On Monday morning we had a visit from a lady called Di and her son Christian. It was a support visit as little Christian has hydrocephalus and is really struggling. Di and Mommy had a nice chat and I entertained little Christian.

At midday Mommy had a physio appointment to treat Mommy’s headaches. The physio, Linda, is really awesome and gives Mommy stacks of good treatments and exercises. Mommy is really benefiting from having found her, and she’s just a block away in the same house as Doctor Anthony.

After physio Mom and I had a team snooze, which was really great. Mommy was a little stiff from her session so a restful snooze was perfect for her. In the late afternoon, once Daddy was home, we took advantage of the stunning weather and we all swam.

Mommy had a meeting at a school on Tuesday so I was left in Granny’s care for most of the afternoon. It was such a treat spending the afternoon with Granny. We must’ve swum for close on two hours and played and played. All the cats and dogs at Aunty Kim’s place were in top form and Buddy the lab even swam too!

Wednesday was a really really hectic day. Daddy took off the day from work to help out. First we headed off to Sunninghill Hospital where I was scheduled for an EEG. I was scheduled to be done under sedation at 9:00. Nothing went to plan. Although I had taken all the sedation I didn’t fall asleep because of the stress and fear I was feeling. Mom and Dad tried everything, in vain, to soothe me but nothing helped. To make matters worse the EEG technician was running late, and true to form, the old duck at reception was no help whatsoever. We’ve found during many of our doctor’s visits that the most negative and least empathetic people you can encounter are those working the reception desks at doctors’ rooms. At Wednesday’s traumatic visit the receptionist suggested that Mom and Dad take me for a walk to calm me. Secretly I believe she wanted me out the practice because I was screaming out of fear and anxiety.

Eventually, Mom and Dad popped me in the car and a few blocks into Sunninghill I fell asleep. Back at the practice the technician had started on another patient, and as it took another 40 minutes to complete that patient. So by the time it was my turn to be assessed I was awake again!

We were about to bail on the whole affair when they said we could the EEG while I was lucid and I actually never needed the sedation after all. We almost freaked out but went ahead in any case. The technician, after the EEG reviewed it, said all seemed ok!

Back home in the afternoon Dad and I stayed home while Mom went to see the ophthalmologist, at the request of her optometrist, who suspected something was awry with her eyes. Unfortunately the feedback wasn’t that great when Mom came back in the afternoon. Mom has glaucoma in her left eye, at 20% more than what it should be. To make matters worse, she also has retinal thinning starting in her eyes too. Neither of these is a good sign, and further tests will be done on Tuesday.

Thursday morning we had an appointment with Lauren for my OT. It was a great session and I made a small basket that I also coloured in and stapled together. After OT we rushed off to physio for Mommy; by now I’d fallen asleep and I only woke up again in the afternoon when we arrived back home. Soon afterward Jenny and Morgan arrived for a nice long visit. Jenny and Mommy shared their AVM experiences, as little Maddi was also born with an AVM but she’s with the angels now. Dad arrived home and visited with us. After Jenny and Morgan left we bombarded Dad with questions about his visit to the maxillofacial that afternoon. You’ll recall that he had a growth removed from his mouth and it needed to be tested to determine if it was cancerous. Dad has been worrying about this for the past week. He was happy to let us know it was benign and he’s cancer free! We were thrilled.

Friday was a public holiday so Dad was home with us the whole day, and for a long weekend too! We decided to take a drive through to our storage unit to get our Christmas decorations and Christmas tree. It was sooooooo exciting. In the afternoon we spent most of the time swimming and enjoying the mid 30’s Celsius temperatures.

Mickey the cat had been in a fight with a feral cat during the early hours of Saturday morning so we took him to the vet for a shot and an examination. He had suffered one bite and his muscles were a little strained but overall he was fine.

In the afternoon we went to the movies to see Arthur Christmas in 3D. I was enthralled for the first half, but got bored and naughty in the second half. Much to Mommy’s disappointment we had to leave early.

Sunday morning we decorated the Christmas tree! What fun. I got heavily involved in the tinsel (i.e. I wrapped myself up in the tinsel). Once the decorations were done we had a nice long walk at Emmarhentia Dam. It was really hot but such fun.

In the afternoon we went to the Spur for dinner at Cresta; and in between playing and mouthfuls of food I wrote my blog on Dad’s iPad.

Til next week!



Photo 1 Testing a basket for size

Photo 2 Bunny snooze

Photo 3 Dad and I working

Photo 4 Contemplating

Photo 5 Having EEG done

Photo 6 This is the life

Photo 7 Yum

Photo 8 Stopping Dad from snoring

Photo 9 Bubble time

Photo 10 Bouncing with bubbles

Photo 11 Hugging Roxy

Photo 12 My best friend

Photo 13 Some OT with Lauren

Photo 14 The start

Photo 15 Decorating my little tree

Photo 16 Making good progress

Photo 17 Tinsel time

Photo 18 Exploring

Photo 19 Bush bashing

Photo 20 Observing the dam

Photo 21 On the bridge

Photo 22 Looking at dragonflies

Photo 23 Taking a break in the shade

Photo 24 In the park

Photo 25 Passed out in car eating an ice lolly

Photo 26 The plane I made all on my own before bedtime

Photo 27 Our Christmas Tree

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    Love you all so very much!! Looking at how far you have come brings tears to my eyes xxxx

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