Hi all,

I can hardly contain my excitement. The “H” word was used during a serious Indaba (i.e. a deep discussion) this evening between my Mom and Dad and Dr Nicoletta Hay. Options were discussed and ideas and notions were thrown back and forth. Finally two options were settled on:

a) I stay in hospital and continue to be tube feed with the objective of weight gain, or

b) I have a plug inserted in my tummy (by means of a procedure called percutaneous endoscopic gastrostomy or PEG for short), and go home with this as a mechanism through which I can have my feed introduced directly into my tummy, without my having to exert energy on drinking and sucking. In addition to the insertion off the PEG, the sphincter of Oddi or Glisson’s sphincter, which is in the region of my esophagus and duodenum, will be nissened (banded) to reduce my potential for vomiting.

After much back and forth, asking of questions, and throwing out challenges, my Mom and Dad agreed to go with option (b), which is to have the plug inserted into my tummy and the nissen performed. As you all know, my parents don’t just stop there! From previous postings you will recall that my liver has not been all that happy for a number of weeks, and it is suspected that there is some cirrhosis of the liver as well as fibrosis, which is why I never seem to be able to shake that yellowish hue you see in my photos (I have tried to bribe Dad to PhotoShop me into a normal colour, to no avail). So my Mom and Dad figured, while I’m under anesthetic, why not do a liver biopsy as well?! And as quick as that it was decided: insertion of plug, nissen procedure and a liver biopsy.

Before the Dow had the chance to slip another 100 basis points, I was scheduled for surgery. So, sometime this morning, Prof Beale, a pediatric surgeon, will perform these three procedures.

So, why did my Mom and Dad opt for this route? Will, with the plug in my tummy I can go home! Yes, you read right, home! After the surgery I will need to recuperate a day or so and then before the end of the week I’ll be homeward bound! I cannot believe that this day is now so close, and I’m keeping all my fingers crossed that no spanners get thrown in the works to derail this plan.

Some other news is that Dr Sonja came to see me again on Monday afternoon and did some more manipulation of my neck and back. I can already feel the benefits of only these two sessions, with my neck, back and limbs being far more mobile. She doesn’t know about my good news as yet, so my next session may be at her offices. Elmien, my speech therapist, was scheduled to see me this morning again, but that has now been postponed to Wednesday. I’m hoping that I’ll get the all clear to move onto a combination of solids, Infatrini and EBM then. I’m not yet too sure how solids will be introduced through the plug, but I guess my Mom and Dad will be given a few lessons by Dr Nicoletta!

The other news is that I’ve put on another 100grams, which means I now weigh more than each of the three cats, with Shatzi, the youngest, tipping the scales at a decent 4.1kgs. I’m really glad to know that I’m now in a higher weight class than the cats, as this will definitely assist me when I’m defending my territory from them.

Well, it’s getting very late (or should I say early), so I should really start signing off. Trouble is I’m too excited to sleep. I’ve been through my sleep-time playlist on my iPod three times this evening already, without even catching a single fish. Its times like this I wish I could already count, then at least I could try counting sheep, as the adults seem to think this works to induce sleep.

In closing, please send me all your prayers, thoughts, angels, guardians, archangels and positive energy this morning as I undergo my sixth procedure in three months. Although this is a relatively ‘simple’ procedure compared to what I’ve already had to undergo, I’m still a little scared, and I know my Mom and Dad are also worried (they probably won’t get too much sleep tonight either), as all procedures carry an element of risk. Next time I may be writing to you from home.

Lots of love, hugs and kisses


Figure 1 Spending some time in my seat again

Figure 2 Dad ‘training’ me; after 15 mins on the bottle I have to drop and give him twenty!

Figure 3 Peek-a-boo

Figure 4 Having a mini-911 – the guys that joined Mom and Dad for that infamous weekend at Dullstroom a few years back will know all about this one . . .

Figure 5 Sonic, on hearing that I’m coming home, doing a quick check of my bedroom

Figure 6 Mmm, mobile secured to the ceiling

Figure 7 Mom and I catching forty winks

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9 Comments on H is for . . .

  1. Nina says:

    Yay Jarrod! Good work on getting so much better! I will be praying for your and your folks this morning (my evening in New Zealand) and I just know that you’re going to come out the other side ready for HOME! Yay!
    What good news!
    PS – Baby Biella sends you a big kiss ; )

  2. Gillian Lederer says:

    Dear Sweet Jarrod

    We are so excited that this will be the last hurdle for you to pass and then you can go home – finally. This is where you were supposed to be almost 4 months ago so it is long overdue but the doctors have to make sure that it will be a smooth transition for both you and your parents. Good luck with the procedures tomorrow (there are so many people writing on this blog that one wonders which tomorrow we are talking about – NZ, USA, SA time – I am sure there are more 🙂 It doesn’t matter either way we think about you constantly so I think we cover all the time zones.

    A big hug and a kiss to you and hugs to your parents.

    God Bless

    Gillian, Oliver, Ryan and Kirsten

  3. Gillian Lederer says:

    I almost forgot – We love the picture of Lynn and Jarrod having a snooze – real cute 🙂

  4. Bronwyn says:

    This is just the most amazing, awesome news. We will all be thinking of you this morning, and hope all goes well with this procedure.

    Before you know it you will be home, in your own bedroom, just where you belong!!!!

    Love and best wishes to you all.

    Bronwyn, Gary, Brannon, Rhianne

  5. Lisle says:

    Whooo hooo, Move over Sonic, J man is coming home!!!! All the best for your “PEG”. can’t wait to read your next update!!!

  6. Micheline says:

    Hey Jarrod,

    This is the best news of the year little one!

    Today I will have all my fingers and toes crossed and all my thoughts and prayers are with you and your Mom & Dad.

    Lots of love & kisses,
    Micheline & Ronan.

  7. Barrett says:

    Dude you rock, Jackie and I send all the good nuvy we can keep strong and you will be home by the weekend

  8. Cornel says:

    Dear Jarrod,

    This is the news we have been waiting for!!!! Can’t wait to see the first pics of you at home. Now the lives of you three can start returning to normal. We are praying for you this morning through the procedure but know that this is a small one. You three have been so brave through all this, you deserve to get this very special bonding time at home, at last.

    Cornel & Bertie

  9. Claire says:

    This is the most exciting news! I think that with every milestone (should that be kilometre stone?) you reach I say the same thing. You are really the most phenomenal person I know. Your accomplishments make others look silly. I’m so excited about you going home I can hardly sit still!

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