30am!

Photo 31 There’s always time for a quick smile during early morning play

Photo 32 Very early on Christmas morning

Photo 33 More pressies!

Photo 34 After finally going to bed opening the last of my pressies

Photo 35 Hugs with Dad

Photo 36 Oooooo, Cars!

Photo 37 Engrossed with Cranky

Photo 38 Watching Dad setup the Wii

Photo 39 Boo’ing a cricket

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