My exploits with the iPad have been quite a focus this week. The 12 or so applications Daddy downloaded for me, have been worked through and are officially boring. I wish I had the vocabulary to tell the folks I need more, but really they are not getting it.

It’s also been quite challenging with Daddy and I sharing the iPad. Neither of us is very good at sharing it. We can share chocolate, food, and Mommy, but not the iPad. Mommy often has to intervene in order to keep some peace. I think it’s unfair, as I have the biggest ability to learn, I should be allowed to play with it 24/7.

The week started with Granny staying over on Sunday night as we were taking her to the airport on Monday morning. We played hide and seek, and the adults regaled with laughter as I counted backwards and then shouted here I come ready or not. I hid in boxes and gave the old people heart failure as they came past and I jumped out. Needless to say, I was in fits of giggles.

Monday was just the same, I wore Granny out trying to keep her from thinking about flying.

At the airport I rushed around, convinced her to buy an aeroplane for me, rushed to the Wimpy to eat their food, insisted on a balloon, had a moment when I wasn’t allowed to head around the airport on my own. Eventually Granny was about to board the plane and went through security. I chose this time to tell everyone in close vicinity that it really should be me on the plane. I then dipped my shoulders and made huge huffing noises. Mommy took me to the viewing deck, and said we had to wait till the plane took off as Granny might still back out of the flight, but thought better of it. There I tried to dismantle the vending machines and licked the windows.

Back home, Mommy took Sonic to the vet and got a few scratches for her trouble and then Robin and Di arrived to play the Easter Bunnies for me. We had some dinner and I immediately tucked into a chocolate bunny. What bliss.

Tuesday I headed off to my advanced Be Sharp Beetles class. I was thrilled. We had an awesome time. Teacher Liesel was very clear with our instructions and the class was much harder than I remembered, but I participated really well according to Mom. I did still however decide to escape once or twice to head to the piano and sing a little ditty. Of course I got to dance in the middle of the class, pretend I was a butterfly with wings and played the biggest drum I have ever seen. It was so big, I could lie down on it and let teacher Liesel drum and just feel the vibrations. Much to Mom’s amusement, I played the drum backwards, while clapping my hands and with my head. Following class, we headed to the play area at the back where the adults have tea. I am the only boy in the class and Jana’s grandparents were chatting to Mom saying that little boys are very different. Mommy was smiling and saying yes, especially me, when before she could finish her sentence I planted myself firmly in a fresh screeding of wet cement. Even my Mother gasped, she then had to control her laughing while I screamed for help and she extracted me with a firm sounding PLOP. Talk about leaving one’s mark. We had to call a builder to fix the evidence. So teacher Liesel, if you’re reading this, “Sorry about that!”

In comparison the rest of the day was dull, until Daddy arrived home and suggested we head to the park across the road for a turn with my new helicopter. The grass in the park had just been cut and as I walked I threw myself into the piles of grass that had been racked together; eventually covered in the sticky grass. I made my folks push me on the roundabout and play on the see-saw, and as they were doing that Robin arrived to walk Casey and Maggie. I launched myself at the dogs next and encouraging them to join me on the roundabout. Mommy said they were wiser than I was. After a great walk, playing with my helicopter, diving into grass, playing with Robin’s dogs, I was summarily bathed back home and put to bed after some food.

Wednesday was quiet and reserved until I found out I was going to Nina, Gene and Kate for the evening as Bev, Claire and Matt had invited Mom and Dad to the launch of their Kathy van Zeeland store, 6 on THIRTEENTH. I had such fun with the girls. When Mommy and Daddy arrived back to collect me, we were all still awake and giggling as though bedtime was miles away. I asked on the way home when I would be seeing them again. Mommy said soon.

Thursday got away from us as we tried to get out the house and just got tied up in the events of what the day was. We baked Apple Pie for a visit to Michele and while it was cooking I went to sleep putting the plans for tea on hold. Then we got precariously close to missing the key drop-off for our house-sitters. We headed off to speech therapy and Daddy managed to join us there to get some input from Vicky. We are thrilled to have found her. In the evening it turned chilly again and we all reverted to bed to our respective books although Mommy did help me with mine and Daddy did give me a chance with the iPad.

