It’s been another chilly week here so my activities were kept indoors. Monday I went to see Di my physio, at Dr T’s suggestion a few weeks back. It was nice to see Di again. After an assessment she suggested we start looking at my wearing a Theratog, which is almost like a bodysuit, but designed to support and help muscles developed. Mom and I weren’t thrilled by this prospect, but we agreed we’d look into it.

In the evening Dad and I went to Bev and Claire’s place to celebrate Bev’s birthday. Mommy wasn’t feeling too great, so only us boys went. It was a surprise party for Bev that Claire and Matt had arranged, and it was a roaring success. I partied with Bev and Claire’s guests until late, and by the time I got home I still hadn’t fallen asleep, as Dad and I chatted in the car about how nice the evening was. Although the highlight of the evening was spending it with Bev on her birthday I also got to have the most amazing chips I’d ever eaten. Dad couldn’t believe how he had to keep filling my plate with more and more chips as I devoured them.

Mom made her legendary Glühwien, which Dad turned into a Feuerzangenbowle (fire tong punch) for dinner. I hadn’t seen a Feuerzangenbowle before, so I was pretty impressed as Dad put all the Glühwien into a large container and then suspended a Zucker Hut (direct translation is sugar hat, but more accurately it’s a sugar cone) over the container with a special device from Oma. Next he doused the sugar in alcohol and lit it! As the sugar cone burnt it dripped into the Glühwien below creating a “Glühwien mit Schuss” (i.e. Glühwien with a shot of rum, or in this case, grappa). I was most impressed.

Tuesday proved to be icy cold, so we stayed home for the day. Despite the cold, Daddy still rode to work by bike; likely he didn’t have to go far as he was on a two day conference in Rosebank. During the day Mom and I caught up with the news that there was snow in the mountains, hence the icy temperatures.

Wednesday we spent most of the time playing around the house too. Learning has been pretty high on my agenda, with Mom teaching me numbers, shapes, colours and letters.

Thursday Granny came to visit for the day. It was awesome to see Granny again and we immediately got down to some play. The real reason Mom had Granny come over was to help her move furniture around, as Mommy wanted to create a new look in the lounge. So pretty soon Mom and Granny were pushing large pieces of furniture about, standing back, looking at it and discussing it, and then moving them again. This went on for quite some time. Eventually Mom was satisfied, and I must admit the new look looked great. I felt like I was stepping into a magazine.

Friday Mom took me to Sandton City to run off some energy. It had become fiercely cold overnight. Even Daddy couldn’t bear the cold and opted to go to work by car. Parts of the Freestate and Eastern Cape had reported overnight snow. Even Randburg and Northcliff had unconfirmed reports of snow. At Sandton City we did some shopping and then we popped into the Mugg & Bean for some lunch. Mommy offered to buy me a chocolate chip cookie, and asked me to choose one. I chose the biggest one, as the photo below will attest!

On Saturday we were supposed to see Beautiful Creatures with Bev and Claire but Matt took very ill and couldn’t perform in the play. Instead we had a long leisurely lunch at Full Stop Café at their new venue in Parktown North. I did snooze through the first part of lunch but made up for it during the latter part of lunch chatting with everyone, munching on chips and getting ice cream.

It was slightly warmer on Sunday morning so we spent the day at Brightwater Commons where Mom, Dad and I rode on the elephant express around the centre. I also had an extra-long ride on the carousel. A nice long walk followed and then we sat on the lawns of the Commons for some lunch. Sandy and Fanie were also at the Commons so we chatted with them for a while. Grant their son as well as Erin there granddaughter were also there. It was so nice to meet both of them as I’d heard lots about them.

Back home in the afternoon Dad and I spent a good deal of time playing in the garden. Eventually Dad decided it was time to head back inside as it was getting cold. I spent all of three minutes in the study and then demanded to go out onto the patio to blow soap bubbles. After a few minutes I needed company so I shouted to Daddy ‘come inside outside’!

Well, that’s it for another cold week.

Love Jarrod

Photo 1 Yum! GIANT chocolate chip cookie

Photo 2 Some outdoor time

Photo 3 Riding on the elephant express

Photo 4 Enjoying the scenery

Photo 5 Riding the carousel

Photo 6 Giddy up

Photo 7 Checking out my blueberries

Photo 8 In it goes

Photo 9 Yum!

Photo 10 Need more!

Photo 11 Just chilling

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  1. stacey says:

    Gorgeous as always – I hope it is a warmer week for u little guy!

  2. Lyn Temlett says:

    Hello Jarrod

    Thanks for all your news. I LOVE reading all about your life. I feel so part of everything you do 🙂 I think I sometimes write too much – get carried away with myself, so I will be short today!

    The Theratog actually sounds quite awesome. If it will help you my boy, I think you should go for it!

    I just HAVE to comment on that Fire Tong Punch event. I have never heard of such a thing! Seems awefully complicated – like higher grade stuff. Your Dad is extremely clever to know how to do that. I was hoping for a picture but maybe doing it and taking a picture was not possible.

    You speak about the cold weather and the snow – Jared’s Dad had to go to a conference on Tuesday at the Champagne Sports Resort in the Drakensberg. He waited and waited to get news about the roads opening and becasue he had some overseas guests with him that he had collected from the airport, he was anxious to get there. Eventually he heard that the road via Ermelo was open and so he decided to go. Well, the road closed again and he and 4 guests spent about 5 hours in the car on the side of the road and eventually arrived at 02h30 on Wednesday morning!! Glad I was in my bed thank- you!

    Your choc-chip cookie was ENORMOUS! I saw them there the other day and thought of getting one but because it was breakfast time, had bagel and egg instead. Sjoe what a treat you had and then those berries – oooh I love berries!! What an amazing week last week was – full of yummy treats and fun rides and parties and fire punches and furniture moving! WOW! I know you are in the midst of enjoying another wonderful week and I will read all about that on Sunday.

    Must get back to work.
    Look after yourself x

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