Sunday evening last week I had barely finished my blog posting and I was getting ready for bed when we all heard a huge commotion in the garden; loud, terrified squawking. Mom and Dad rushed out with torches to discover Mickey and Milo were harassing a fledging bird. Dad grabbed the bird, and Mom made it a comfortable little ‘nest’ in a shoe box. We carefully examined the bird and were relieved to establish it wasn’t injured.

Mom started to feed the bird with a syringe while Dad and I looked on. I decided to name him Beeky, and pretty soon we were best friends. I took him to bed with me, but I was too excited about my new friend that I couldn’t sleep. The food Mom had fed Beeky did him well and pretty soon he was starting to feel stronger.

As it was a warm dry evening, we set Beeky on top of the wall, out of reach of the cats, for his Mommy and Daddy to find him.

By Monday morning Beeky had been collected by his Mommy and Daddy and during the rest of the week we occasionally caught glimpses of Beeky getting food from his Mommy and Daddy. I was so thrilled.

It had started to drizzle and my usual indoor haunts were closed on a Monday, so Mom and I opted to dash around Sandton City. Afterward we visited a Granny, where immediately upon arriving I headed to the pool to swim. It didn’t worry me that I didn’t have a swimming costume with me, I simply swam in the nick. Mom quickly borrowed a costume from Aunty Kim for herself. I also didn’t have my PollyOtter with me – again, no issue there as I simply slipped on inflatable waterwings and started swimming with them. What a feat! Even Buddy the Labrador was excited with my progress and opted to swim with us.

Tuesday’s music started off a little shaky, but Mom sternly reminded me that unruly behaviour does not attract rewards. I immediately perked up and started participating appropriately. The end of the lesson heralded our certificate ceremony, and I was given a sterling report by Liesel. I feel so proud of my report that I had to share the highlight of it with you (see below / click on image to enlarge).

Dad has been spluttering about the house with a cough for more than a week, so Wednesday morning Mom and I shipped him off to Dr Anthony before he could even think about getting ready for work. It turned out he was quite ill and was booked off for the rest of the week.

Mom and I decided to keep out the house so Dad could rest for the day, so after physio Mom and I visited Granny. Unfortunately there was no chance of swimming as it started pouring with rain (perfect duvet weather for Dad)! We then did some shopping at The Wedge where Mom got new finishings for their bedroom, which look stunning. We dropped Granny at home and Mom and I headed off to my last cooking lesson where I received another certificate! What a great week for accomplishments.

Thursday morning we chilled at home keeping Dad comfortable. In the afternoon I had speech, which went really well.

On Friday morning Mom took me to see Lauren for my weekly OT session. Again a very good session. As the rain storms had finally abated (Wednesday Robin measured 62mm of rain in a matter of hours) I got the chance to swim again. Dad watched me swimming with my waterwings and I beamed with pride at how well I was doing. The rest of the day Mom and I spent playing, and it was really nice to be able to go outside again without getting soaked. I must admit I have enjoyed wearing my Wellies the last few days though.

In the evening Bev and Claire visited and we sat on the study patio chatting. Dad made a huge fire in the brassier for ambience. What a pleasant evening we had.

Saturday morning we were all up incredibly early. During the week we’d been offered a slot with Dr Condie to have my teeth veneers redone and my chipped tooth fixed. Because I’m little it has to be done under general anaesthetic. We arrived at Morningside Medi-Clinic just after 6 am.

All too soon the admin was completed, my observations were taken, and I was being wheeled to theatre. As I am getting older I am more aware and far more frightened of going under anaesthetic, so I fought it hard, to the point that I vomited into the gas mask. Mommy was with me and tried her best to soothe and comfort me, but I was really scared.

By mid-morning it was all over and I was sleeping peacefully in the ward, but not before howling and screaming in the recovery room of the theatre. At around midday I was feeling like myself again, so we were discharged. On the way home Mom and Dad took me to ToyZone where I got to chose a new Thomas the Tank Engine Take-Along set – I was thrilled, and very quickly forgot about the morning’s trauma and the pain I still felt in my mouth.

Back home our power was off, as there was some major maintenance being done to the substation in our suburb. Mom and Dad had dinner plans with my doctors, so I spent the evening with Granny at Aunty Kim’s place. I wasn’t keen on being at home in the dark without power.

Granny and I had a whale of a time, and by now the surgery of the morning was a distant memory. We played with my new Thomas, we watched DVDs and Granny read me a story. In fact I was up quite late (don’t tell Mom and Dad).

I briefly woke up back home and was pleased to see our power was on again. I even heard a cherry picker patrolling the streets to do some final maintenance on the high wires. Sunday was very quiet around the house. We did have two guys doing some painting for us, so I observed with curiosity. Mom had a debilitating migraine so Dad and I left her to snooze while we quietly played.

Til next week!



Photo 1 Mom feeding Beeky

Photo 2 Beeky and I having a heart-to-heart why you mustn’t leave your parents

Photo 3 Getting acquainted

Photo 4 First swim with nothing but wingzzz

Photo 5 Luca and I after our Be Sharp Beetles award ceremony

Photo 6 Exercises with Di

Photo 7 Ready for the wet weather

Photo 8 Playing fetch with Buddy

Photo 9 Ryan and I taking a jog through the garden

Photo 10 Just chilling

Photo 11 Loving the swimming

Photo 12 Bonding with Milo

Photo 13 The track Dad built for me

Photo 14 Ecstatic

Photo 15 Reading on Granny’s bed

Photo 16 6am check-in at Morningside Medi-Clinic

Photo 17 Playing in the ward, and waiting

Photo 18 At theatre, cracking a weak smile

Photo 19 Coming out of theatre

Photo 20 Reading a book at ToyZone, couples of hours after being discharged

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