Friday was Good Friday, so we stayed in most of the day. As we were leaving for the coast the next day, Mom and Dad did lots of packing and preparations for our holiday. After packing and playing at home most of the day, we headed to the Spur for dinner, where I played up a storm.

Saturday morning we woke up early to leave on our road-trip. The car had been packed the night before, after the Spur, so we were literally ready to roll. It was a miserable morning with the mist and the rain. Just before hitting the road, we popped into Michelle’s place to drop off the Apple Pie. Unfortunately they weren’t there so the Apple Pie came with us to Umhlanga. I was secretly happy.

The drive was uneventful. For the first part of the journey I watched some DVD’s and drew and coloured in. At Bergview we stopped for coffee – it was freezing cold there, up in the Drakensberg. This didn’t stop me from playing on the jungle gym for a while though. Soon we were on the road again, and as we headed down the ‘Berg the rain started to subside and the sun started to peek through. I had a bit of a snooze, but not for long, as I was too excited to get to the coast.

By mid-afternoon we pulled into our hotel and after the porters unpacked our car for us we settled in. Granny and Tammy were already waiting for us at reception. We headed off the beach without hesitation and I immediately got down to the business of some beach play. Back in our room in the early evening the public-address system downstairs announced the evening games and the music started. We immediately rushed down and watched Graham the Mime Artist perform. I can see I’m going to love all the activities that have been planned for us.

Sunday morning was Easter, and shortly after waking up I started my Easter Egg hunt around the room. It seemed the Easter Bunny had been to our room the night before and hidden some goodies for me. I was thrilled as I found one after another after another surprise hidden around the room. Once my Easter Egg Hunt was over we headed out onto the balcony to watch the dolphins frolicking in the sea. Next we headed down to the beach for some play. Dad and I stood in the water and let the waves splash us. I built some sand castles and climbed the retaining wall on the beach.

Soon we were heading back to The Sands for some breakfast, which unfortunately took forever to arrive. I didn’t mind too much, as Dad took me to the volley-ball pitch where the Easter Bunny had arrived and greeting all the kids and handing out more Easter Eggs. We eventually had our breakfast and then headed to the pool where the older kids were participating in some activities. I didn’t mind not taking part, as I just danced to the music.

I had a snooze in the afternoon, and when I woke up Tammy had arrived. We all went for a walk, spent some time at Joyland. In the evening we then went for a walk on the promenade. Mom handed me a black light (UV) torch. I was confused, as it didn’t make much light. Then I suddenly realised that it was the perfect Egg Hunting tool – as we walked along the promenade my black light torch picked up eggs glowing along the patch and bushes. I was thrilled – another Easter Bunny visit, but from the night-time bunny this time. All the way from the hotel to the pier I discover eggs with my UV light. I was glad no-one else had a UV light and found the eggs before me.

My haul was excellent, and before long we were heading back to the hotel where we had dinner. As we sat down to eat I announced ‘Born-up-a-tree everyone’, just as my Dad does before meals. Mom, Dad and Granny giggled.

Happy Easter everyone.

Lots of love,


Photo 1 Mmmm, nutella on rice cake

Photo 2 While watching the Green Balloon Club on Cbeebies I drew it

Photo 3 Playing with the grass in the park

Photo 4 A big pile of grass just for me

Photo 5 Roundabout

Photo 6 Pre-road-trip war paint

Photo 7 A quick play and leg stretch at Bergview

Photo 8 Reunited with the sea

Photo 9 Loving it!

Photo 10 Leaving my mark

Photo 11 Rock climbing

Photo 12 Splashing about in a pool left by the tide

Photo 13 Mmmm, salty

Photo 14 Easter Egg Hunt

Photo 15 Found it

Photo 16 Dolphin sighting

Photo 17 Construction site: Sand castles being built

Photo 18 Interrupting work for a quick smile

Photo 19 Bubbles on the beach

Photo 20 Loving the sea

Photo 21 Making my escape

Photo 22 Looking for crabs

Photo 23 Prince Charming

Photo 24 Filing the sea

Photo 25 Making a dash for it

Photo 26 Fishy, where aaaare you?

Photo 27 Splashing with Dad

Photo 28 Paaaaaaarty

Photo 29 Catch me!

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